Composition, 1 capsule contains : folic acid - 400.0 μg;potassium iodide-263.3 μg( corresponding to 200 μg of pure iodine content), pyridoxine hydrochloride - 5 mg, magnesium citrate-200 mg;auxiliary substances: silicon colloidal dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose, calcium stearate, lactose. The product does not contain GMOs. Does not contain preservatives.

Recommendations for use : women who plan to have a baby, women during pregnancy and to restore the body to women in the postpartum period. Men, simultaneously with women, during the planning of conception / birth of a child. In the diet to prevent or mitigate the disease that occurs due to insufficient intake of vitamins( folic acid, pyridoxine hydrochloride) and minerals( iodine, magnesium) in the human body.

Method of administration and recommended daily dose : in the morning 1 capsule per day during meals. Do not chew the capsule. To prevent irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, the product is washed down with milk, kissel or swee

t tea. The period of use depends on the state of the body and is determined by agreement with the doctor for several months.

Caution : with individual sensitivity to the components of the product, with pronounced hyperfunction of the thyroid gland.

Do not take together with medicines containing vitamins and minerals. Before taking the product, consult a doctor.

Release form, storage conditions and shelf life : see the packaging.

Additional information

« Folivit ® » is a combined preparation that contains vitamins and minerals that fill the deficiency of these substances in the body, especially when they are in high demand during pregnancy and lactation. The action of Folivit is due to the action of the substances that make up its composition.

Folic acid is involved in the synthesis of amino acids, nucleotides, nucleic acids. It is necessary for normal erythropoiesis;during pregnancy performs a protective function with respect to teratogenic factors.

Potassium iodide is the source of iodine required for the synthesis of thyroid hormones and normal thyroid function.

Magnesium in the form of magnesium citrate is a vital element that participates in almost all biochemical processes taking place in the body - it normalizes the work of the muscular, immune, nervous system, accelerates metabolism, promotes the recovery and formation of bone tissue.

Pyridoxine( vitamin B6) as coenzyme takes part in protein synthesis and synthesis of neurotransmitters. During pregnancy, especially, is necessary for women who have previously taken oral contraceptives, which exhaust the depot of pyridoxine in the body.

The product is functional food. It is not a medicinal product.

Manufacturer : LLC "Universe Farm", 04080, Ukraine, Kiev, st. Naberezhno-Lugovaya,. 29;tel./fax +38 044 224 51 82;

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