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Hepaneks instructions:

Composition and form of release .Capsules 30 pcs.

1 capsule contains: active ingredients: dry extract of artichoke leaves of Spain( Cynara scolymus ) 200 mg, dry extract of silymarin 140 mg, choline bitartrate 100 mg, dry extract of dandelion drug( Taraxacum officinale ) 30 mg, L-methionine 20 mg;capsule shell: gelatin;dyes: red iron oxide, titanium dioxide.

Without GMOs.

Hepanex - specially developed for use in diseases of the liver, gallbladder and kidneys.

Dry extract of artichoke leaves of Spanish possesses hepatoprotective, choleretic, antitoxic and diuretic action, which is caused by the biologically active substances that make up its composition: cinarin, phenolki

slotami, bioflavonoids, inulin. Normalizes metabolism, protects liver and kidney cells from toxins and promotes their excretion from the body. Diuretic properties of artichoke extract help to reduce the level of nitrogenous compounds in the blood. Excretion of sodium ions from the body is not accompanied by excretion of potassium ions, which helps to reduce swelling and does not affect the work of the heart. Helps reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Dry extract of silymarin is a complex of the main biologically active substances of milk thistle, which are characterized by antioxidant, membrane-stabilizing, anti-hepatotoxic, anti-inflammatory and antifibrotic properties, and also enhance regeneration processes in liver cells.

Choline bitartrate is essential for the synthesis of phospholipids and plays an important role in transporting fats to and from cells. Choline promotes fat emulsification, strengthens cell membranes, prevents damage and facilitates their recovery. It also promotes the assimilation of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

Dry extract of dandelion drug has choleretic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and calming effects due to biologically active substances - triterpene compounds, sitosterol, sigmasterol, inulin, choline, nicotinamide,glycosides.

L-methionine is an indispensable amino acid, it is necessary for the synthesis of proteins, nucleic acids, hormones, creatine: it possesses hepatoprotective, lipotropic, antioxidant and regenerative action. Reduces cholesterol and increases the concentration of phospholipids in the blood. L-methionine acidifies the urine, so it helps prevent urinary tract infections and kidney stones.

Indications for the use of .Hepanex is recommended as an additional source of silymarin, choline, L-methionine, cinnarin, phenolkislot, bioflavonoids, inulin, triterpene compounds, sitosterol to normalize the functional state of the hepatobiliary and urinary systems with:

  • chronic liver diseases( cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis);
  • toxic liver damage( alcoholic hepatopathy, toxic hepatitis of various etiologies);
  • dystrophy and fatty liver infiltration;
  • dyskinesia of the biliary tract( hypokinetic variant);
  • chronic non-calculous cholecystitis;
  • postcholecystectomy syndrome;
  • chronic intoxication( hepatotoxic substances, nitro compounds, heavy metal salts);
  • urolithiasis;
  • of the uraturia;
  • acetonemia.

Contraindications .Pregnancy and lactation period, individual sensitivity to components, acute diseases of the kidneys, liver and bile ducts.

Method of administration and dose of .Eat adults and children over 12 years of age 1 capsule 2 times a day, regardless of food intake, with enough drinking water. Duration of admission is from 2 weeks to 3 months and is determined by the doctor individually.

Storage conditions .Store in the original packaging in a dry place, protected from light and out of the reach of children, at room temperature.

Shelf life - 24 months from the date of production.

Special instructions .Do not exceed the daily dose.

Manufacturer .SOLEPHARM LLC, Latvia, Eksporta iela 12, Riga, Latvija, LV-1045, phone: +37129484403.

Exclusive representative of .LLC "Bazkid Farm Group", 01021, Kyiv, ul. M. Grushevskogo, 28/2, tel.:( 044) 337-25-38 www.bazkidfarma.com

It is not a medicinal product. Before use, a consultation with a doctor is recommended.