Contusions of soft tissues, sprains.

Contusions are the most common damage to soft tissues and the osteoarticular apparatus, which most often occur as a result of a blunt object. When moving in the joint, exceeding its physiological volume, or when moving in an uncharacteristic direction, stretches and ligaments of the ligaments strengthen the joint.

Symptoms of bruising and stretching.

  • Report of the victim or witnesses that there was a trauma.
  • Swelling in the site of injury.
  • Pain in place of injury.
  • Moderate limitation of movements.
  • There may be a bruise( bruise) at the site of the injury, up to the appearance of blood clots( hematomas) with the rupture of large vessels under the skin.
  • When ruptured or distended, severe pain, rapid development of edema in the area of ​​trauma, and a significant disruption of joint function.

First aid for bruising or distention.

Provide the affected person with peace and a comfortable position of the damaged part of the body.

Apply a tight bandage to the area of

​​the bruise. Thus, if the ankle, knee or elbow joint is damaged, an eight-part bandage should be applied to the joint. If the hip or shoulder is damaged, make 5-6 rounds of bandage around the limb in the area of ​​the injury.

With a nose injury - insert in the nasal passages of cotton turuns.

If possible, give the damaged part of the body an elevated position, which helps to stop further bleeding into soft tissues.

Apply ice or lotions with cold water to the site of the injury.

If there is also damage to the skin and muscle tissue - lubricate the skin around the wound with a 5% iodine solution( alcohol, vodka), apply a sterile bandage on the wound itself, and only then make a tight bandage.

If there is bleeding, it is first necessary to stop it, treat the skin around the wound, then apply a sterile and pressure bandage.

When stretching the ligaments, you can give the injured 0.5-1 tablets of analgin or any other analgesic.

When stretching, arrange transportation of the injured person to the doctor to exclude a possible crack in the bone.

What can not be done with bruising or stretching.

In no case should the injured limb be pulled and tried to correct by itself.

Do not give the patient analgesics if damage to internal organs is suspected.