Insect bites.

Most often people suffer from stings of bees and wasps, single bites which usually do not cause severe common manifestations. With multiple bites of almost any insect, a fatal outcome is possible. Moreover, the bite of any, not even a poisonous insect, can be dangerous to the lives of people prone to allergies.

There are also bites of scorpions and spiders.

Symptoms of an insect bite.

There is a burning pain at the time of the bite, and soon there is swelling in the bite zone.

With scorpion bites, there is severe pain, swelling and redness of the skin in and around the bite area.

Poison poison causes, in addition to severe pain, muscle spasm, especially the anterior abdominal wall.

First aid for an insect bite.

Remove the sting from the skin.

Treat the wound with any antiseptic solution( can be treated with vodka in the absence of pharmacy antiseptics).With the bite of a spider - treat the bite site with a solution of potassium permanganate( the so-called manganese).

You can put an antiseptic bandage on the bite area.

With severe pain, take any analgesic.

Pain and swelling reduces the application of hydrocortisone ointment.

To prevent spasmodic contractions of muscles arising from spider bites, give the patient calcium supplements.

In case of a severe allergic reaction, with multiple bites or bites in the neck, tongue or throat, call an ambulance or deliver the victim to the hospital within half an hour. It is also necessary to find out from the patient whether he has antiallergic drugs with him - often people inclined to allergy have them with him.

Watch the victim carefully - check his breathing and pulse. In the absence of breathing and( or) pulse, immediately begin resuscitation( artificial respiration and indirect heart massage).

Do not miss the signs of an allergic( anaphylactic) shock.

When they appear, provide the necessary first aid.

If the general condition worsens, immediately call for an ambulance.

What can not be done with insect bites.

  • Leaving the victim alone.
  • During the extraction of the tip, squeeze it.