Poisoning with mushrooms.

Poisoning by fungi can occur when using poisonous fungi( red or gray fly agarics, false honey agarics, pale toadstools, false mushrooms, etc.), as well as edible mushrooms if they are spoiled( moldy, mucus coated, long-stored mushrooms) or improperly cooked( For example, not sufficiently cooked or not sufficiently cleaned).

It should also be remembered that the spores of botulinum causative agent or botulotoxin, which have fallen into the human body with fungi, can cause a serious infectious disease - botulism.

The most poisonous species of fungi is the pallid grebe. Lethal poisoning can occur with the ingestion of even a single fungus of pale toadstool.

Remember that boiling does not destroy toxic substances that can be contained in mushrooms, and does not prevent poisoning.

Symptoms of poisoning with mushrooms.

Often the poisoning with mushrooms is of a group nature, as mushrooms can be eaten by several people( most often family members), so it is necessary to be ready to provide assi

stance to all victims immediately and to monitor those whose condition is currently satisfactory.

Symptoms of mushroom poisoning appear after a few hours( 1-4 hours) after ingestion of poisonous or malignant fungi:

  • rapidly growing weakness,
  • dizziness,
  • nausea,
  • salivation,
  • multiple painful vomiting,
  • abrupt abdominal cramps,
  • Diarrhea( can be bloody).

To these symptoms in the first hours after poisoning signs of central nervous system affection are attached:

  • vision impairment,
  • delirium,
  • hallucinations,
  • motor excitement,
  • convulsions.

When poisoning pale toadstool and other severe poisonings, excitation occurs early( up to 10 hours), then it is replaced by drowsiness and indifference, weakening of cardiac activity, lowering of blood pressure and body temperature, as well as the appearance of icteric staining of the skin and sclera.

If the victim is not provided with medical care, he will have acute vascular insufficiency, and then - death.

First aid for poisoning with mushrooms.

Keep the remains of mushrooms or dishes from them that caused poisoning.

At the first suspicion of fungal poisoning, call an ambulance or immediately take the victim to the hospital.

If the victim's consciousness is preserved, immediately begin washing the stomach, giving him to drink about 1 liter of water( better - a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate( "manganese")), and then cause vomiting by irritation of the posterior pharyngeal wall and the root of the tongue. After this, give the affected activated carbon at a rate of 0.5-1g per 10kg of its weight. If the victim is unconscious, his stomach is rinsed with a probe - as a rule, the inhabitants do not own this manipulation, so you will have to wait when the ambulance arrives or doctors in the hospital.

Heat cover the victim, impose his body heaters.

Give the victim hot sweet tea and coffee.

If you lose consciousness, but have a patient's pulse and breathing, put it in the correct position, which will allow you to breathe freely and prevent the possibility of suffocation or inhalation of vomit. This position is the position of lying on the stomach, head to the side. It is necessary for the victim only in the event that he has a pulse and saved breathing.

Every 1-2 minutes, check if the victim is breathing. If not, immediately begin artificial respiration( cm).

Check pulse every 1-2 minutes. If there is no pulse, begin an indirect heart massage( see).

What not to do when poisoning with mushrooms.

  • Leave the victim alone.
  • Do not call for an ambulance in the hope that the condition of the victims will improve.