Paintball: a game of stress

Paintball is considered one of the best antidepressants and an excellent means of increasing resistance to stress. A strategic team game with shoots with paintballs( paintball) is relatively safe for health, raises the reaction speed, gives a lot of positive emotions from the victory in "fighting".Paintball does not require special physical training. All you need to play paintball is a solid team, equipment and a suitable "bridgehead".

Paintball outfit

Paintball requires a camouflage suit or other comfortable clothes of dark colors from natural materials.

Protection of
Specialists claim that paintball is the least traumatic of all kinds of extreme leisure. But in paintball, too, it does not do without injuries. During the game of paintball without protection, eyes, nose, ears and neck are most often injured. Therefore, for a safe paintball game, you need a professional protective mask. As an additional protection in paintball use quilted waistcoats, gloves, shorts with a

sewn "shell", knee pads and elbow pads.

As a weapon in paintball use a light air gun( marker) shooting gelatin balls with paint. The average speed of the ball emanating from the barrel is 60-90 m / s. The speed of the ball emanating from the marker depends on the length of its barrel and the pressure of the gas in the cylinder: the longer the barrel and the lower the gas pressure, the less speed and the less painful the "wounds".At the same time, markers with a long barrel loaded with balls of the correct form allow you to shoot more accurately.

Paintball foothold
Paintball is suitable for improvised playgrounds, both in the woods and in large warehouses, with an area of ​​50m2 per player. For the safety of others, the entrance to the site is protected( for example, using a bright building tape).

Paintball: rules of conduct

Not a paintball mask while one of the players has a marker in their hands.
Be generous with your opponent. The safety and painlessness of shots largely depends on the speed of the ball emanating from the marker. In case of contact with 10-15m small bruises are possible. When shot at close range, bruises will be much more painful. Therefore, when playing paintball do not shoot an opponent less than 2m. Hide the marker after the game. Going out of the game, put the marker on the fuse, insert the plug into the trunk and pack it into the cover. Contraindications to the employment of paintball

  • chronic diseases in acute or subacute stage;
  • cardiovascular diseases: heart disease, heart failure, angina, hypertension;
  • diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract: bronchial asthma.
  • Metabolic diseases: decompensated diabetes mellitus.
Possible injuries in paintball: eyeball injury, superficial nasal trauma, fractured nose bones, superficial ear trauma, traumatic rupture of the tympanic membrane, bruised throat

Experts do not recommend paintball for 2 weeks after acute respiratory infections and flu, within a year afterFractures, craniocerebral injuries.