Therapeutic and preventive sanatorium "Geneva"

Therapeutic and preventive sanatorium "Geneva" specializes in the treatment of gastroenterological and urological diseases.


Urologic diseases: chronic inflammatory diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract, chronic pyelonephritis and cystitis during remission without signs of pronounced renal failure and hypertension;Residual phenomena of acute pyelonephritis;Urolithiasis without marked renal damage and urinary outflow;A condition after operatively-instrumental and hardware removal of stones from kidneys and urinary ways;Chronic prostatitis in a state of remission;Urinary diathesis.

Digestive system diseases: chronic hepatitis;Residual effects after toxico-chemical lesions of the liver in the inactive phase;A condition after the transferred infectious hepatitis, cholecystitis;Cholelithiasis, with the exception of forms that require surgical intervention;Dyskinesia of the biliary tract and gallbladder;Latent form of chronic pancreatitis with no tendency to frequent exacerbat

ions;Chronic colitis and enterocolitis of different etiology outside the exacerbation phase.

Disease of the endocrine system: metabolic disorders, including diabetes mellitus in a state of stable compensation.

Functional diseases of the nervous system;Chronic and specific inflammatory diseases of female genital organs;Disease of the musculoskeletal system( osteochondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis);Diseases of the peripheral nervous system( radiculoneuritis, neuralgia).


spa procedures: Mineral baths, mineralnovaleryanovye baths, mineral baths with the addition of plant extracts, pearl-mineral baths, carbonic baths, shower, shower Scottish, circular shower, ascending, gynecological irrigation.

physiotherapy: galvanization, electrophoresis, diodinamoterapiya, amilipulsterapiya, elektrosonterapiya, tubuskvartsterapiya, singlet-oxygen therapy, magnetic therapy, microwave therapy, ultrasound therapy, aromatherapy, inhalation, ozokeritotherapy.

Gynecological treatments: baths with therapeutic solutions, vaginal swabs with therapeutic agents


rooms class "lux", single and double rooms with all amenities.


82200 Truskavets, Suchowola, 61-63

Contact phones:

  • ( 03247) 67083
  • ( 03247) 67082