Unique apparatus for the treatment of arthritis

Diseases of the joints, musculoskeletal system, vessels - all this is a list of diseases, the number of which increases every year and which cause suffering for the elderly and young. Among them, arthritis or inflammation of the joints of the limbs - one of the most common, which should be treated as early as possible.

Arthritis refers to inflammatory diseases that arise as complications from sore throats, flu, colds. This disease can also appear after trauma of the extremities: bruises, fractures, sprains and dislocations. The patient is tormented by acute pains in the elbows, knees, mobility of the foot, hands, fingers becomes limited. In the acute phase, redness, swelling, swelling can occur. Doctors offer different methods of treating arthritis. This includes medicinal methods, therapeutic mud, physiotherapy. If the patient addresses to physicians late enough, sometimes serious surgical intervention and replacement of an artificial joint is necessary.

Now there are special techniques that can

significantly reduce pain and lead to a complete cure for this serious ailment. So the Elatomsky instrument factory has developed an extremely effective apparatus for the treatment of arthritis. Its action is based on the positive effects of vibroacoustic vibrations and a low-frequency magnetic field, which are aimed at improving blood flow, reducing and curing the inflammatory process.

This phone is called Magophone 01 and designed so that it can easily be used by the patient himself at home. It is used both simultaneously with taking medications, and as a physiotherapy treatment. The device is very simple to use. It is enough to connect it and attach it to the sick body. As studies show, the tenth treatment session of Magothon's exposure in most patients completely disappeared pain, and a prolonged therapeutic effect was observed.

Magophone 01 is now called "universal first aid kit", which is used in the treatment and prevention of joint diseases, in neurology, dentistry, angina, rhinitis, hypertension, thrombophlebitis, venous insufficiency. However, there are usual contraindications to its use, the same as for other physiotherapy procedures. Therefore, to allow the use of the device for the treatment of arthritis at home, only an attending physician can have a doctor who has information about all the pathologies that the patient has.