Protect yourself from the flu: safe and secure

Our country, like the rest of the world, will enter the epidemic period with the onset of the autumn, which means that a considerable percentage of the country's population will soon be slurring with the flu and acute respiratory infections.

Zone of viral comfort

Why should it be on the alert in the fall? Firstly, because it is at this time that all kinds of respiratory viruses are activated, not just the flu, and it is impossible to avoid diseases. In fact, only the pathogens of acute respiratory infections are more than 300, and immunity to them is unstable. Secondly, because in transport, at work, in kindergarten and school, people are in tight contact with each other and, of course, are infected: cold and flu viruses are contained in sputum, which is given to patients when coughing or sneezing. And for infection it is enough to inhale a few microscopic drops. ..

It is easy to transmit the pathogen and through the contaminated hands. We and so often touch our faces: the scientists conducted ob

servations and found that at least 300 times a day. And then the nose is constantly itching, the eyes water, the coughing. .. Naturally, the fingers of the common cold contact with the nose and eyes separated from the saliva. Next - the sick man shakes hands, holds onto the handrails in the transport, takes hold of the door handles. .. The viruses move to the hands of healthy people, and from there they get to them in the nose, eyes, mouth and multiply rapidly, causing symptoms of the disease.

Who is at risk?

Contrary to common stereotypes that in the autumn-winter period influenza and ARVI are more common not only children, but also adults - the most vulnerable categories are given below:

  • elderly;
  • pregnant women;
  • small children;
  • patients with chronic diseases;
  • persons with immunodeficiencies;
  • persons, long time staying in closed collectives.

Some people think that you can protect yourself from the virus only with the help of flu vaccination. Unfortunately, vaccination against influenza is not a panacea. According to the statistics of 2012-2013, this method of prevention proved its helplessness during the most terrible epidemic in the United States. Why is the vaccine not able to protect everyone? The fact is that influenza viruses are constantly changing. WHO around the world has established a network of laboratories that are engaged in determining the actual mutations of the influenza virus. Analyzing the data, experts determine the composition of the vaccine against influenza for the current season. Unfortunately, in this complex process failures occur, and the vaccine "hits the target".Among other things, not all people tolerate the flu vaccine well, and it has a number of contraindications. In addition, alas, in Ukraine, at the state level, there are no funds allocated for vaccination against influenza in the population at risk. Therefore, care for their own health and the health of their children and loved ones should be taken over by conscious citizens.

Prevention is the guarantee of health

Preparing for defense against influenza and ARVI, pay more attention to preventive measures. Everything is important here, from balanced nutrition and hardening, to emotional state and psychological comfort in society.

It is also worth taking care of more global protection measures: in epidemiologically unfavorable conditions, a drug is needed that would prevent the development of pesky flu and ARVI symptoms, but also help prevent the development of infections. This drug is Altabor, which has a unique antiviral activity: it suppresses the multiplication of the pathogens of influenza and SARS even at the initial stage.

The mechanism of antiviral action of Altabor is the induction of interferon synthesis, inhibition of neuraminidase activity of the influenza virus. Expressed antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, membrane-stabilizing and analgesic effects enhance the pharmacotherapeutic properties of the drug in the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza, which are often complicated by a bacterial infection and accompanied by inflammation and pain.

It is important that Altabor is an exclusively natural remedy, based on the substance of the dry extract of the co-occurrence of alder gray and alder adherent. The active substance of the preparation contains a mixture of elloglutanins based on phenolic acids, which prevent the penetration and multiplication of pathogens of influenza and ARVI.Thus, Altabor warns against infection or further development of the disease - in the event that the infection does happen.

Having felt the symptoms of the flu or ARVI, you need to immediately take Alta boron. Altabor are used, slowly dissolving in the oral cavity 2 tablets 3 times a day. Duration of admission is 7 days.

With Altabor, the body's defenses will cope with the virus attack better and faster!

Form of dispensing: without prescription

Side effects. When using Altabor, allergic reactions may occur in patients with increased sensitivity to the components of the drug.

Warning: self-medication can be dangerous to your health!

Before using, please read the instructions and consult a doctor. Keep out of the reach of children.

Complete instructions can be found on the website

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