Cuidado de las madres jóvenes: por sí mismo con sus propias manos

Time for itself is sorely lacking for every young mother. You care about the baby day and night: you swing, feed, bathe, play with the baby. .. You have a lot of domestic things to do: cook, wash, pat, clean up. ..

Nevertheless, we will try to master some simple rules of care and try to bring them to fulfillmentTo automatism: useful habits can serve you well for many, many years. Especially since, I promise, no huge financial investments, no crazy temporary resources, elementary care of hands will not require. Although, of course, without some of the expenditure of both, you still can not do.

Attention - on your hands!

Now your desires are simple, but temporarily difficult - you want to get some elementary sleep! Where is there to find an opportunity to groom and cherish your skin, especially on your hands? !However, they now get pretty much from detergents and hard water, from cold and wind( yes, I forgot to put on gloves!).And who will take care of the beauty and health of your hands, if you do


You had to say good-bye to your vamp-style nails before you went to the hospital. And in the nearest at least a year long claws in your life will not return. The length of the nails should now be minimally comfortable. After all, the tender skin of a baby, which is prone to irritation, intertrigo, is so easy to damage! However, believe me, the absence of a bright manicure does not deny the possibility of being proud of beautiful fingers. The paradox, but tired, nervous, not slept young mothers are still beautiful. Now your main trump card is naturalness. A home manicure kit will help keep your hands in a well-maintained form, spending a minimum of effort.

Natural remedies

Of course, one home manicure can not limit the care of hands. Where it is more important to provide the skin with nutrients. Needless to say, these funds should be as natural as possible, because their residue from your hands will fall on the baby's skin! Providing yourself with natural cosmetics for cosmetic care is easy. You're always fiddling around in the kitchen - and she's just a storehouse of skin-friendly ingredients.

Egg-honey mask with olive oil: you will need 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of honey, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Yolk whisk, gradually adding honey, then pour the lemon juice and butter, mix thoroughly. Put the mask on the back of your hands for 15-20 minutes, wash away with warm water, then dry your hands with a soft cloth.

Did you find any remnants of honey, sour cream or even sauerkraut juice? Put them on your hands. Cut off the "tails" of lemon? Wipe your hands. A boiled potato remedy is simply priceless! And nourishes, and softens the skin. .. If there will be time for "special" procedures, from handy products you can make chic masks for your hands!

Potato mask: will need 300 g of potatoes, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Potatoes, boiled in a "uniform", mash together with the skin, then add the lemon juice, all carefully wipe and a few cool. Warm the mass on the hands of a thick layer for 10-15 minutes, then wash away with water and pat dry with a towel. It will be useful to even just hold your hands for several minutes in warm water, drained after cooking potatoes on a mash.

"Manual" resuscitation

If your hands have already suffered much from the cold, detergents or lack of necessary care and attention, they need urgent resuscitation. Oil wraps that eliminate dryness and cracks will help. Wash your hands with warm water, apply plenty of vegetable oil to your skin, put on thin knitted gloves, and on top of them - rubber. This compress should be kept an hour and a half, so it's better to do it when the baby is asleep, and you're going to start, for example, cleaning. You can calmly do household chores, and the skin of your hands will gradually become softer and more elastic. After the time allocated for the oil wrap, remove the gloves, the rest of the oil rubs into the skin, and then wipe your hands with a napkin.

Universal hand and nail care - bath with sea salt .Spread a tablespoon of salt in 3 liters of warm water and add any essential oil( if you do not have allergies on it).In 15-20 minutes your hands will become relaxed and rested. Also useful are baths from popular medicinal plants, for example, mint leaves, chamomile flowers, sage. Do not forget to lubricate your hands with a moisturizing baby cream after any bath.