Daily health care with built-in hot steamer Hotpoint-Ariston SO 100

One of the main tasks of every housewife is to take care of the health and well-being of the family. Nowadays, more and more attention is paid to technologies that can make home life a pleasant experience. One of the results of the technological development of the Hotpoint-Ariston brand was the creation of the built-in steamer SO 100.

Nowadays the society pays more and more attention to issues of utility and environmental friendliness in everyday life. This applies to all spheres of life, and especially what we eat. People began to pay attention not only to taste qualities, but also the usefulness of consumed food. It is widely known that steamed dishes retain much more useful properties than those prepared in any other way. It is very important in the modern world of fast foods to take care of themselves and their families, because "we are what we eat".That is why now more and more efforts are being made to achieve a balance between the taste and useful properties of the cooked products.

This task was successfully solved by the Hotpoint-Ariston brand. The new steamer SO 100 is ideal for lovers of healthy food, as well as people who appreciate the high quality of cooking and excellent taste. With the use of steam technology, the cellular structure of products remains unchanged, and the smell of food is natural.

Thanks to the developers of the Hotpoint-Ariston brand, the cooking time in the SO 100 steamer was reduced, and lower temperatures, around 100 ° C, were also used. It is widely known that high temperatures destroy vitamins that are contained in foods, but with the Hotpoint-Ariston steamer you can be sure that the food you cook will always be tasty and retain all the useful properties.

Another important function of the Hotpoint-Ariston SO 100 steamer is the defrosting of the products. Now this process has become not only fast and convenient, but also safe - defrosting with steam, preserves all the useful properties of the products for their further preparation.

Separately, we should pay attention to the design and technological innovations of the SO 100. Touch Control and the graphic display simplify the process of programming the steamer and display the main stages of cooking.

It is worth noting that the SO 100 steamer belongs to the range of embedded appliances of the Hotpoint-Ariston brand experience. This line is distinguished by its stylish design and facade decoration with stainless steel, which harmoniously fits most modern kitchens, making them more original and refined.

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