Choosing a Multivariate

The preparation of tasty and healthy food is becoming the traditional norm of the modern seven. After all, we all want the children to grow up healthy, parents do not worry about the stomach, and loved ones cheered with a good mood.

How to facilitate this process, and can it be made pleasant and simple?

We know the answer to the question. Especially it will be liked by those for whom daily cooking has become a necessary duty, whom she no longer rejoices.

What exactly do we mean? In order to facilitate your life, it is enough to buy moulinex ce500e32 - multivark http: // moulinex_ce_500e32 / catc578m781254.html, which will be able to make your day( lunch, breakfast and dinner).

This magic device, a miracle casserole with artificial intelligence( or its germ), can turn raw foods into delicious dishes without your participation. The only thing that she does not know is how to bring food from the store.

However, let's talk about everything in order.

Why does each customer mu

ltivarka, after a month of using it, wonder how he used to do without this miracle of technology and intelligence? ?After all, it saves energy, electricity and even vegetable oil.

What is a multivark?

This electric appliance is inherently like a steamer and an electric kettle together, encumbered with timers, switches with a choice of cooking mode.

Why do you like the multivariate?

1. If you can not cook / cook / confectioner. Or it turned out, but you are tired for eleven years to perform this role in your free time.

The Multivar itself will prepare everything for you. You will only need to drop the necessary and washed-cut products. In the memory of the multivarka there are several hundred recipes for every taste. All you need is to simply put food in a container. There is nothing to stop the overturning. It generally can be left unattended.

In this case, the rules for using the multivark are so simple that they will master absolutely everything - special education or knowledge of technology is not required. The instruction is simple and convenient. In addition, the instruction itself has a lot of recipes in order to start from.

2. Multivark has many functions

Usually we are used to the fact that the meat grinder can twist the meat, the juicer squeezes out the juice, and the yogurt maker prepares yoghurts. In a multivarquet, in contrast to all other kitchen devices, you can cook a lot of dishes.

It can bake muffins, cakes and cook desserts, you can boil and fry, stew and cook steamed, and even bake bread. Roughly speaking, this device is able to replace not only the mass of devices but also a kitchen stove with an oven.

3. The multivariate will preserve vitamins in

products. The food in the multivariate is prepared in an airtight container. And due to the creation of the effect of the stove - in cooked food, much more useful substances, vitamins, and minerals are stored.(They are not destroyed and are not washed away).

In addition, the dishes themselves are tasty enough to please your loved ones.

4. The multivarker is a very reliable device

In the multivarker it will not burn, it will not run away even if you are not near and you do not have time or you can not turn off the device in time. After the end of the preparation of any dish, this miracle device sounds a beep. If you have left the house altogether - the multivariate is switched to the weak heating mode, which keeps the cooked food for 12 hours in a warm state. But it is important that the food does not dry out, unlike the oven, because the saucepan is hermetically sealed. Therefore, you can throw food in the morning, leaving for work, and in the evening you will wait for a ready hot dinner, with a heat and a heat.

5. Multivarka saves time and effort

You can not follow the preparation of food, and generally leave the kitchen. That is, to do more important and useful things for you. In addition, in the multivariate there is a useful function for delaying the start. That is, for example, you can program it in such a way that milk porridge was cooked by 7 am, while the device itself will turn on when necessary. You can even throw in the multivark products for roasts or for soup and go for a walk. And the dinner will wait for you in the finished form.

There are also several useful devices in the multivark - for example, a special vestibule in the form of a grill that will allow you to cook for a couple, which is very important when dieting is observed in diseases of the liver, stomach and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

If the first one is not enough for your dinner - you can divide it by inserting a saucepan into two floors, and on the same floor you can cook, for example, the first, on the second, vegetables.

6. Saving food

Firstly, due to the fact that nothing will be burned in the multivark - you definitely will not spoil the product even by conducting a culinary experiment. In addition, in a multivarker, you can cook with a minimum amount of fat - which again is useful when dieting - when you need to monitor the calorie intake and clearly observe the amount of fat consumed per day( this is roughly about 30 grams of vegetable oil).

Even fat-free diets in a multivark can be sustained without much trouble. Due to the tightness of the multivarka, vegetables or meat in it is prepared in its own juice. In this case, not only the useful substances remain, but the products themselves retain a natural color and odor. The peas remain green, the carrots are pink, and the potatoes are tender-yellow.

7. A multivarker and a steamer are fundamentally different devices.

We admit, we also did not dispense with the mention of the predecessor of the multivark - steamer. However, comparing them is like comparing a dirigible with a Boeing. And that and that flies).Multivark is a much more technological tool that can not only cook, but also turns off when necessary, and works the way you wanted.

Multivarkas are more reliable, more compact, more functional, and, in general, they know how to cook several dishes at the same time. It is interesting that the dishes from the multivark are much more delicious( just like the grandmother from the stove).

Of course, in a multivarche, too, you can cook like a steamer. .. But this is one of the top-ten programs.

8. You can take the multiwire with you

If you are going to rest, and there is no stove in the room, or there is no gas at the dacha, and to kindle firewood for a long time, this miracle device will help to solve the problem with food for the whole family. Multivarka will replace the electric stove at the dacha or in the hostel( at the same time it will not be necessary to run to the common stove).It can be taken with you to an inexpensive holiday home to cook porridge or any other food for your child if there is no dietary food. It can easily be thrown into the trunk without any problems and included in any hostel, while traveling by car. Moreover, it is even useful to buy it in the office - lunch time for most employees will be reduced, and the number of hospital visits and gastroenterologist visits due to eating pies / sandwiches / than will have to decrease.

Those who are against this option - immediately object - no smell of food for a half-story will not be. The multivariate is hermetically sealed. The smell will appear only when you open it. But after all, a sandwich with a home-made chopper also smells. ..

9. Multivarka does not require much care

If you are afraid that the care for this miracle technique will take you more strength than washing ordinary frying pans / pans / ovens / grills for roasting meat -You are completely in vain anxious. The multivar is an absolutely unpretentious device and requires very little of your attention and minimal skills. It is enough just to pour the water out of a small container, rinse it with water or rub it with a sponge to remove fat. At the same time, the multivark coverage is usually such that this process is not at all troublesome. After all, fat is in the multivariate. Unlike the oven, it does not burn.

Therefore, preparing one meal for dinner, in a few minutes you can safely throw the second - for breakfast.

10. Electricity savings

If you compare the cost of a multivark and calculate the savings, when compared to using an electric stove - the device will pay off fairly quickly! After all, electricity consumption in the multivark is based on the most stringent European energy-saving principles. On average, the bill for light, or more precisely for the consumption of electric stove will be halved. What can not but rejoice. After all, you can make another purchase.

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