Medical tourism. What it is

In the modern world comes the understanding that health care is one of the branches of the economy that, like everyone else, is subject to the influence of global trends. One of the consequences of global processes in medicine was the development of medical tourism as a type of organization of medical care abroad. Mistrust of the domestic health care system as a whole, the lack of the possibility of obtaining a certain set of medical services( transplantations, diagnostics) is the reason for seeking medical help in foreign clinics.

Documentary registration of relations with the intermediary company

Having made a decision to be treated abroad, it is first of all necessary to determine the intermediary company. The patient can apply to:

  1. an intermediary company specializing in organization of medical tours( specialized tourist company)
  2. Ukrainian clinic, which has close contacts with foreign partners
  3. representation of a foreign clinic, whose interests in Ukraine are represented by non-medi
    cal partners.

As a rule, the patient fills in a questionnaire / request indicating contact information, a diagnosis known to him, a brief history of the disease, previous treatment, wishes for the clinic, required conditions and length of stay. After such a request, the intermediary company appoints a consultation, during which they clarify the information received, specify the budget, the prospective clinics. In the shortest possible time, a profile clinic or resort is selected, and the necessary medical, diagnostic or rehabilitation plan is drawn up. The scheme of the prospective treatment, cost and preliminary proposal from the clinic is presented. As a rule, the patient is offered, at will, several options from different clinics. The patient himself with the mediator concludes a contract for the provision of consulting services. The patient concludes the contract for treatment directly with the clinic. Accordingly, the patient pays the mediator only consulting and information services.

Procedure for payment of treatment

Having approved the treatment budget, payment is made according to the treatment agreement. The patient pays the amount specified in the contract to the account of a foreign clinic. The fact of payment is confirmed by the sending by the clinic of an invitation for treatment, thanks to which the status of a private patient is obtained - this is the guarantee of a simplified procedure for obtaining a visa. Many clinics prefer to work on a 100% prepayment system. However, there are a number of clinics working on the 50-50 system. Half of the treatment you pay at the conclusion of the contract, and half - after the end of treatment. All the nuances concerning the payment mechanism, please check with the intermediary.

Medical documents that must be provided to the

clinic When considering the possibility of treatment in a particular clinic or a particular doctor, they are usually served with all available medical documents: references, medical history, previous examinations, previous diagnoses,etc. These documents are provided by the patient to the mediator, after which he transfers them and sends them to the clinic for examination.

Payment for medical treatment abroad by insurance companies

Many corporate clients serviced by insurance companies( that is, having concluded a health insurance agreement) are interested in the possibility of treatment abroad. The insurance company pays for medical treatment abroad if the health insurance agreement between the insured and the insurance company presupposes the possibility of conducting treatment abroad. Indeed, the leading intermediary companies are interested in cooperation with insurance companies. Between the intermediary and the insurance company is the "Agreement on the provision of medical services".With all contacts between the patient and the mediators / clinics, the latter act on behalf of and on behalf of the insurance company whose client is the patient. Since the basic principles of the work of intermediaries is confidentiality and loyalty to the insurance company, all of their actions are aimed at maintaining the reputation of the insurance company in the eyes of the client. This means that the client does not communicate with the mediator or clinic on all organizational matters, all insurance issues are handled by the insurance company with which the patient entered into a health insurance agreement.

After the program is completed, all expenses are confirmed by invoices for treatment, including acts and registers from the clinic. The insurance company pays for the expenses in accordance with the contract of medical insurance.

However, in the contract of voluntary medical insurance of the majority of leading Ukrainian insurance companies it is supposed to render assistance only in Ukrainian health care institutions, therefore, concluding a VIP-level contract, find out whether it presupposes the possibility of treatment abroad.

Recognition of foreign conclusions in Ukraine

Departure for treatment abroad is carried out in countries with a recognized high level of development of medical care, a high level of trust in doctors, applied treatment regimens approved by authoritative European medical authorities. Foreign clinics are equipped with high-precision diagnostic equipment, the quality of the results of medical examinations should not be questioned. As practice shows, translated conclusions, diagnoses, prescribed treatment scheme do not cause doubts among Ukrainian doctors.