Registration of visas and required documents

As a rule, all the issues related to obtaining visas are taken over by intermediary companies. The list of documents for issuing a visa in all consulates is almost the same, but there are big differences in the terms of filing documents, issuing visas, as well as in the lists and requirements of the documents submitted.

Most consulates( Schengen area) require the provision of such basic documents:

  1. passport with a validity of at least three months from the date of return to Ukraine( in some countries not less than 4-6 months)
  2. a copy of all completed pages of the internal passport
  3. certificate from the workplaceon the letterhead, indicating the position, average monthly salary, length of service, as well as the duration of the business trip or leave
  4. completed
  5. questionnaires, the invitation of the host party or a document confirming the reservation inBody for the whole period, including other countries that you intend to visit one or more color photos( 80% of the photo should be occup
    ied by the person, ears and forehead are open)
  6. booking of a ticket with closed dates or a copy of the
  7. ticket proof of solvency - referencefrom the bank - an extract from the account no more than 3 months ago for a certain amount per day per person, or information on the amount of money on the

card. To obtain a visa to Germany( for treatment), the following documents are required:

  1. Port, copies of visas of the second passport( if there is an original of the previous passport, it is served)
  2. 3 photos 3,5 x 4,5( in the photo - 70% of the face)
  3. original and a copy of all pages of the internal passport
  4. personal data
  5. confirmation from the clinic/ Doctor, the estimated duration of the patient's stay in the clinic, information on the cost of treatment
  6. confirmation from the clinic about the prepaid
  7. certificate / diagnosis of the Ukrainian doctor who led the patient, about the type of disease and the need for treatment in Germany
  8. accepted credit cards, and t(Original and copies)
  9. confirmation of accommodation
  10. credit cards, as well as extracts from card accounts of cash flows for the last three months
  11. extracts from the card account of the movement of funds, or extracts from the bank account for the last three monthsbank account for the last three months
  12. traveler's checks( usually enough checks at the rate of 45 euros / day for one person's stay)
  13. medical insurance
  14. for employees - certificate from
  15. for private entrepreneurs -Documents on the registration of a private entrepreneur and on the economic activities of
  16. for students and schoolchildren - certificate from the educational institution
  17. certificate of property possessions

When applying for a visa for treatment, the interview is appointed on the same or the next day. This rule only applies to patients requiring emergency care. You should contact the visa department on the street. Zlatoustovskaya, 37/39, window No. 2, Mon-Thurs, from 08:00 to 10:00.If it is a question of a planned examination or planned treatment, the interview is appointed in the general order.

Regarding health insurance: Schengen countries have a certain list of insurance companies whose policies are recognized by them. For example, a list of German-accredited insurance companies can be found on the website: http: // pdf__krankenversicherungen, property = Daten.pdf

It should also be noted that according to the contract of medical insurance, which is in Ukraine for traveling abroad, the insurance does not cover purposeful, in advancePlanned treatment abroad. Only expenditures related to specific insurance cases specified in the insurance policy are paid.

To apply for a visa to Austria, the following documents are required:

  1. Filled profile
  2. Latin and signed personally by the 2 photos( 3,5 * 4,5)
  3. valid passport( valid for at least three months after returning to Ukraine)
  4. All valid passport, as well as those whose validity period is over.
  5. Copies of passport pages with personal data, copies of old Schengen visas.
  6. Original and copy of the internal passport.
  7. Insurance( accident / medical care) with a cover of at least 30 thousand euros.
  8. Confirmation from the clinic / doctor about the expected stay of the patient in the clinic, the planned time and cost of treatment.
  9. confirmation of the clinic about the payments made
  10. confirmation that the Republic of Austria will not incur any expenses related to stay and treatment.
  11. If necessary: ​​a statement of obligation from the inviting party( clinic, doctor)
  12. diagnosis from a Ukrainian doctor about the need for treatment in Austria.
  13. confirmation of sufficient financial capacity of the applicant( original bank statement of account status)
  14. in case of outpatient treatment - confirmation of residence.

confirmation of the purpose of travel and financial support and stay of an accompanying person is:

  1. if necessary - a statement of intent of the inviting party
  2. confirmation of sufficient financial resources and the applicant's place of residence
  3. certificate of employment in the original( with the name of the company, full address, numberPhone, indicating the average salary and length of service) or a confirmation of the registration and economic activities of the enterprise( for private entrepreneurs - a certificate ofpay the single tax, bank statements), or a certificate from an educational institution( for students / pupils), or a copy of the pension certificate( for pensioners)
  4. reservation confirmation
  5. tickets for traveling by car - a copy of the green insurance card, registration certificate for the car, a copyDriver's license, copy of international driving license and trip plan

For children under 18 years old

  1. birth certificate
  2. permission to leave father / mother with notaryCertification of the signature( the original and a copy), or a judicial decision to transfer the rights to the child to one of the parents, or a certificate of the death of one of the parents, or a certificate stating that the mother is raising the child herself.

For children who are entered in the passport of parents, it is necessary to submit a separate package of documents.

To apply for a visa to Switzerland, the following documents are required:

  1. A completed application form( in English, French, Italian or German), signed personally.
  2. valid passport( valid for at least three months after returning to Ukraine), a copy
  3. 2 photos
  4. copy of the first page of the passport( with photo and name)
  5. copies of the pages with valid visas of other countries
  6. For children: notary certification of a parent's permission toleaving
  7. invitation from the clinic or doctor to confirm the fact of payment of treatment
  8. confirmation of solvency( extract from bank account)
  9. original certificate of employment indicating the position and size ofArpad
  10. internationally recognized insurance contract( accident / medical care) with a cover of at least 30 thousand euros.

questionnaire can be downloaded here:
http: // antrag_rus_de_eng.pdf

With Photo requirements can be found here -
http: // Photograph_Guidelines_en.pdf

In the process of issuing a visa and staying in the Schengen countries, it is necessary to remember some nuances: it is necessary to comply with the first entry rule - you can cross the border of only the country in whose embassy the Schengen visa was received. If you are planning to visit several countries of the Schengen area, then the visa must be issued at the embassy of the country in which you are going to spend the most time. In this case, the first entry rule also applies. In the territories of all countries of the Schengen zone, a common base is being maintained for persons who committed any offenses. Therefore, if you had any problems with the law in one of the countries of the Schengen agreement, then most likely, you will be denied entry to the rest of the participating countries. Non-exit from the Schengen countries is a very serious offense, which also entails the deportation and prohibition of visits to all participating countries. Therefore, if there is a delay due to unforeseen circumstances, please report this additionally.

Issuing a visa to Israel

To apply for a visa to Israel, there is a simplified scheme for filing documents, if you have an invitation from a clinic, you were previously in Israel, you have a Jewish or Jewish parent in the passport, or a Schengen visa or a US visa.

Required documents for issuing a visa to Israel

  1. valid passport( passport, valid 6 months after the expiry date of the visa);
  2. a photocopy of the certificate of assignment of the individual tax code;
  3. picture 3x4 cm( 3 pcs.);
  4. visa application form;
  5. certificate from work;
  6. clinic invitation;
  7. original of the birth certificate;
  8. original of the marriage certificate;
  9. For a minor child, an original birth certificate is required, legalized in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine( "Apostille") and the personal presence of both parents. In the absence of one of the parents( death, deprivation of parental rights), legalized documents demanding the absence of a parent( s) such as a death certificate, a court decision on the deprivation of parental rights, a certificate from the registry office that the father of the child is recorded from the mother's words), Or permission from both parents for a trip certified by a notary and legalized in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine( "Apostille").Birth certificate of children issued again, as well as birth certificates issued after 01/01/1989, require legalization in the Ministry of Justice( Apostille).

To apply for a visa for treatment, each applicant completes: Application form( http: // 128088.jpg, http: // 128089.jpg) and form number 2( http: // 128092.jpg)

Visa processing process in the US

The following documents:

  1. valid passport( passport, valid 6 months after the expiry date of the visa)
  2. photo 50x50 mm( 1pc.) It is necessary that you can immediately recognize the photo.
  3. visa application form. The questionnaire is filled in on the embassy's website.

Regarding the questionnaires: starting from February 26, 2010, all those who apply for non-immigrant visas fill out the DS-160 online questionnaire on the embassy's website( http: // 100208_consular_ukr.html).In it you need to upload an electronic photograph, fill out the questionnaire in English. The completed questionnaire must be sent to the embassy to determine the date of the interview. Print a one-page confirmation of the submission of the form and bring it with you to the Consular Section on the day of the scheduled interview.