Childbirth abroad

Selecting the country of birth and clinic

The decision to give births abroad is mainly influenced by two factors: the possibility of obtaining citizenship for the newborns of the country in which you are going to give birth( the so-called citizenship by the right of soil), and the supposed higher and more qualified level of medical care. Regarding the automatic acquisition of citizenship by a toddler, there are few such countries - the USA and Canada are among the most popular. Legislation of almost all European countries does not imply the automatic acquisition of citizenship by all children born on their territory. Obviously, taking a decision to give birth, for example, in popular Germany for Ukrainians, you will receive only the corresponding European level of medical care. The most popular from European countries: Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland. Overseas preference is given to the already mentioned US and Canada. It is in these countries that a high level of obstetrics, the lowest level of

infant and maternal mortality, a high percentage of survival of premature babies are formed. However, the cost of the event should be taken into account. It varies from country( for example, in Switzerland and in France - the highest), the complexity of the flow of labor( natural childbirth is always cheaper than complicated), the number of children. For the operation of cesarean section or the birth of twins, boldly add up to 30% of the amount. However, only by these expenses future parents are not limited - it is necessary to pay for visas, air travel, accommodation, additional medical research.

Preparation of the necessary documents

Assuming birth abroad, it is necessary to take into account the specific requirements for documentation in different clinics and countries. In any case, this information should be provided to you by the company that organizes the whole process. It can be either a travel company or a Ukrainian clinic that has a cooperation agreement with clinics from other countries. It is necessary to become registered in Ukraine, all medical research should be conducted in a women's consultation. And, accordingly, on the basis of the exchange card, prepare extracts from the medical history, the results of all analyzes. The intermediary company, as a rule, translates these documents into the country's language of the planned delivery and sends them to the clinic. After examining the results of the surveys, the clinic sends a response indicating the possibility of receiving such a pregnant woman, as well as the estimated cost of all medical procedures in this case. According to the established practice, after the approval of the cost, a contract is concluded. It should also be noted that the first consultation in the intermediary companies as a promotion is free, but subsequently the intermediary will not be financially affected.

Nevertheless, future parents can carry out an independent search for a clinic and save money on the services of an intermediary. To do this, you need to choose a clinic( tips of friends, acquaintances, opinions of patients in various specialized forums will help).After choosing a clinic, we suggest in this case to send an independent request, in which to indicate all contact details, requirements for the management of childbirth, excerpts from the medical history and the results of the research. The level of medical management in Western clinics is undeniable, so do not hesitate that you will soon receive a response to your request. Moreover, many clinics are interested in foreign clients. For example, in recent times, Israeli legislation has changed, and now practically all the money received from servicing foreign patients is sent to the budget of the clinic, and not to the state's treasury, as it was before.

Visa processing

Many people are faced with the problem of obtaining a visa to the countries of the Schengen area or the United States. In this case, you have an undeniable advantage - the call( invitation) of the clinic, through which you get the status of a private patient. The process of issuing documents for entry in this case will be much simpler, just as it will be simplified for those accompanying you( husband, mother, sister, girlfriend. ..).Another pitfall: due to the influx of emigrants, it is difficult to obtain a visa in the US at the invitation of the clinic, since the officers of the US Embassy in Ukraine understand why you are going to the American clinic. Therefore, future parents should take care of another invitation, and, having received a visa, as early as possible to travel to the US.Remember that at least 6 months you will have to spend there( 3 months before and after childbirth).However, this is simplified by the fact that the minimum period for which an American visa is issued is exactly 6 months.

Regulation of issues with the air carrier

Anyone who has not encountered such a question before will be unpleasantly surprised that many airlines have a number of restrictions with regard to the transportation of pregnant passengers. The stumbling block in this matter is that both travel companies and airlines themselves will sell you a ticket to anywhere in the world without any problems. However, when registering for the flight, and most often when boarding, the airline staff will have doubts, and they can simply refuse to board the plane, arguing that the refusal is a possible danger of a flight. When flying a German Lufthansa, the period of pregnancy of a passenger should not exceed 6 months. Almost similar restrictions for British Airways - up to 28 weeks, for ELAL( Israel) - up to 32 weeks. Of course, the ideal solution is to arrive in advance, or fly, using the services of private air transport - business aviation. However, both options are often unacceptable, therefore, from personal experience I recommend using the services of domestic airlines, for employees it is sufficient to produce a certificate from the attending physician that for health reasons you can transfer the flight and within the next 72 hours, the term of labor will not come. Nevertheless, all transatlantic flights are advised to be carried out at earlier dates, since a long flight, often with the change of flights, can become unnecessarily burdensome for a woman. In any case, all the issues that arise should be solved through intermediaries( travel company, clinic manager) - thanks to long-term experience of cooperation with carriers, they will be able to choose the best variant of flight for you.

Stay in the clinic until the birth of

In the clinics dealing with cooperation with foreign patients, there are so-called escort services - and you will be provided with an individual curator. Remember that the cost of the Russian-speaking curator is higher. Such an employee organizes your stay at the clinic. If the clinic does not have a Russian-speaking employee, we recommend using the services of an interpreter - as a rule, in this situation, one's own knowledge of foreign is not enough. Thanks to the interpreter, you will be able to establish constant contact with the doctors of the clinic, the interpreter will also help to solve the constantly arising household issues.

The stay in the clinic before delivery includes the necessary volume of medical examinations, on the result of which the attending physician will compile an individual birth management program. As a rule, these examinations are appointed one month before the expected date of delivery. After their holding, it is recommended to stay in the clinic or hotel before the birth, since a flight at such late dates may be a problem, as described above.

The organization of obstetric aid

In each country, the procedure for obstetric care may differ, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the characteristics in advance. However, three weeks before the expected date of delivery, the future mother will undergo a medical examination, ultrasound, serological tests. In most cases, clinics require hospitalization one week before the date of delivery. A private patient has the right to count on an individual ward. All persons accompanying you are accommodated in the hotel or in another place chosen by you. It is important to remember that the decision to use epidural anesthesia or a cesarean section is taken solely by a consultation of physicians based on actual medical evidence, rather than the patient's personal desire. Important for the patient is a high level of comfort of the chambers, the possibility of organizing partner births, and, importantly, the choice of the type of childbirth: vertical, on the ball, sitting in a special chair. During labor, a woman is not left to herself, but is under the constant supervision of a midwife who not only controls and fixes the time of labor, but also does a relaxing massage.

After the birth of the baby immediately put to the breast of the mother and only then perform the necessary procedures. Subsequently, the child is constantly with the mother in the ward, and neonatologists visit the child on their own for the purpose of conducting various tests and necessary procedures only at a time convenient for the mother and baby, which is an undeniable advantage over the Ukrainian system of neonatological care. An important moment for the parents of boys born in the United States. In this country, it is customary to carry out the procedure of circumcision, the doctors argue this with considerations of hygiene and, subsequently, the prevention of diseases of their future sexual partners. However, think about whether it is worthwhile to conduct a similar procedure for your child, and be sure to notify the doctor about it.

The length of stay in the clinic after delivery varies. For example, in the case of physiological labor in the United States, it is between 12 and 72 hours, in Germany the optimal length of stay in the clinic after childbirth is about 4 days. With complicated births, the length of stay in the clinic increases, and, accordingly, the cost of the procedure increases. After discharge, a postnatal clinical observation by the mother of a midwife is made. After examining the child as a neonatologist, for a certain time he will be under medical supervision. In many countries in the clinic at birth babies are not vaccinated, so it is worth considering this issue when returning to Ukraine.

Drawing up the documents of the child

So, congratulations, you have a baby! As stated earlier, this does not at all mean that he automatically becomes a citizen of the country where he was born( separately about countries providing citizenship to all those born on their territory - below).

Without a specific set of documents, you and your baby will not be released from the country of birth. As a rule, the mediator takes care of the entire procedure for preparing the documentation for your baby. However, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with this procedure, at least in general terms, in order to understand the algorithm of actions in this situation. Each country puts forward its demands in such situations, so the best option is to familiarize yourself with the rules of registration of the birth certificate and obtaining permission to leave the website of the Ukrainian Embassy in the country of birth of the child( section "consular issues", subsection "Registration of Civil Status Acts").If there is no such subdivision, feel free to write a request for providing the necessary information to the consular section of the Embassy by e-mail. From personal experience it is worth noting that the answer comes within 2 days.

For example, such an algorithm for obtaining documents in the Embassy of Ukraine in the Russian Federation:

  1. Contact any Russian registry office with a medical certificate of the birth of a child( issued in the maternity home) for the registration of a birth certificate.
  2. To come to the consular department of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Russian Federation to register a child as a citizen of Ukraine and to receive a certificate for receiving material assistance for the birth of a child.

However, it should be borne in mind that in other countries this procedure is much more complicated and requires much more time.

Legalizing the birth certificate of a child in the consulate of Ukraine, you have the right to expect to receive a document confirming the right to receive state assistance at the time of the birth of the child, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On the Power to Save Money from Children".Having such a package of documents, you can return to Ukraine without hindrance.

Registration of citizenship of the US and Canada

It's no secret that often the reason for delivery in the United States is the automatic issuance of US citizenship to all children born on its territory. Legislatively, this is regulated by the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution( adopted back in 1868), which guarantees US citizenship to born or naturalized persons. All US citizens are equal before the law and in the case of the birth of your child in this country and the registration of a citizen's passport, he will be entitled to all the social benefits that the country provides to its citizens. In this case, the algorithm for the actions of the parents will be approximately the same:

  1. Preparation of the necessary documents for discharge from the
  2. clinic. Obtaining the Birth Certificate from the Department of Health
  3. . Submission and receipt of the Social Security Number in the social service
  4. .For your child

These procedures take quite a long time( about 3 months), so you have to take care that all this time you will be in the US.It should also be remembered that in Ukraine dual citizenship is prohibited( unlike the Russian Federation), so if the ultimate goal for you is not the residence of your child in the US, then later in Ukraine you will have to deal with paperwork about the legal stay of your child withYou.

A similar situation regarding citizenship is typical for Canada. Everyone born in Canada automatically acquires the status of a Canadian citizen.

And the main thing is the cost of

Having studied the offers of travel companies and clinics, you will find that prices vary in a fairly wide range. Be sure to specify what is included in the basic package - namely the entire medical unit, and that in the accompanying - the services of the company, the processing of documents for the clinic, visa and air travel, the cost of living, the processing of documents for departure. Perhaps, of the listed related services, you can save on any.

Good luck to you!