Operation in Germany: the unlimited possibilities of the University Clinic in Freiburg

Operation in Germany is a wise decision for a person who is concerned about his health. The operation in Germany at the University Hospital Freiburg is possible by any indication - cardiology, oncology, urology, neurosurgery, gynecology, plastic surgery. An operation in Germany may not be necessary if you undergo a thorough prophylactic examination with the help of the newest diagnostic techniques - perhaps a doctor will prescribe a non-invasive conservative treatment before.

Operation in Germany, or In Search of a Urologist

An operation in Germany is not the only reason to visit this country: The University Clinic of Freiburg has at its disposal a very powerful diagnostic base and attracts the best specialists in the field of urology, including children's.

Operation in Germany, diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as urolithiasis, prostate problems, urinary incontinence and feces are the keys to recovery and further normal life for thousands of patients in the Freiburg clinic. So, in the uro

logical department of the University Hospital Freiburg inpatient treatment of about 2,500 patients, and outpatient - almost 8,000 patients per year. The department offers a full urological examination( CHECK-UP program).The urological department of the Freiburg clinic is the scientific base for many equipment manufacturers.

The University Clinic of Freiburg will help to effectively solve such masculine problems as erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, adenoma( benign prostatic hyperplasia).

The operation in Germany for the removal of adenomas is performed in a minimally invasive way( TURP - trans-urethral resection of the prostate).Such an operation is performed by inserting a special instrument into the urethra - the minimal part of the prostate that causes problems is carefully removed.

Operation in Germany: oncology

The surgery in Germany for cancer will not only provide high chances for healing, but also physical and mental comfort - and this is very important with such serious interventions. The operation in Germany and the treatment of oncological diseases are selected purposefully, individually - when approaching each patient only the therapy that is most effective in the case of his tumor is used.

Surgery in Germany at the Freiburg clinic about urological cancer - a tumor of the kidneys, bladder, prostate, testicles - a successful chance for a healthy life that thousands of patients have already realized.

The operation in Germany for cancer( for example, such a common breast cancer) may not be necessary at all: the specialists of the Freiburg clinic do not forget about modern medical treatment - it is anti-hormonal therapy, and chemotherapy and other methods. In the approaches to the treatment of breast cancer in recent years very much has changed - and the specialists of the Freiburg clinic take into account all the trends in oncology.

Operation in Germany: problems with the spine

Operation in Germany is preferable for many reasons: the university clinic in Freiburg also has high-precision equipment in its entirety. This allows serious operations to be performed in a minimally invasive manner - without significantly damaging the surrounding muscle tissue. And the intensity of postoperative pain is significantly reduced. It is also important that further degeneration of the spine is prevented.

Often surgery in Germany is of interest to patients with intervertebral hernia. In the University Clinic of Freiburg, the least invasive therapies are used to treat herniated discs. In some cases( 10%) endoscopic surgery is performed - the cut of the skin is only 9 mm. In more complex cases, a dilating-fixing system( a dilatation rod) is used-this method can also be considered sparing: a 14 to 18 mm cut. Both of these methods allow you to remove a hernia without compromising the integrity of the back muscles. Such an operation in Germany significantly shortens the terms of rehabilitation. The Freiburg clinic uses the most effective methods of treating back pain.

In the case of a narrowing of the spinal canal, the operation in Germany will allow it to expand( implantation of the interspinase dilator is performed) with minimal risk of unwanted complications. Also, in a minimally traumatic way, it is possible to solve such a pathology as spinal column instability - using a special fixing bolt system. To carry out such sparing surgical interventions there is a special equipment - X-ray 3D-devices with the support of the navigation computer system.

Operation in Germany: formalities

Operation in Germany at the University Hospital Freiburg - the decision is made? All administrative and organizational issues concerning the stay of foreign patients in the University of Freiburg are handled by a specialized department - the International Medical Services Center( IMS).

The first step for its implementation will be the filing of an application( a patient request) for treatment of employees of the international department. It should specify the full name, date of birth, diagnosis, contact phone number and e-mail address, as well as attach all available medical reports.

The IMS staff then contact the physicians-they together make up a preliminary treatment schedule, duration, cost, and discuss other nuances of the operation in Freiburg. Preliminary calculation of treatment or surgery is sent to the patient: after he transfers to the clinic's account an advance payment( 100%) for the operation in Germany, he is issued and sent an invitation required for issuing a medical visa.

Operation in Germany: what do you need to leave?

Operation in Germany is impossible without a visa. To obtain a medical visa that allows you to conduct an operation in Germany, you should contact the consular department of the German embassy with a full package of required documents. The University Clinic of Freiburg sends its clients an official invitation for visa processing immediately after paying the deposit for treatment.(Full information on the procedure for issuing a visa, the requirements for the applicant and a full list of documents can be found on the website of the German Embassy in your country.)

IMS staff fully assume the organization of the patient's stay in the clinic: book a hotel, book a transfer and an interpreter make up a survey and consultation program, Arrange entries to doctors, etc.

Operation in Germany is an important event, so few will dare to go there alone. To the relatives of the patient, the Center for International Medical Services is also engaged in booking hotels or comfortable apartments near the clinic. The Center for International Medical Services also translates documents into Russian for the preparation of an extract( for example, to become registered at home, etc.).At the request and order of the client, IMS also transfers all medical statements to Russian.

Operation in Germany: financial issue

Based on the patient's medical documents, specialists in the clinic prepare a preliminary survey / treatment plan and calculate their provisional value. The calculation is only preliminary: after all, the diagnosis may not be confirmed, be incorrect, etc.- therefore the real cost of the operation in Germany( examination / treatment) can change both in the smaller and larger side.

Operation in Germany - complete!

The operation in Germany was successful - there is not even a question mark required here. At the end of the operation in Germany( and also the course of treatment or examination) after 8 weeks the final financial calculation is made. After surgery in Germany( treatment, rehabilitation), recalculation is mandatory: if the final cost of treatment has been higher than the provisional, the patient can pay the difference by credit card, by bank transfer or by cash. Otherwise - if the final cost of the operation in Germany was lower - the rest of the amount is returned to the patient.(On the settlement account or on the credit card. In the last version it is important that the payment was made by this credit card).