Treatment in Croatia

Treatment in Croatia is more affordable than in most European countries. Therefore this small Mediterranean country every year attracts more and more tourists who are looking for affordable and at the same time high-quality medical services.

Recreation and treatment in Croatia

Nature herself has created this country for healing: a vast seaside, an abundance of rivers and lakes, forests and mountains - all this creates an appropriate background for patients. Like treatment in France, a medical tour to Croatia is often combined with rest: in fact, most of this country is a resort area. The warm climate and many cultural attractions, Mediterranean cuisine are ideal for rehabilitation and rehabilitation.

Lower prices allow many tourists to combine treatment in Croatia at sea with rest. However, the cost of the services of Croatian clinics is still higher than in the CIS countries. Thus, while in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe it is possible to find lower costs for procedures, the qu

ality of medical services in Croatia is at a higher level, and it requires much less expenses than in Western Europe or even more so in the USA.

The most popular areas are dermatology, aesthetic medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, rheumatology, sports medicine, spa treatment in Croatia. For example, the treatment of psoriasis in Croatia - a popular service, the effectiveness of which is related to both the qualifications of doctors and the favorable climate of this country. Many clinics specialize in post-operative care and rehabilitation after trauma, including those associated with neurologic disorders. Both tourists and locals are offered SPA programs, recovery after burnout syndrome at work.

Croatia is a member of the European Union, therefore for entry into the country the citizens of the CIS will need a visa. The national currency of the country is kuna. Time zone: UTC +1.Air temperature: in summer - about 23 ° C;In winter it is about 2 ° C.