Progeny away from the Motherland: Is it worth it to give birth abroad?

Some future moms, no-no, yes they think: maybe to have a child abroad? Our eastern neighbors from Russia have long protrore this track - and in different directions. Maybe, Ukrainians should think about the expediency of such a trip? Here there are two main questions concerning births abroad: health( indications) and money.

Foreign countries will help us

They say that you can not buy health. With this you can argue - not only: it is necessary to argue! A sad, but relatively low percentage of pregnancies occur without complications. It is even sadder that not all future mothers find full mutual understanding with the doctor and with the younger medical personnel in the hospital. Some rush to the other extreme - they say, "will be born of itself!"

First of all, women with a "problem" pregnancy are sent to the "maternity leave".Of course, in Ukraine there are many specialists who can solve many obstetric tasks. However, "behind the hill" many see the advantages - and equipment, and convenience! Ma

ny women are looking for guarantees for the health of the future baby, so they are sent to give birth abroad.

Why do women go to give birth abroad? Future mothers are afraid that we do not have the crumbs examined as carefully as in developed countries. After all, the disease is easier to prevent or "catch" the problem at the initial stage, than after years to toil with the baby. For example, in most countries it is already customary to conduct mandatory screening for hypothyroidism - in order to exclude or prevent the development of mental retardation in the baby. And this is already a guarantee of health, which then you can not buy for any money.

About births abroad, thinking and just super-irresponsible ladies, aware of the advisability of additional analysis and research using the most modern technology. In addition, many women who already had a generic "experience" in domestic clinics, strive to give birth abroad - just for the sake of maintaining mental equilibrium.

Organization of childbirth abroad

Organization of childbirth abroad lies with this or on the shoulders of the future mother and her relatives. If you do not have it before, the organization of births abroad can be entrusted to a company that engages in medical tourism - for an additional fee, of course. All bureaucratic troubles are taken by the medical provider. Moreover, at the conclusion of the contract all the smallest details are discussed. Experts will warn the slightest problems, which you probably do not even guess, and eliminate even a shadow of possible misunderstandings.

Most of the clients of medical providers are women "for 30", who not only achieved high social status, but also are more responsible for health. Well, really: which mother would not want the best of her blood? And when there is an opportunity to give this the best - you can collect documents. The gestational age at which a visit to a foreign clinic is recommended is approximately 38 weeks.

Benefits of giving birth abroad

Many mothers who gave birth abroad, deduce four fat pluses in favor of "maternity tour".

  1. Medical - the most important red-and-white such a plus-cross. Chances for safe delivery at any complications in foreign clinics increase by an order of magnitude. And doctors do not "blink" the problem, if any, - for this is why there is a newest medical technology.
  2. Practical .Abroad parents are taught to be parents - natural feeding, care, communication with a baby. Varied courses before and after the miracle of birth there is not a curiosity or whim, but a norm.
  3. Psychological .Many mothers complain about the atmosphere and lack of attention in our maternity hospitals. In the same place there is no turmoil: everything is orderly, noble and clear - every specialist does his job. Childbirth is not a stressful situation, but a natural process.
  4. Ethical .Attitude to the patient, and especially to the woman. For example, in a foreign clinic, before vaccinating a newborn, the mother will be asked: what country's calendar would she want to use in this case.

Childbirth abroad: the cost of

Undoubtedly, giving birth abroad is a pleasure expensive. A money account is loved. Well, what will become of the European clinic that accepts foreign patients? Basically. ..

The "generic process" itself will cost from 2 to 5 thousand euros( natural birth).Observation, consultations, inspections - up to a thousand. The maintenance in a hospital( five days) - hardly more thousand. Examination of the child and a children's package - 2 thousand euros. Midwife after delivery services - from 600 euros. In practice, 5-10 thousand euros are obtained - and this is just ordinary birth. In the case of cesarean section, the cost increases by about one and a half times. For a single room, too, it happens, you have to pay extra.

It's done! A few days later the newborn is registered in the city hall, where the clinic is directly located. Then it is still necessary to undergo the procedure of legalization in the embassy of Ukraine: the parents' passport records information about the child and attests his birth certificate. This guarantees a smooth return to the homeland in full family composition.

Important: when planning births abroad, you need to consider the cost of meals and living outside the hospital or clinic, transportation costs, as well as the cost of additional research - in the event that there are any chronic diseases.

Freedom of movement

Okinj abroad with a critical eye. Well, what about without cons! Some psychological discomfort: "very" pregnant - and away from home, relatives, girlfriends. If you are not a virtuoso polyglot, then, perhaps, you are facing some discomfort due to the lack of a wide range of friends and acquaintances. Lack of communication can be reimbursed if one of the household members goes to the company and remains until the very departure. However, speech is not so much within borders and visas or even money, as in the constrained consciousness, and this is already a matter of everyone's inner freedom. Indeed, in globalization there are also positive aspects: borders become more and more illusory. Including the boundaries in the mind. After all, we live in the XXI century, so we have the right to enjoy the maximum of the achievements of civilization. For some, they were invented - so why not for you and your baby? But the most important thing is the minus the financial one. He will deduct a tidy sum from the family budget.