Who shows Dufaston?

In some cases, in order to treat diseases of the female reproductive system, it is necessary to resort to hormonal means. One of the most frequently prescribed hormonal drugs with a deficiency of progesterone is Dufaston. We shall understand together: to whom and at what diseases is the purpose of this Dufaston shown?

What is a hormone?

The hormonal background of a woman, as, probably, also character, differs variability. During the menstrual cycle, the main roles alternate: in the first half of the cycle, the main effect on the body of the woman is exerted by estrogens, and in the second - by the hormone progesterone. Since, the drug Dufaston is a synthetic analogue of progesterone, I'd like to stop on the hormone of the second half of the cycle. Under the action of progesterone certain changes occur in the structure of the inner shell of the uterus - the endometrium: the uterus is preparing to receive a fertilized egg. The main source of progesterone is the yellow body( formation on the surface of

the ovary at the place of the ovulation that has occurred), and in case of pregnancy - the placenta. The effect of progesterone is not limited only to the regulation of the tone of the uterus and functional changes in the mucosa. Progesterone stimulates the development of mammary glands and participates in a complex chain of interactions with other hormones.

Dufaston during pregnancy

Unfortunately, the course of pregnancy is not always cloudless. Under the influence of various reasons, there may be a threat of interruption. One of the most common causes of early termination of pregnancy is hormone deficiency. The hormone - "keeper" of pregnancy is progesterone, and the threat of termination of pregnancy develops at an insufficient level of its synthesis. Dufaston became a drug of choice not by chance. This drug meets the basic requirements: it is effective, safe and convenient to use. The drug begins to exert its effect in just 45 - 60 minutes after administration, which allows it to be used in acute situations, as an emergency medicine. The duration of action and good tolerability allow, in turn, to consider Dufaston as a drug for long-term use.

Dufaston infertility

The inability to conceive is one of the most dramatic situations in a woman's life. Understand the causes of infertility and choose the necessary treatment - it's not an easy task. One of the possible causes of infertility is the same imbalance in the hormonal sphere of women. In the case when infertility is caused by inadequate isolation of progesterone hormone, specialists prescribe substitution therapy with synthetic analogues, in particular Dufaston. Scheme of infertility treatment is selected individually, but most often Dufaston treatment continues continuously for 6 cycles. It is important that therapy with Dufaston does not lead to oppression of ovulation. This is the main benefit of using Dufaston, compared to other drugs that are used to compensate for the lack of progesterone.

Duphaston at

climax Despite the fact that the involution of the female reproductive system and menopause, a natural phenomenon and the physiological, experienced by women during this period in various ways. Quite often, physical discomfort is added to psychological experiences. Tides, the formation of a tendency to osteoporosis, changes in the cardiovascular system, atrophy of the mucous membrane of the vagina - a typical "set" of manifestations of menopause. Specialists have learned to level or remove some of the manifestations with the help of hormone replacement therapy. One of the main prescribed drugs are analogues of estrogens. What is the role of progesterone in this situation? The combined use of a number of drugs progestin simulate natural hormones and avoid the undesirable effects of prolonged use of estrogens, in particular the development of neoplasms( tumors) female genitalia. Duphaston does not interfere with lipid metabolism, that is, does not provoke the development of atherosclerosis, and does not violate the process of blood coagulation, ie, does not cause the development of thrombosis. These features make it the most beneficial drug for prolonged hormone replacement therapy.

Why is Dufastone the drug of choice?

Dufaston has a selective effect on the woman's body, so the main thrust of its action concerns receptors located in the uterus. The drug does not have androgenic and corticosteroid activity, and does not affect the central endocrine organs: the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. Unlike other progestogens Duphaston does not cause serious side effects such as:

- effects on the fetus( feminization, masculinization)

-oteki in women, increased body weight

- adverse effect on

vessels - inhibition of ovulation

active substance Duphaston - dydrogesterone- is an improved "version" of natural progesterone synthesized in the laboratory using high-tech. However, the chemical structure of the dydrogesterone gives Dufaston other more advantageous qualities. Thus, Duphaston not destroyed upon ingestion, the drug has high activity that eventually allows the use of lower doses of the hormone as compared with other preparations progestin series( 20 times less) - therefore steroid load on the woman's body is practically absent.