Slimming enema

Slimming enemas at first glance seem to be the ideal way to quickly lose weight. Putting enemas for weight loss, you can not limit yourself to food. After the enema for weight loss, immediately, by washing out stools, you can lose a couple pounds. In the future, weight loss will pass though not too fast, but stable.

The only problem - slimming with an enema is achieved by causing very serious harm to health.

Why is weight loss achieved with an enema?

Among those who want to lose weight for many years, the debate on whether to lose weight with the help of an enema for weight loss does not stop. Supporters of enemas claim that this method of losing weight is very effective and completely safe. At the same time, proctologists are advised to treat enemas for weight loss with great care.

The whole point is that the large intestine and its contents are fragile enough and very important for the body system. First of all - in the large intestine the main adsorption of moisture from the food lump(

chewed food, absorbed into the drunk liquid) is carried out.

In addition, the microflora that inhabits the walls of the epithelium of the large intestine is an incredibly complex closed ecosystem that includes thousands of microorganisms. Probiotic bacteria participate in the digestion of food, producing proteins, fats and vitamin complexes that are directly inaccessible to human digestion. In the rectum, about 10% of nutrients from food are digested.

A fluid that enters the large intestine during an enema for weight loss destroys this system. Probiotic microflora ceases to produce nutrients, as a result of which the true caloric content of the diet is somewhat reduced.

In addition, the inflamed intestinal mucosa, which can be damaged by intense irrigation( especially under pressure), "allows less fluid.

Naturally, these factors lead to weight loss.

However, the violation of the microflora of the large intestine inevitably leads to the development of opportunistic microflora, the products of vital activity of which causes digestive disturbances, and, according to some information, increase the risk of neoplasm.

What are the dangers of an enema for weight loss?

Weight loss with enema can cause such unpleasant consequences as a lack of vitamins, especially B and K( some of them are produced by bacteria that live in the large intestine), a lack of amino acids - they are also produced by probiotic microflora.

Dehydration of the body can provoke such unpleasant consequences as migraine, exacerbation of arthrosis and kidney disease.

In addition, it is necessary to note such strictly proctologic contraindications to enemas for weight loss: acute inflammation in the anus, polyps, hemorrhoids and rectal fissures, intestinal bleeding.

And in general, proctologists recommend treating any enemas, including cures for weight loss with caution. Enema is a treatment-and-prophylactic manipulation, prescribe it and prescribe the frequency of enemas and its scope should be qualified physician.

What are the alternatives to an enema for weight loss?

Moreover, an enema for weight loss is by no means the only way to lose weight.

And indeed, it is worth remembering that there are no miracles in the world, at least, regarding weight loss. To lose weight, you have to follow the obvious rules - to limit the caloric content of the diet and increase physical activity.

Therefore, before you start to put enemas for weight loss, we advise you to learn about what is breathing exercises for weight loss and how to calculate the calorie content of