Slimming coffee

Among those who want to lose weight, various diets rich in products containing caffeine are common, for example, a green tea-based diet or a chocolate diet.

Although, indisputably, among coffee-containing products, coffee is the leader among those who want to lose weight. You can even find special grades of "coffee for weight loss."

What is slimming coffee?

Under the name "slimming coffee" is usually offered regular instant coffee with additives of various dietary supplements, such as bromelain, L-carnitine, algae extracts, guarana, pectin additives and the like.

On the assurances of manufacturers of such supplements, regular use of special slimming coffee before meals in combination with moderate physical loads will help to quickly lose weight.

Mechanisms of action of coffee for weight loss

Indeed, caffeine in moderate use can be useful in order to lose excess weight. Caffeine contained in "slimming coffee" has the properties of a diuretic. In a special "slimming coffee", the diuretic ef

fect of caffeine is combined with the action of plant diuretics.

Therefore, if excess weight is associated with problems with the removal of fluid from the body, the use of "slimming coffee" will help for a short time to remove excess water from the body.

What are the advantages of losing weight coffee

In addition, caffeine, which is well known, has a toning effect. Therefore, the use of "coffee for weight loss" will help cope with the apathy, which is observed in many people in the autumn-winter period due to lack of solar insolation.

A cup of slimming coffee, soaked in the morning, will help to cheer up and get pleasure from such health-improving procedures as morning exercises and running.

What problems can excessive use of coffee for losing weight lead to?

The use of "coffee for weight loss" has a lot of negative aspects. First of all, caffeine causes an increase in blood pressure, so people who are addicted to hypertension have any coffee, including "slimming coffee," should be very careful. Especially before physical exertion.

In addition, excessively frequent use of any diuretics, including "slimming coffee" without doctor's prescription can lead to serious health problems associated with dehydration.

The lack of fluid in the body causes such unpleasant consequences as headaches, decreased skin turgor( flabbiness of the skin), weakening of the immune status of the body, increases the risk of developing arthritis( especially if dehydration is combined with intense stress on the joints in sports) and kidney disease.

And, the negative effect of dehydration begins to manifest long before a person is thirsty.

In addition, prolonged use of diuretics, including "slimming coffee", leads to a violation in the salt balance in the body. Especially in the case when the use of "coffee for weight loss" is combined with a salt-free diet. In this case, the result may be directly opposite to the expected result. Instead of removing excess fluid, there may develop severe swelling associated with violations of the so-called sodium-potassium metabolism.

Caffeine, which is contained in coffee for weight loss, causes increased secretion of gastric juice. Therefore, the use of caffeine before meals increases the feeling of hunger( and hence the amount of calories eaten) and can provoke an exacerbation of stomach ulcers and gastritis with high acidity.

Slimming coffee and psychological dependence

It is worth remembering that caffeine can cause addiction with regular and prolonged use. At the same time life without another cup of coffee becomes unbearable.

Another problem of "slimming coffee" is the general problem of instant coffee. In coffee beans contains a lot of useful microelements, vitamins, flavonoids, protecting the body from the action of free radicals. Therefore, with moderate consumption of natural coffee ─ it is quite a useful drink.

In soluble coffee, useful substances are much less than in natural. Therefore, instant coffee, including "slimming coffee" for biological value, is significantly inferior to the beverage prepared from natural grains.

What are the alternatives to losing weight coffee?

In certain circumstances, slimming coffee can be useful, but do not consider coffee for weight loss panacea.

There is only one way to lose weight - if the intake of nutrients in the body with food will be less energy costs.