Castor oil for constipation in children, use of cough, dose for hair growth

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Castor oil is a remedy that has been known to everyone since childhood, thanks to the mention of this drug as effective, but rather nasty, in fairy tales and films. For example, Malvina gave Buratino castor oil to punishment, and Neznayka could not tolerate this medicine. There is a deal of truth in it. Castor oil is not the most pleasant thing in the world, but sometimes you can not do without it. We will tell you about the use of castor oil in the treatment of children in this material.

What is it?

At the heart of the legendary castor oil is a substance obtained from the seeds of ordinary castor oil( a plant of the milkweed family).The oil is translucent and viscous, has a light yellow tint and a well-remembered specific odor.

In pharmacies the product can be bought in different vials - from 25 to 100 ml. The price is not high, on average in Russia

it is 27 rubles for a small bottle( 25-30ml) to 90 rubles for a larger capacity.

Properties of

Most people believe that castor oil is an exclusively laxative that is used for constipation. However, castor oil is a shrub, although it is one of the most poisonous, it has other obvious advantages: it is an excellent emollient that is used for inflammations of the digestive organs( gastric ulcers and gastritis, colitis, poisoning, etc.).

Castor stimulates the muscles of the uterus at obstetric obstetric care, and also helps to cope with skin diseases caused by fungi or bacteria, soothes and relieves itching in various skin diseases. The drug is part of many ointments, the most famous of which is Vishnevsky ointment.

Castor is an amazing herbal remedy that has anti-inflammatory, diuretic, laxative effects, anthelmintic and warming action. In addition, it is often used in cosmetology.

Castor oil for children

The use of castor oil in the treatment of children has been argued for a long time by folk healers and quite traditional doctors with diplomas of medical institutes. There are numerous arguments for and against. In the meantime, the search for truth is in progress, castor continues to be used, including for children. After all, more than one generation of mothers and dads, as well as grandparents, have grown up on such treatment by quite healthy people.

The field of application of castor oil for adults is quite extensive, which can not be said about child use. Let's consider, in what cases and how it is possible to treat the child with this drug.

For constipation of

For relief from constipation, castor oil should not be given to children under 12 years of age. Drink it should be once a day. This means, which is not intended for course treatment, as it causes rapid addiction and disruption of bowel function( atony), when the child can no longer go to the toilet "big" independently, without a regular dose of the drug. The dose depends on the age and weight of the child. Minimal - 1 teaspoon, the maximum - 1 tablespoon. Expected effect will occur 4-6 hours after admission.

For skin problems

Castor oil is a part of many children's skin care products, including diaper creams, which means that it can be applied externally with eczema, itching, diaper rash, pimples from birth. To apply to the damaged area of ​​the skin, oil is recommended to be slightly heated, as in the warmer form it becomes liquefier and better reveals useful properties.

For massage

Castor oil is often used in massage mixes for young children. It is recommended to mix it with almond or peach butter. Children from 2 years can add to this composition a few drops of essential oils. Such a massage improves lymphatic drainage, warms up the body, has a powerful restorative effect.

From a cough

With a strong cough, a proven "grandmother's" recipe helps. In the chest and back of the child rub a mixture of warmed castor oil and turpentine, then cover the child with a warm blanket. This is an excellent warming procedure that allows the entire in 3-5 days to get rid of a cough. This method is recommended for children six months and older.

From hair loss

With alopecia( a disease that is accompanied by thinning and hair loss), the child can be helped with the same castor oil. In warm oil add grated on a fine grater onion bulb. The mixture is gently rubbed into the baby's scalp, covered with a film for half an hour. Then wash off. The procedure can be performed if the child is already 3 years old. The frequency of such treatment sessions for hair - 2-3 times a month. The growth of head of hair in most cases is restored completely after two to three months.

With otitis

Slightly warmed castor oil is instilled in the ears to relieve pain and inflammation in the outer and middle otitis. This treatment has an age limit - for children under 2 years old, use the drug as a drop in the ears is strictly prohibited! Children older than this age drip with great care. It is important that the tympanic membrane is not damaged, and the discharge from the sore ear is not purulent.

For the ears of a child, 1-2 drops of is sufficient in each auricle not more often than twice a day. With castor oil, you can make turuns in your ears or a warming compress on the parotid area( provided that the child does not have purulent discharge).

From parasites

Castor oil is used to clean the intestine from worms in both adults and children. However, it should be remembered that castor oil is not recommended for internal admission to children under 12 years of age. Often this method helps to get rid of worms and children younger( starting from 7 years).The dose of the drug should not exceed a teaspoonful. For treatment, the butter is mixed with lemon juice and given to the baby once a day. The course of treatment - no more than 3 days.

For the baby's umbilical cord

With a poorly healing umbilical wound, newborns are helped by the same castor oil. In this case, even physicians advise her. A cotton swab dipped in a warm oil of castor oil seeds needs to gently treat both the perigipotic space and the wound itself several times a day.

From warts

Warts in children - a fairly common phenomenon. Castor oil must be rubbed into the wart with intense movements for about five minutes. The procedure should be repeated 3-5 times a day. After 3-4 weeks, the wart should disappear. In the same way, it is possible to reduce the intensity of pigment spots, but this will require a longer course of treatment.

From the common cold

Often castor oil is buried in the nose of children with a cold, sinusitis. In this case, it is important to remember that for children under 3 years of age this way the drug can not be used. All the rest are shown a three-time daily instillation of 2 drops in each nostril. If the runny nose with a cold is insignificant, you can dispense lubricating castor wings of the nose from the inside and out. This is also an excellent way to prevent viral infections during periods of seasonal increase in morbidity.

For wounds and abrasions

The drug should be applied to the child on a sore spot, previously mixed with the sea-buckthorn oil. Castor oil quite quickly heals various wounds, except for skin lesions with the formation of purulent plaque.


  1. Castor oil can not be used if the child has a tendency to allergic reactions.
  2. In any case, castor can not be given to a child with appendicitis, infringement of hernias and other problems, which are accompanied by severe pain and require surgical intervention.
  3. The drug is prohibited for use in children with kidney disease.


Symptoms of castor oil overdose in children are as follows: abdominal cramps, kidney dysfunction, dizziness, unconsciousness. Antidotes - "Loperamide" and "Atropine sulfate" .