Badger fat for children: from cough, can and how to give children for up to a year, instruction, rubbing, contraindications

Badger fat for children
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  • Can I give with milk?
  • Is it possible to rub a child with badger fat?
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Many adults know that such an animal product and traditional medicine as badger fat has many healing properties. But is it possible to take it to children? From what age is it allowed to rub the baby with such fat, and when can you start giving it inside? Will not such a product harm the child's body and does it effectively cope with the cough? Let's understand.

Badger fat Healing properties of badger fat are used in the treatment of various diseases

Composition of

Badger fat accumulates active and valuable compounds when the animal is preparing for hibernation, so t

his product contains vitamins E, K, A, B group, omega fatty acids, organic acids, mineralsAnd other substances. They provide the healing effect of this animal fat:

Active substance

Action on the body

Vitamins A and E

Acceleration of tissue regeneration

Increase of immunity

Participation in the production of hormones

Anti-inflammatory action

Deceleration of aging processes

Unsaturated fats

Improvement of metabolic processes

Strengthening of blood vessels andHeart

Improving the functioning of the nervous and digestive system

Lowering cholesterol level

Antioxidant effect

StSugar leveling

Vitamins of group B

Strengthening of immunity

Participation in hematopoiesis

Improvement of vision

Beneficial effect on nails, skin and hair

Enhancement of body's defenses

Organic acids

Normalization of metabolic processes

Prevention of accumulation of salts in excretory system

About cases of badgerFat look in the video channel "Medpost".

Benefits and medicinal properties of

  • Badger fat is well absorbed and at the same time enriches the body with vitamins, microelements and other useful compounds.
  • The use of badger fat improves the metabolism of proteins, normalizes digestion, strengthens the immune system and regulates hemopoiesis.
  • This product has bactericidal properties.
  • Especially known is the property of badger oil to cure cough. It helps in the treatment of bronchitis, pneumonia, purulent processes, tuberculosis and many other diseases.
  • The presence of vitamins E and A in the composition of badger fat strengthens the anti-inflammatory properties of the drug, helping in the healing of wounds. The product showed its effectiveness in severe skin lesions and psoriasis.

Harm and contraindications

Until the age of three, taking badger fat inside is prohibited, and only outdoor use is permissible. Many doctors advise giving a fat and kiddies are older, claiming that up to 8-12 years of age the child liver can not digest and break down as fat product. Babies over 3 years of age are allowed to give this medication after consulting a doctor and in certain dosages suitable for age.

It is also important to remember that although the badger fat and is a natural remedy, the child may be intolerant of such a product. If the child has allergic diseases, preparations from badger fat are not recommended. You can not give such folk remedies and in the pathologies of the gallbladder, pancreas and liver.

What does it look like?

The color of natural badger fat is white or slightly yellowish. The product notes the presence of a not very pleasant specific odor, as well as taste. Such animal fat quickly solidifies upon cooling and softens sufficiently quickly at room temperature.

What does badger fat look like? Here is the badger fat

Today badger fat is also available in capsules and in liquid form. It should know that the dietary supplements that contain a fat include other additives, among which are fragrances and preservatives. That's why giving them to children is not worth it.

At what age do I use and can I give children up to a year?

Children under the age of 12 months are not allowed to use badger oil. Doctors recommend starting the external application of such a product in the treatment of children and with a preventive goal not earlier than a year old, or better - with three years.

In what doses should I take orally?

A pure badger fat is taken three times a day on an empty stomach, about 30-50 minutes before a meal. On average, the use of such a drug is prescribed for 10-14 days. Permissible dosage badger fat for internal use depends on the age of the child:


recommended single dose

3-4 years

1/3 teaspoon

4-6 years

1/2 teaspoon

older than 7 years

1 teaspoon

CanI give it with milk? Since

taste badger fat can not be called pleasant, and the smell of this tool is very specific, so to persuade the child to ingest a spoonful of this product will not be easy. Disguise means helps milk. Slightly warming it, add the right amount of fat, stir well and offer the child to drink in small sips. If the baby does not tolerate lactose, it is recommended to replace the milk with a rose hips decoction.

Badger fat in capsules Badger fat can also be consumed in capsules

Other options, how to give tasteless badger fat to children, are:

  1. Mixing with honey. It is permissible only if there is no allergy to this component. Fat badger is softened at room temperature, and then mixed with honey, taking 3 parts of fat and 1 part of sweet additive.
  2. Mix with jam or jam. The principle is the same as when using honey - fat and a delicious ingredient are mixed in a proportion of 3 to 1.
  3. Mixing with onions. Bulb is crushed into gruel and combined with badger fat in the same proportion. This is an effective remedy against viral infections, but due to unpleasant taste, many children refuse to even try it. In this case, the onion-fat mixture can be used for grinding.
  4. Mixing with chocolate. Melt dark chocolate( 1 tile) and butter( 100 g), add badger oil( 8 teaspoons), wait for all ingredients to mix well. Then add the cocoa powder( 6 teaspoons) and mix. The drug can be given in a dose of 1/2 teaspoon to children from 8 to 10 years, and a child over 10 years of age - a teaspoon. This mixture is effective in acute bronchitis( it should be given up to 14 days), as well as in the chronic form of this disease( given within 1-1.5 months).

Is it possible to rub a child with badger fat?

When such a tool is wanted to be used to get rid of cough, rubbing is a good choice. Thorax, as well as the back of the child lubricated with fat at night, gently rubbing the skin with massage movements. You can apply the product on the feet of the baby.

Badger fat Badger fat is also effective when rubbed

How to take with a cough: Instructions for use

Most common badger is recommended for the treatment of colds, bronchial and lung diseases, as this natural remedy helps cough. In this case, the use of fat badger with a cough should take into account such moments:

  1. To rinse the child advise in the absence of high temperature, as the use of badger fat in the acute phase of the disease can increase inflammation and even more to raise the temperature. The best time for such warming procedures, like grinding with fat badger, is a recovery stage.
  2. Before the procedure, the product should be held for a short time on the table, so that its consistency becomes suitable for grinding.
  3. The area of ​​the skin that is triturated with fat should be small, as a significant area of ​​treatment will prevent skin breathing.
  4. Before rubbing the baby's back or chest, apply the product on a small area of ​​the skin and wait a little. After making sure that there is no allergic reaction, badger fat can be applied further.
  5. It is advisable that after the rubbing the child goes to bed and quickly falls asleep, so the most suitable time for the procedures is before night or lunch.
Rasiraniya child badger fat Rubbing the baby best before bedtime

Use to prevent

To protect the child from colds, badger fat can be rubbed into the baby's feet. After applying the product with massage movements, put on top two pairs of socks - thin and woolen. The procedure is recommended before the season of colds, as well as with a slight cough or runny nose.

For older children it is possible to prepare a prophylactic with badger fat for oral administration. To 100 grams of fat, add walnuts and raisins taken in the same amount, as well as natural honey and dried apricots.

Opinion of Komarovsky

Like many other doctors who recognize only evidence-based medicine, Dr. Komarovsky considers badger fat ineffective for increasing immunity, as this drug is unable to protect the child from viruses that cause respiratory infections.

The pediatrician encourages parents to take care of strengthening the defenses of the children's organism in more effective ways( daily walks, proper rations, hardening, proper selection of clothes), rather than relying on fat extracted from the badger.


According to many parents, badger fat is an effective remedy for coughing. Here are some of them:

  • Yana: "We are treated badger fat from a year, when we had a strong cough. Girlfriend prompted to try this tool. We rubbed her daughter's breast, legs and back, put on warm socks and a jacket. After three days of such procedures, the cough passed without a trace. Now I use the whole family for coughing. "
  • Elena:" We have used it for several years and badgers' fat several times. It really helps very quickly when you cough. I combine it with expectorants. And only in the absence of temperature. In any case, a sick child should first be shown to the doctor. "
  • Svetlana:" My son is three. We hurt very often. Mom advised to drink badger fat. I mixed it with honey and gave half a teaspoon for a month. This year, colds passed us, so I will periodically use this remedy for prevention and beyond. »

Despite the opinion of Komarovsky, many parents tested the effectiveness of badger fat in the treatment of colds for children and consider it a very effective tool. Particularly pronounced effect is, as a rule, a product purchased from hunters.

Badger fat in the treatment of cough According to the reviews of mothers badger fat is an effective tool for treating cough


tips. When applying the following nuances:

  • Do not heat natural badger fat before use. To soften the product, it is enough to leave it for a short time at room temperature.
  • While rubbing the child with such a remedy, avoid the area above the heart.
  • After wiping scraps of badger fat, put some old clothes on top, as the product is easily absorbed into the laundry and washed with great difficulty.
  • Buy badger fat, which will give the child or use it for grinding, with the tested hunters or in the pharmacy chain. If the product has a pronounced yellow color and there is a sour smell, it is worth to refuse the purchase.