When you can give sausage to a child: from what age, cook at home, the symptoms of poisoning

  • Benefit or harm?
  • From what age can sausage
  • How to choose sausage for a child
  • How to cook at home

Every mother knows about the importance of meat products in children's nutrition. From meat, babies receive important nutrients, including proteins, iron, amino acids, calcium and some vitamins. Insufficient use of them can provoke a backlog in development and various health problems. So the expediency of including chicken or beef in the children's menu does not argue.

Nevertheless, many adults choose sausages and other sausages for their food as a substitute for meat products. And when a child appears in the family, they are interested in whether it is permissible to give sausage in childhood, for example, a one-year-old child.

Benefit or harm?

Products such as sausages and sausages are enjoyed by most children. They are quick and easy to prepare, but does the child need this semi-finished product?

To determine their attit

ude to sausages in the nutrition of children, every mother needs to know about such nuances:

  • Although sausage is considered a meat delicacy and meat really is the main ingredient of this product, but the composition of almost all sausages and sausages includes many other components, Among which can be harmful to children. In the sausage add skin, soy, dyes, preservatives, flavors. On any of these added ingredients, the child may experience an allergy.
  • For a rich and pleasant taste, various chemical compounds are added to the boiled sausage, as well as a lot of salt and spices. These products are undesirable in the children's diet. In addition, because of the pronounced taste of sausage, a child can refuse from natural meat.
  • Sausage is acceptable in the diet only as an emergency replacement of meat products, for example, if the mother did not have time to cook dinner. Therefore, it is impossible to regularly feed children with sausages.
  • Buying sausage in the store, my mother is not immune from the purchase of a stale product, because the shelf life of quality sausages is small. Symptoms of poisoning with poor-quality sausages include nausea, weakness, vomiting, loosening of the stool, abdominal pain. When they appear, the child should be immediately shown to the doctor.
Sausage products contain many additives harmful to small children

The assortment of sausages in stores now includes sausages and sausages marked "for children" or "children's".Such products are characterized by a lower content of salt, nitrates and fats. In addition, children's sausage is regularly checked for different toxic compounds.

From what age can sausage

Opinion of the majority of pediatricians, since how many years there are sausages, even if they are intended for children, provides for the restriction of such semi-finished products to the age of 2-3 years.

When a child tries the sausage, it should not be included in the diet more than once a week. In this case, children with obesity, diseases of the digestive tract, or allergy to sausages are generally not recommended.

Blood sausage, even if cooked at home, should not be given until the age of 5. Smoked or dried sausage should not be given to children under 7 years old.

If you want to treat your child with sausage, then it should be low-fat, like a sausage, but such a treat should not be given to a child under 2 years of age.

How to choose sausage for a child

  • When buying sausages, which will eat a child, you need to carefully study their packaging.
  • Choose a product with a low fat content, as well as a minimum list of ingredients.
  • In the food of children, sausages from chicken or turkey are more preferable.
  • If you can not buy sausages labeled "for children", you can buy a product in the name of which is "doctoral" or "dairy".
  • Try the sausage yourself before giving it to the baby. If the product is acidic, salty or spicy, it is not suitable for baby food.
  • Pay attention to the shelf life of sausage products. Open the package of sausages in the refrigerator for no longer than two days.
If you want to include sausages in a child's diet, let them be from chicken or turkey, and with a minimum addition of spices.

How to cook at home

If your mother is concerned about the child's great love for sausages and wondered how to wean the sausage, Sausages from the store home analogue.

The homemade sausage recipe provides for the use of crushed natural meat( often chicken fillets). Stuffing is mixed with a few spoonfuls of milk or a beaten egg, and then salted to taste. Sometimes other products are added, for example, pieces of boiled vegetables or cheese.

Finished minced meat is wrapped in foil or sliced ​​rectangles for baking. The ends of the packaging material are twisted to form a "sausage".Then the semi-finished product is boiled or baked until cooked.

This homemade sausage can also be frozen, in order to quickly cook the baby for lunch or dinner, if necessary.

On the harm of purchasing sausage products and provoking cancer tumors, see the program "Live Healthily".