How to choose a dummy for a newborn: the best forms and manufacturers, choice

How to choose a baby dummy
  • Selection Criteria
  • Material
  • Form
    • Round
    • Anatomical
    • Orthodontic
  • Size
  • What is a dummy made of?
  • Manufacturers, their advantages and disadvantages
  • Philips AVENT
  • Canpol babies
  • Chicco
  • Nuby
  • NUC
  • Pigeon
  • Bibi
  • Tips for choosing
  • The modern range of dummies is quite extensive. They differ in form, size, and other characteristics. How to choose the right nipple for a baby and what is important to consider when choosing a pacifier for a newborn baby?

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    Selection criteria

    In selecting the suitable dummy for a newborn baby, you need to focus on the following criteria:

    • The age of the baby, as well as the size of the child.
    • The shape of the product, which is symmetrical, flattened, round and other.
    • Dimensions of the dummy base.
    • Product safety. It should not be disassembled and easily broken.
    • The material from which the dummy is made.
    • Manufacturer name. Having bought a product from a well-known brand, you will be assured of quality as a dummy.
    Choosing a dummy You can buy a baby a quality dummy if you follow the recommendations of


    Like the nipples put on a bottle, the dummies are silicone and latex. There are also rubber nipples, but they are now used less often and go to the past. Soothers of such material are short-lived and can cause diathesis. However, in the period of teething, the rubber nipple is able to help out.

    For the production of latex dummies, natural rubber is used, so that the products are elastic and soft. It is these nipples that are recommended for newborns, including premature babies. Latex nipples are light brown or transparent. Unfortunately, they wear out very quickly, they can darken under the action of sun rays, and are also capable of causing allergies.

    Dummy of rubber Latex dummies are made from natural rubber material, but they may not fit children susceptible to allergy

    Silicone soothers are more resistant to boiling and safer against allergies. They are made of synthetic material, due to which the silicone products are elastic, elastic, colorless and odorless. At the same time, such nipples are more rigid and can affect the growth of milk teeth, therefore they are recommended for use only in children whose teeth have not yet appeared.

    Silicone soother Silicone dummies most often buy newborns

    How often you need to change and sterilize a dummy, read in another article.


    Soothers are very diverse in form, so you need to choose the most convenient for a particular child. It is believed that the baby prefers the form of a pacifier that corresponds to the form of the mother's nipple in his mouth.

    Consider the shape of the pacifier.


    This is the most classic and habitual form of a dummy. At the limiter, it is narrower, and at the end it expands, the papilla is rounded. Give this dummy baby mama can either side.

    Minus with prolonged use is the deterioration of the occlusion.

    Round dummy Round dummy for long use not recommended


    Its name is associated with the structure corresponding to the baby's mouth. This nipple differs ellipsoidal shape and thin neck, which does not cause deformation of the teeth. On the one hand, it is flattened to ensure the correct location of the tongue.

    The advantages of this nipple shape are to promote proper bite, uniform pressure on the baby's mouth tissue, and also to prevent ingestion of air.

    Anatomic dummy Anatomic pacifier does not hurt the bite of a baby


    Now these nipples are the most popular, as the child captures a similar nipple, as well as my mother's breast. They have a beveled papilla, and the form is convex on one side, and slightly flattened from the second.

    Orthodontic pacifier Orthodontic pacifier can be of various shapes and imitates a female nipple.

    This kind of dummies can be of the following forms:

    • "cherry"( recommended for large kids with large skies);
    • "butterfly"( such a pacifier is given to the baby lying on his stomach);
    • "heart"( helps to form bite).

    There is also a symmetrical version of the orthodontic nipple, in which both sides are flat. Such a pacifier, as well as a round one, can be given to a crumb by either side.


    Choose the size of the product should be based on the age of the baby. Usually the age for the selected dummy is marked on the accessory package. All nipples are classified into three categories:

    • A( for crumbs after birth until the age of six months);
    • B( for children older than six months to 1.5 years of age);
    • C( for children over 18 months old).

    Some companies have pacifiers for babies born with low weight( less than 1.75 kg).Also the manufacturer can separate the category A dummies for goods for babies up to three months and for children 3-6 months.

    Size of the pacifier A dummy must be chosen taking into account the age and size of the child

    What does the dummy consist of?

    Any pacifier has such parts as a pacifier, a base( it is also called a flap), and a ring. It is important to choose a baby with a suitable size of the shield. The base of the dummy should not be unnecessarily large, so as not to interfere with breathing the crumbs of the nose, but not too small to prevent the child from thrusting the accessory into his mouth completely.

    Well, if the inner surface of the base plate is embossed, then the accessory will not fit snugly against the baby's skin. In the base there must be holes through which air will get to the skin of the child's face. Also in the dashboard there must be a cutout for the baby's nose.

    Baby Soothers of top brands always meet the necessary requirements

    Producers, their pros and cons

    Buying a newborn needs only a quality dummy, so it's best to pick up a product from well-known manufacturers of products for children. For example, the English brand Avent produces products for children to high standards of safety. Nipples of this brand are not only completely safe for crumbs, but also very comfortable.

    Philips AVENT

    The leader among silk dummy manufacturers is the Philips AVENT brand. The company offers classic nipples with 6 holes for ventilation of different sizes - from 0 to 3 years. Such pacifiers are safe, durable and very comfortable for kids. A protective cap is included with the accessories.

    From the shortcomings of the Philips AVENT dummy can be called a rather high price and the possibility of getting inside the nipple moisture through the ventilation holes. In addition, many children will not get a teardrop shaped form of such products.

    Philips AVENT dummy

    Canpol babies

    A well-known company from Poland Canpol babies produces high-quality dummies. The products of this brand are comfortable and durable, they are both silicone and latex.

    To the pluses of the pacifiers of this company include the presence of an air valve, high quality, the presence of a lid, a variety of designs and a low price.

    Dummy Canpol babies


    The world famous manufacturer Chicco is considered an authoritative brand. The nipples of this company are reliable, aesthetic and as safe as possible. Chicco latex pacifiers are both elastic and soft, yet flexible enough for all their strength. In addition, they help to form a bite correctly.

    Chicco Soother


    Company from the USA Nuby is the largest manufacturer of baby products. Soothers of this brand are of unsurpassed quality and very attractive design.

    As they are represented by original mobile models( the sucking part in the Nuby pacifiers is mobile), the baby with such a nipple will not be lazy. With her, the child gets tired faster during the sucking process and falls asleep. In addition, on the silicone nipple of this brand there are "bumps" that help to stimulate the baby's gum. True, these very long-lived products are quite expensive.

    Dummy Nuby


    The dummies of the French manufacturer TIGEX have an attractive design, thoughtful details and high quality of the material. The products of this brand, thanks to their anatomical form, do not fall out of the baby's mouth. For their production use environmentally friendly materials.

    The nipple range from TIGEX is very extensive, and the cost is affordable. In addition, the brand produces special nipples for weakened babies.

    Dummy TIGEX


    NUC suckers from Germany are distinguished by a patented form. Scientific research has confirmed that it is physiological for babies. The products of this brand are durable, but are quite expensive.

    Dummy NUC


    Newborns can also buy orthodontic nipples of the Japanese company Pigeon. Such nipples are recommended for children up to 4 months. They are high-quality and inexpensive, with attractive design.

    Pigeon Soother Pigeon


    One of the best manufacturers of latex dummies is the HEVEA brand. In the market they are represented by different types and sizes. The products of this company are made from natural rubber, so all the nipples are soft, hygienic and comfortable temperature. In addition, there are no seams in their construction.

    There is only one disadvantage for such dummies: high cost.

    Hevea Soother Hevea


    If parents want some original dummy, they will like the Swiss brand Bibi. The durable and high-quality silicone nipple of this company has a very unusual design with original inscriptions and bright pictures. The complete set of a pacifier includes a case and a support.

    The disadvantages of the product are called a non-anatomical form( all the pacifiers are represented by the "cherry" form), small holes for ventilation and a high price.

    Dummy Bibi
    Dummy Bibi

    Tips for choosing

    • It is important that the size of the nipple increases as the child grows. If the baby is larger than its peers, pick up a pacifier of the following size. If the baby is less than a youngster of his age, do not give him a large pacifier, so that the child does not choke.
    • Nipples are preferred, which are made from a single piece of material. Such a pacifier will not be damaged during sucking. Do not buy a product that can be disassembled.

    On how to choose a baby's dummy, see Dr. Komarovsky's transfer.