Breast milk storage bags, disposable for freezer and refrigerator

Breast milk storage bags
  • Pros
  • Are there any downsides?
  • Storage times
  • Standard instructions for use

If you need to freeze your nursing mother or keep breast milk in the refrigerator for a while, you can use special disposable bags. What are their advantages and how to use them?


  • Collecting milk is very easy. Expressing in them allows you to collect everything to a drop.
  • They are more compact than containers, so they will occupy less space in the freezer.
  • They have marks on which you can find out the volume.
  • Thanks to the double walls, as well as a durable fastener, they reliably keep food for the baby for a long time.
  • Because they are sterile, they are an excellent choice of storage capacity.
  • For their manufacture, use a proven material that can come into contact with food.
  • They have stickers on them so that mom can specify the date of decantation.
  • Milk can be thawed easily by placing the bag in a container of hot water.
Breast milk storage bags Breast milk storage bags are very convenient and therefore popular

Are there any disadvantages?

One can note only one minus - the inability to reuse. If the mother regularly expresses and constantly replenishes the reserves, it is more convenient for her to choose a container in which it is possible to freeze milk several times.

Storage times

Using disposable bags, it is important to know how long they can be stored:

  • If you put them in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, you can store them there for up to three to four months.
  • If packages with milk are placed in a separate freezer with a temperature of -19 degrees, they can be stored for six months.
  • In a refrigerator( but not on the door, but inside) it can be stored for up to 48 hours. In order not to miss the terms of storage, each of them must be marked with a date of expression.
Breast milk storage bags The stored milk can also be stored in the freezer, the expiration date will be 4 months

Standard Instruction for Use

To fill the package with milk, it is necessary: ​​

  1. Remove the protective seal.
  2. Place your fingers over the fastener and gently push the sides of the bag.
  3. Pour the milk into the bag without filling it completely. It is recommended to fill it up to a mark of 180 ml or leave empty space at the top for 1-2 fingers, as the liquid will freeze during freezing.
  4. Carefully remove excess air from the bag. To do this, gently press the top part.
  5. Close the sealing buckle.
  6. Write the date of decantation on the sticker for this.
Breast milk storage bags In such packages it is very convenient to store milk, and it is not difficult to pour the milk in them.

To pour the milk from the package, you must first tear off the label with the inscription, then place your fingers over the fastener and push the walls apart, then pour the milk, holding the bag by the fastener.

And a few more tips noted in the instructions to them:

  • Before use, they should be kept in a place where there is no access for children.
  • Before you give milk, be sure to check its temperature.
  • To prevent the milk from overheating, do not use a microwave, a bottle warmer or boiling water to defrost it.
  • Remember that they are only used for one-time storage.
  • Before you fill the bag with milk or pour it out of it, you need to wash your hands thoroughly.
  • The volume may not match the mark on the package.
  • To be thawed before feeding, the bag should be lowered into warm water.
  • The defrosted milk can not be placed again in the freezer, as well as the freshly chilled to the frozen.