A list of things for newborns for the first time: a list of necessary purchases that you need after your child's discharge

List of things for newborns for the first time
  • Mandatory purchases for the birth of crumbs
    • What to take for a child in the hospital?
    • Sleep
    • Power
    • Bathing
    • Walking
    • Care
    • First Aid Kit
    • Clothing
    • Other Things
  • What to buy still early?

In anticipation of the child, every future mother thinks about what things will be necessary for the baby in the hospital and in the first days after discharge. Having compiled detailed lists of such things, you can more rationally spend the money and not be afraid of something to forget.

However, after seeing huge lists of necessary things on the Internet or from familiar moms, do not immediately buy all the same.

Your list should be, first of all, individual. When compiling it, take into account such nuances:

  • The best time to compile a list of things is called the second trimester. In the last weeks of gestation, there may be a situation where you have to buy everything in a hurry, which will have a bad effect on the mood of th
    e future mother, and on the family budget.
  • When choosing things for baby, consider your financial condition, but do not save on quality. Better let things be little, but they will be safe and reliable.
  • Part of the upcoming purchases can be assigned to relatives, because we have received gifts for newborns. You do not need to be shy, but it's better to immediately tell relatives and friends what kind of things you need, than to put the same costumes and rattles kits after birth into a closet that you do not need.
  • When compiling a list, also consider things that you can inherit from relatives and friends. When children grow up, their old things are often passed on to young mothers, and you should not neglect such an opportunity. Especially when it comes to such large purchases as a stroller, car seat, crib, changing table and others.
  • Be rational and put in your list for the newborn only the most necessary things. Do not buy in advance what you need later and you always have time to buy.
Shopping for a newborn Many mothers consider the process of buying things one of the most pleasant processes

Mandatory purchases for the birth of crumbs

All future mothers will have their own list after viewing other people's lists and recommendations, but in almost all of them there will be such items:

  • Carriage;
  • Crib;
  • Mattress;
  • Bedding;
  • Bath;
  • Car seat( if parents have a car).

Pay close attention to the selection of these items, focusing on the quality and safety of the newborn baby.

For information on what to consider when choosing a mattress, see Dr. Komarovsky's transfer.

What to take for a child in the hospital?

For the duration of stay in the maternity hospital for the baby should take such things:

  1. Clothing. The list of necessary clothes should be specified in your maternity hospital, as in some medical institutions children are only dressed in sterilized clothes, which are given to moms.
  2. Care products. Take the diapers( the smallest), wet wipes, powder, cotton wool, baby soap and baby cream.
  3. Things to extract. Your set of clothes can include thin overalls, socks, a hat and an envelope.
Child newborn It is necessary to clarify the list of necessary things for discharge

in the maternity hospital


Since in the first month of life the baby sleeps most of the day, things that provide him comfort during sleep are very important. Prepare for the baby:

  • Cot. Let it be wooden and covered with a water-safe varnish( water-based).Preferably the model with a minimum of two levels of the bottom and falling edges.
  • Mattress. It should have sufficient rigidity and fully correspond to the size of the crib( fit snugly against its walls).Breast beds are more suitable for spring mattresses, since their rigidity is higher.
  • Bumper. Such a soft device is placed around the perimeter of the crib and is designed to protect the crumb from impacts against the walls and draft.
  • Bed linen. Immediately prepare for the baby 2 sets, including a duvet cover and sheet. However, the sheets can be replaced for the first time with large diapers.
  • Blanket. In its purchase, be guided by the season, as there are summer and winter, as well as demi-season options. Many modern moms prefer to buy a sleeping bag. Also it is necessary to purchase a quality small plaid in addition.
  • The glue. Some moms buy an oilcloth with an elastic band and tighten a mattress, while others prefer to use disposable diapers.
  • Nightlight. Although this thing can not be called the most necessary, but it is much more convenient to approach the baby at night and organize night feeding.
  • Mobile in the crib. It can be electronic or mechanical and can have various additional functions, for example, backlighting.

Some mothers additionally purchase a separate cradle for the newborn and use it until 3-4 months old. You can also buy a canopy into the crib, but this thing is not considered important, so its use depends only on the wishes of the mother.

Cot for newborn
Cradle for a newborn


Each future mother should be adjusted to breastfeeding the baby after delivery, so you can prepare special bras for feeding, although you can do well with conventional bras. Do not interfere and absorbent pads for the chest.

Do not rush to buy lactation-stimulating teas, many moms do well without them. A breast pump, if you plan to leave for some time from the child, can be purchased in advance.

However, even those who want to breast-feed are advised to buy one or two bottles, for example, to give the baby water in hot weather or to take the expressed milk to the polyclinic.

If necessary, the future mother should buy a special container for storing breast milk. Expressed in them milk can be stored in the refrigerator and frozen.

Also, many young mothers are positive about buying a special pillow for feeding.

Special pillow for feeding a newborn Special pillow can facilitate the process of feeding the baby, but this purchase is not at all necessary.

. Carapuzu on artificial feeding, in addition to the mixture, you will need to purchase:

  • 3-5 bottles
  • Bottle nipples
  • Measuring spoon
  • Sterilizer
  • Funnel made of plastic
  • Heater, as well as thermos
  • Rinse and bottle cleaner


Another important procedure for a newborn baby is bathing. You should prepare for the birth of crumbs:

  • Bath. It should definitely bathe baby until the healing of the umbilical wound, and then you can carry out water procedures in a conventional bath. To the tray can be attached accessories that hold a crumb( slide, hammock) and releasing Mom's hands.
  • Thermometer. Before putting the baby in the water, it is necessary to measure its temperature.
  • Terry towel. Buy a large and soft towel. Very handy is the product with a hood.
  • Soft terry mitten for washing baby's delicate skin.
First time bathing a child First time bathing a child should be done in boiled water.

. How should the process of bathing the child take place, see in the transfer of Dr. Komarovsky.


Already from the first days of life, depending on the weather, the newborn is recommended to take out to fresh air. For walks with a crumb we need a stroller. Give her enough attention, not forgetting about such nuances as the weight of the product, as well as the dimensions of your elevator. In a stroller usually buy a mattress, a bag, a raincoat, a cover, a grid - such accessories are often sold together with a sidecar.

Choosing a stroller is not the easiest thing to do. About what to look for when choosing a stroller, see in the transfer of Dr. Komarovsky.

Many pregnant women decide to purchase sling for walks. This is now a popular alternative to a stroller, like an ergo backpack. Also, at will, the future mother can purchase a carrying bag for the baby, from which you can go to the clinic or store.


The tender skin of a newborn baby needs special care. After discharge in your home should be:

  • Wadded disks.
  • Wet wipes for babies.
  • Baby soap.
  • Powder.
  • Baby oil.
  • Baby cream.
  • Cotton sticks.
  • Diaper Cream, which helps with irritation.
  • Manicure set for baby.
  • Comb.

For the key points in caring for a newborn baby, see the following video.

First aid kit

In the house where the newborn baby will live, there must be a first aid kit. At first you will get:

  • Thermometer.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • Pipette.
  • Sour duster.
  • Green.
  • Sterile wool.
  • Dried chamomile flowers.
  • Seeds of dill.
  • Antipyretic drug, allowed in the first months of life.
  • Plastic spoon or syringe without needle to give medicine.


Picking up things for a newborn baby, follow these guidelines:

  • Do not buy a lot of size 56 things, because newborns grow pretty quickly, and many babies are born large.
  • Take into account the time of the year in which the baby was born. In the summer you will need less clothes, and for crumbs, which will be born in winter, it takes a lot more things.
  • It's a good idea to make a list of the necessary things and purchase only half of it. Gradually you will understand what clothes are more convenient to use, and buy the remaining items of the wardrobe.
  • Pay attention to the quality of clothes. Many cheap things through one or two wash lose their shape and deteriorate.
  • Try not to buy things for the newborn that need to be worn over the head.
  • The best clasps for young moms are called buttons. Try to avoid things with buttons and strings.
Clothing for newborns Buy clothes for crumbs from natural fabrics

For the first wardrobe of a newborn baby it is enough to buy:

  • 3-4 body-suits with different sleeves length;
  • 3-4 warm ryazhonki plus the same thin( you can replace them with blouses on the buttons);
  • 5 thin sliders and 2-3 pairs of warm( if a baby was born in the cold season, warm sliders are bought in a larger quantity);
  • 1-2 warm slips and 2-3 thin;
  • 1 fleece overall;
  • 2 warm bonnets and 2-3 thin ones;
  • For 1-2 pairs of warm and thin socks;2-3 sleeveless bibs in terry cloth;
  • 1 pair of anti-soaps;
  • 1 cap - demi-season or winter;
  • 1 coveralls for walking - demi-season or winter.
Wardrobe for newborns If you have assistants after the birth of your child, buy a wardrobe for your baby better after his birth - so you will avoid unnecessary waste.

Other things

  • Diapers. If you are talking about disposable, then do not buy a large package immediately, as they may not come up by weight or cause irritation in the crumbs.
  • Diapers. Although swaddling is now used very rarely, but experienced parents recommend buying 10 diapers from calico and flannels.
  • Car seat. An important thing for all parents planning to transport crumbs in the car.
  • Swaddling table. It is very convenient for him to change a newborn, but many mothers do not consider it a necessary thing and replace it with a sofa or an ordinary table. A good alternative is a chest of drawers for children's things, on top of which is a changing board.
  • Baby Monitor. A valuable thing for a family who lives in a big house or who often visits a dacha.
  • Soother. Many kids do without it, but experienced moms recommend buying at least one silicone nipple just in case. She will also need a box and a clothespin.
  • Washing powder suitable for washing baby things.
  • Chaise lounge. In this adaptation of the baby you can safely carry around the apartment. A very convenient option for such a chaise longue is considered by young mothers to be a rocking chair. The thermometer for the room and the humidifier. These devices will help to control the microclimate in the nursery.
  • Baby scales. There is no special need for them, but if the mother worries about the weight of the baby, such scales can be rented.
  • Diary and album for photos. These things will help you keep the best moments of the first months with the baby.

Many doctors advise buying an air humidifier. What you need to consider when choosing and how to use it, so that it benefits you and your child, see in the video of Dr. Komarovsky.

What to buy early?

  • Pillow. It is not necessary for a child younger than a year, and if the doctor sees the indications for a pillow( for example, a torticollum), then you will have to purchase a special orthopedic.
  • Developing mat and other toys. Their purchase can be attended a few months after childbirth.
  • Circle for swimming. As soon as the umbilical cord begins to heal and your baby learns in a large bath, the time of this interesting swimming accessory will come.

The most important nuances in the life of a newborn child are told by Dr. Komarovsky in his program.

Many mothers misrepresent their child after childbirth, because the baby does not look like it's from the pages of glossy magazines. Read more about this in the article about how a newborn baby looks.