Food steamer-blender for baby food: how to choose the best with a 2 in 1 function, Philips Avent

Steamer blender
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  • Why is the Philips Avent steamer blender most often chosen?
  • What dishes can I cook?
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  • What are the additional functions?
  • Nursing: descaling and plaiting
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In childhood, the quality and balance of nutrition are especially important for the normal development of the body. And when it's time to introduce complementary foods, many moms are eager to cook delicious dishes for crumbs, containing useful substances for the baby's body. This can help a steamer-blender.


This device, as its name suggests, performs two functions simultaneously: it processes the products with steam while preserving the nutrients, and also grinds them for the baby. With the help of such kitchen appliances, it is very easy to prepare healthy meals for a kid.

Thanks to the compact dimensions in the steamer-blender it is convenient to cook one portion for the baby and always feed the child with fresh food.

With such a device, there is no need to transfer the welded products to another appliance, which not only facilitates cooking, but also eliminates the need to wash a lot of dishes.

Food steamer-blender for baby food

Another convenient function of many steamer blenders is automatic shutdown after cooking for a couple. When the device is turned off, the device beeps, so the mother does not need to be present all the time, waiting for the product to be welded.

Overview of models

Children's blender-steamers produce different brands, for example, Chicco, Tefal, Philips Avent, Bork.

Consider the most popular models:

  • Technology from Philips Avent. In such a device, 450 ml of liquid ingredients and 800 ml of thick food are placed. Since this steamer weighs only two kilograms, it is easy to transport. The apparatus is accompanied by a book with simple recipes for different ages. Among the minuses of this device are the absence of a sound signal after the end of cooking, a rather noisy work, and also the inability to defrost and warm up food.
  • Technique from Beaba. This American manufacturer offers two variants of a Babycook steamer-a one-bowl with a capacity of 1100 ml and two bowls, in which you can cook two different dishes or one dish for twins at the same time. By special incisions on the bowl, it is easy to see how much water to pour. In the appliance it is possible to defrost and warm up the food, and if you buy an additional container, you will be able to cook even cereals in it. Convenience for the mother also provides a sound signal and carry bags.
Philips Avent Steamer-Blender
Steamer-blender Beaba

Why is it most often the Philips Avent steamer blender?

The device of this brand attracts young mothers with such advantages:

  • Compact size.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Presence of a measuring cup for filling a tank with water.
  • High power, important for the preparation of homogeneous puree.
  • Presence of the built-in safety lock( the device will be switched on only if properly assembled) and protection against overheating.
  • Absence of bisphenol-A in the material of the device.
Philips Avent Steamer-Blender

What dishes can I cook?

In this device steamed:

  • vegetable dishes from courgettes, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, onions, peppers and other vegetables;
  • meat dishes from beef, chicken, pork, lamb and other meats;
  • fish dishes from cod, trout, flounder, salmon and other fish;
  • dishes from fruit, for example, from plums, apples, pears, peaches, oranges and other kinds of fruit;
  • dishes from legumes, such as peas or beans.
Food steamer-blender for baby food

How to use?

The use of a blender steamer is very simple - a special tank is filled with water, and food is placed in a food container, cut into pieces no more than 2-3 cm, then simply turn on the device. After cooking on a steam container with products are turned over and turn on the chopper. As a result, a mashed potatoes are obtained, which can be immediately given to the baby. After removing food from the steamer-blender, the container of the device is washed under running water.

Approximate processing time of

  • ingredients. It takes 5 minutes to process apples and pears.
  • Pieces of peaches, orange and plums must be treated with steam for 10 minutes.
  • The fish is steamed for about 15 minutes.
  • It takes 15 minutes to process vegetables such as carrots, celery, cauliflower, onions, peppers, spinach, pumpkin, rutabaga, zucchini, fennel and tomatoes.
  • For steam cooking potatoes, peas, beans and broccoli need about 20 minutes.
  • Steaming meat usually lasts 20 minutes.

The process of cooking mashed potatoes in a steamer-blender is shown in the Youtube channel video "PLAY AND DEVELOP".

What are the additional functions?

Many manufacturers supply their devices with additional functions. For example, you can meet models that allow you not just to cook food for a couple and grind it, but also to unfreeze the dish prepared earlier or to warm it up.

Although most children try to cook fresh, in most cases, sometimes a warming up of a dish prepared on the eve of the day is helped by a young mother, so this steamer-blender is also in demand. Also available are steamer blenders, in which there is a sterilization option.

Care: descaling and plaing

To ensure that the blender steamer works properly and does not fail, it should be regularly descaled, given the following nuances:

  • Before cleaning, make sure that the device is switched off.
  • If you want to use for cleaning citric acid solution in warm water, dissolve 10 g of powder of this substance in 200 ml of liquid.
  • If you want to use desiccant for vinegar, dilute 50 ml of this substance with 150 ml of water.
  • Pour the prepared solution into the steamer water tank, and the food container must be empty.
  • Turn on steam cooking for 5-6 minutes.
  • Draining the solution from the device, wash it with clean water.
  • Pour clean water into the tank( 200 ml) and turn on for two complete cooking cycles with an empty food container.
steamer-blender Washing the steamer-blender is necessary after each use


Moms respond about the purchase of the blender-steamer mainly positively, noting that this device significantly helps in the preparation of complementary foods for the baby. Among the most important advantages of this technique are called a short cooking time, the preservation of nutrients in foods, as well as the opportunity to cook mashed potatoes immediately after steaming.

Feedback on the steamer-blender P hilips Avent you can see in the video of the channel on Youtube "Naska Ananaska ".