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Round neck for bathing newborns
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All kids love swimming, because staying in the water reminds them of the serene days inside mom's tummy. To make the process of bathing babies more convenient and comfortable for both crumbs and their parents, there are many accessories. One of them is a circle on the neck, which is also called a collar for swimming.

Round neck for bathing newborns A swimming circle around the neck diversifies the bathing of the baby


The neck circle is designed for bathing a young child. With such a circle, a baby can swim not only in a large bath house, but also in the pool, and also in a shallow shallow pond with standing water.

The use of

With a round neck, a child

can stay longer in the water, so bathing will not only be a daily hygienic procedure, but also an opportunity to swim. In this case, the crumb will work with muscles, spill out energy and frolic.

As a result, the parents will notice such positive changes:

  • Due to the strengthening of the muscles during swimming, the child will learn faster the upheavals, crawling and walking.
  • The immunity of the crumbs will be strengthened, and the metabolic processes will proceed quickly.
  • During swimming, the child's lungs are better opened, and the intrathoracic pressure returns to normal.
  • Swimming also has a positive effect on digestion, eliminating colic and constipation.
  • After such water procedures, children sleep better and are less naughty.
The use of a circle on the neck for bathing newborns Bathing with a circle around the neck significantly strengthens the baby's body


  • You can use around the neck to swim from the earliest age, even if the baby has not yet learned to hold his head.
  • The development of the collar for swimming and bathing is made by specialists, therefore its design is safe for kids of the first years of life.
  • The child in such a circle moves in the water calmly - nothing prevents moving hands and feet, and fixing the head allows you to completely relax.
  • Thanks to a special internal collar, the child's head is protected from water ingress.
  • The material from which the circle is made does not cause irritation and allergies.
  • When using such a circle, an adult no longer has to stand in an uncomfortable position, holding the baby in his arms for a long time.
  • In many circles additionally there are rattles to make water procedures more cheerful.
  • After swimming in the collar, the child learns to swim faster without a circle.
  • The locking parts of the wheel are wear-resistant and durable.
  • The front of the product provides a place for the chin chin, so that the child in such a circle is quite comfortable.
  • Using a circle around your neck, parents do not need to buy a baby bath.
Benefits of a round neck for bathing newborns Circle on the neck facilitates the child's bathing process of the baby

. Cons

  • . During swimming with a circle around the neck, the load on the child's spine increases.
  • If the child is plump, the circle is hard to fasten on the baby's neck.
  • The product can not be used for increased or low muscle tone.
  • The child grows up pretty quickly and can not swim with such a collar in his home bath, as he gets his feet to the bottom.
  • Dressing alone this circle on a newborn baby is uncomfortable and rather difficult.


The use of a circle on the neck can be contraindicated in some diseases of the musculoskeletal system, so, before you arrange a neonatal merry swimming with a collar, you should definitely discuss this with the pediatrician.

In addition, the circle is not used when:

  • Dermatological diseases.
  • Fractures or dislocations.
  • Increased intracranial pressure.

From what age is it used?

The use of a circle, put on the neck of a child for bathing, is possible from birth. Such an accessory is created taking into account the structure of the body of a newborn baby, so it will not harm the baby. In practice, in most cases, the first bathing with a circle around the neck is organized from 1-1,5 months of age. Usually, the use of such an inflatable collar is recommended until the age of 2 years.

Age for bathing newborns using a circle around the neck Most parents practice bathing babies with an inflatable ring around their neck already at a month's age.

Komarovsky's opinion

A popular pediatrician finds a circle around his neck that helps to bathe a child, a useful invention. He notes that with such a circle to spend long swim in the bathroom is much more convenient, because parents do not have to stand for a long time in a half-bent state, which protects their lower back.

See the next video for more details.

Popular models

Baby Swimmer

This manufacturer's circles are designed for children aged 0 to 24 months and are able to withstand weight up to 12 kg. The outer diameter of this product is 36-37 centimeters, and the inside diameter is 8 centimeters.

Circles from Baby Swimmer are presented in different colors, as well as several series( "I love", "flora", "glamor").They are made of a dense, but soft material, equipped with reliable locks and strong valves. The material of the circle from Baby Swimmer is hypoallergenic and safe. The manufacturer confirms this with documents on compliance with all sanitary standards.

Baby Swimmer round neck for bathing newborns


The round neck of this Russian manufacturer is designed for a child weighing up to 18 kg and is used at the age of 0-2 years. The product is made of durable material, and in its air chambers there are rattles. To fasten such a circle on the product there are two fasteners, and that the parents help the crumb to swim and control the position of the child, there are handles on the circle.

Circle Flipper around the neck for bathing newborns


The products of this brand are designed for babies from birth to 2 years of age. Their difference from other circles around the neck is the use for fixing not only waterproof Velcro, but also fasteners with a lock. The length of all fasteners is adjustable, and inside the inflatable chambers there are bead-balls.

Baby-Krug circle on the neck for bathing newborns

How to choose

It is best to buy a circle around your neck in large stores, choosing a product from a trusted manufacturer. In this case, you will be sure that you bought a collar of safe and non-toxic material. So that you do not get a substandard thing, carefully inspect the circle during the purchase. Ensure that the product is complete and that it is not damaged.

If you have a collar with seams in the inner circle, loose fasteners, beating rattles or a pronounced chemical odor, it is better to refuse from its purchase. A quality round neck should be in the box, its coating should be smooth, and the smell should be weak.

Round neck for bathing newborns

Preparation of

If the circle is purchased in the winter, then after returning home, it should not be removed from the package within 1 hour. After unpacking the product and removing all the labels, gently straighten the circle, and then open the valves through which air will flow.

Then start to inflate the circle - first a smaller camera( located from the bottom), and then a large( upper).Inflate the product slowly until the bends and all folds are completely straightened. To the air without problems got inside the chambers of the circle, the nipple on the valve should be slightly squeezed. When the pumping is complete, the nipple is released and closed, after which both valves are heated inside the circle.

If as a result you see two air-filled chambers with a separation between them, as well as a contour to support the baby's neck and a place where the child's chin will be, then you have inflated the circle correctly.

Round neck for bathing newborns - preparation for use Having inflated the circle, make sure that all parts are inflated completely and do not have folds.

. How to properly wear a circle?

Hold the fixing Velcro in the back of the wheel( they are on the bottom and on top), and then detach them. Slowly divide the parts of the circle so that the child's neck can fit into the resulting opening. Do not pull the Velcro. After putting on a circle, release the divorced parts to give them a starting position. Make sure that the chin chin is located in the place designated for its fixation. Next, adjust the Velcro so that the inner contour of the circle fits snugly against the baby's neck, and then fasten the fasteners.

Clearly, this is shown in the following video.

Instruction for use

To the little guy is not frightened of an unfamiliar thing, do not put a circle around the neck of the baby in the first bath, but put the product on the water so that it swims next to the child. You can also give a child to play with a circle outside the bathroom. Let the baby get used to the product, otherwise the swimming will not be to him in joy.

The inflated collar should not be worn in water, nor should it be removed without pulling the child out of the bathtub. Before putting the baby in a circle in the water, once again make sure that all fasteners are securely fixed and the inner contour of the product is snug against the neck of the crumb. In this case, the circle should not push the baby around the neck, and between the accessory and the neck we allow a small gap.

Remember that a baby with a circle around his neck will swim on his own and spend more energy on bathing, so do not allow the child to become very tired. The first bathing with an inflatable collar should be done no longer than 5-10 minutes.

Round neck for bathing newborns - application Using a circle for bathing newborns, strictly follow the recommendations for the use of the


  • Even if the child swims with a circle, leave it unattended by an adult.
  • During the swimming of a child, pulling for a circle is unacceptable.
  • Such a device for swimming should not be used at great depth( deeper than 1 m).
  • Do not pump this circle with a pump.
  • When inflating a circle, do not allow it to be pumped.
  • Make sure that the circle valves are tightly closed after inflating the product.
  • Do not forget that such a circle can not be called a life-saving device.
  • If the baby is very small, put a collar on him for swimming together.
Round neck for bathing newborns - safety Bathing around with a circle around the neck should only be under the watchful eye of

. Storage

Keep the circle away from sources of ignition, as well as cutting or stitching objects. Do not dry the circle after bathing on the heater, and also fill the product with water.


Most mothers who bought a circle for their children around the neck, were satisfied with such a thing. They note that children with pleasure swim with this accessory in a large bath for 30-40 minutes, like fish. Nevertheless, there are also negative reviews, as some children did not like the circle, and some mothers did not learn how to properly dress it. In general, parents call the collar for swimming a useful thing and advise its purchase to those who are just waiting for the karapuza.

Round neck for bathing newborns