Penny board: what is it like to learn to ride, inexpensive and genuine, original models, children's Penny Board

What is a penny board and how to ride it?
  • What is a penny board and why is it needed?
  • Basic elements of
  • What penny board differs from skateboard?
  • Types and types of
  • Glowing models
  • What should I buy for riding?
  • How to choose the best one?
  • How to learn to skate?
  • What tricks can I perform?
  • How to buy a real Penny Board and determine originality?
  • Inexpensive analogues Penny Board
  • From what age can you ride a child's penny board?
  • How much is it?
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This board for riding, like a penny board, was created in Australia for active pastime, as an easy and maneuverable alternative to skateboards. Now such boards are very popular, they attract attention with their coloring and high quality.

What is a penny board and how to ride it? Penny board likes not only children, but also adults

What is a penny board and why is it needed?

Penny boards are named because of their small size. On such boards it is convenient to go for a driv

e to teenagers and children, and also to girls. They are referred to cruise longbords and are chosen to move around the city and rest.

Penny Board
Penny Board
Penny Board

The main elements of the

The components of the Penny Board are:

  • A robust and lightweight plastic deck with a relief pattern that helps keep the feet on the board. The composition of the plastic for the deck is kept by the manufacturer in secret.
  • Suspension, for the manufacture of which aluminum alloy is used. Its design is classical for all suspension brackets, that is, it consists of two parts bolted together and bushings. Tightening the bolt, the suspension can be made stiffer, and loosening the nut - softer.
  • Polyurethane wheels, the core of which is made of aluminum or plastic. The diameter of the wheels is 59 mm and the width is 40 mm. Stiffness 78a allows you to not feel small irregularities of the surface during movement on a penny board and at the same time provides a good roll. Penny wheels have bearings ABEC7.
Penny Board
Penny Board

How does a penny board differ from a skateboard?

One of the main differences between a skateboard and a penny is the size.

When compared with skateboards, Penny boards are less dimensional, so they are often chosen by children and teenagers. Also, the difference between a penny board and a skateboard is in the deck material, since high-strength plastic is used for making Penny Board.

The difference between a penny board and a skateboard Penny board is much smaller than skateboard, so it is more in demand in children and teens

Types and types of

The main types of penny boards are:

  1. Original - the boards of this type are 56 cm long and the suspension is 7.5 cm wide. They are smallAnd light, so these pennies are comfortable to carry with them and hide in a backpack. However, the small size represents for beginners some difficulties in teaching skating on such a board.
  2. Nickel - the length of these boards is 69 cm, and the suspension has a width of 10 cm. It is much easier to learn such board for beginners, since during riding on a board of a larger size the rider feels stability and confidence. In addition, similar models are chosen with a large foot size.
Types of penny pills The length of a small penny board is almost 56 centimeters, and the large one is 69

Depending on the color, these podny sub types are distinguished:

  • Complete - models in one color
  • Fades - boards designed by buyers
  • Custom - colorful boards of bright color
  • Pastel - products in pastel range
  • Fluorescents - models with bright neon colors, The cover of which glows in the dark
  • Holiday - vintage-style items decorated with Indian and Hawaiian motifs
  • Graphics - brightly colored boards with cosmic themes and Mexican motifs
  • Marbles - boards with marble design
Types of penny pills Penny boards can be the most diverse colors and have absolutely any design - the matter of choosing

Glowing models of

The wheels for different penny board models are matte, transparent or translucent.

Penny boards with illumination

The Fest Original series is distinguished by the presence of transparent luminous wheels, represented by different colors. They glow when riding in the dark. In some models, the deck itself is lit.

Penny boards with illumination Original penny boards with backlight, which is very popular with children

What should I buy for riding?

The penny should be worn in equipment that protects against injuries during falls. This is especially important for the first trips on the board.

Therefore, along with Penny Board for skiing should be prepared:

  • Quality sneakers with a flat sole, which will be well mated with the board.
  • Gloves.
  • Armlets.
  • Protection for knees.
  • Elbow elbows.
  • Clothes that will not stop moving.
  • Helmet.
Outfit for a penny board Complete equipment - an integral element to a penny board, especially for young children

How to choose the best?

Having decided to purchase such a longboard, like Penny Board, you will come across a wide variety of models that differ in color, the recommended age category and sizes.

When choosing the right model, consider your skating skills and foot size. If you are a beginner or your foot is large, you should buy a penny board with a size of 56 centimeters( 22 inches).Models with a 56-centimeter length( 27 inches) are recommended for children, girls and boys with low weight. Otherwise, your choice should be based only on personal preferences.

Penny Board - how to choose the best one? The older and heavier the Longboarder, the longer he needs a penny ace

How to learn to skate?

First, find out which foot is the leader, and only then start learning:

  • Place the guide leg on the deck right after the bolt fixing point.
  • Second leg a little push and try to balance with the help of not only the legs, but also the hands.
  • The front leg should be set straight, and the back leg - perpendicular to the penny board.
  • To control the board, learn to turn the front leg, influencing the stroke of the penny.
  • Accelerate on the board only on level ground and in a place where people do not go and do not drive cars.
  • Learn to first get on the board and keep it on balance, and then push off with the back foot.
  • For overclocking, just touch the asphalt with a little foot.
  • Look forward and watch the board move.
  • When you learn to keep balance on straight sections, you can try to make turns. To do this, slightly loosen the suspension.
  • For turning, you need to move at speed, but do not overclock too fast, so that the maneuver is carried out smoothly. Put the back foot on the very tail of a penny.
  • To stop, slow down and get off the board.

Below, see the small video tutorial for beginners longboarders.

What tricks can I perform?

On a penny board you can not only navigate the park paths and the streets of the city, but also perform a variety of tricks. The basic maneuvers are considered to be a turn in different directions with different variations of the racks. Tricks, accessible to the owners of a penny board, are also a variety of curly driveways. In addition, you can learn to unfold on the board when the wheels will slide over the surface( such a reversal is called a revert).

Note that for a penny an experienced sketchboarder can perform most of the tricks that he did on skateboard, but you do not need to learn such tricks at once for a penny. It will be too difficult.

The following video shows some tricks using a penny.

How to buy a real Penny Board and determine originality?

First of all, the originality of a penny board can be determined by engraving and inscriptions on the product:

  • On top of the original board deck there will be the inscription "Penny Australia" - on the Original models it is enclosed in a circle, and on the models Nickel is located along the board. On the fake boards, the inscription will be different.
  • On the bottom of the deck you will see the inscription "Penny", if it is Original model, and the inscription "Nickel", if this penny board refers to the models of Nickel. Such an inscription is sure to be in quotation marks.
  • There is an embossed large letter P. from the bottom of the tiktail on the original board.
  • The base of the original board suspension is provided with two "Penny." Inscriptions that diverge in opposite directions from the center of the product. The same inscription with a dot is also present between the wheels on their axis.
  • Each wheel of the real penny board is marked with the inscription "Penny".In addition, on the bearing of each wheel you can read "Penny Skateboards Abec Seven", and the bearing itself has a purple hue.

The following video details and describes the difference of the original penny from the Chinese.

From fake boards, real penny boards also differ:

  • by the material of the deck. The original plastics board is non-slip, with a protruding pattern. During the ride, it does not bend very much. At counterfeit analogues, the plastic is too smooth, its feet slip, and the board itself is very tightened when it becomes attached to it.
  • Curvature of the suspension. In the original boards, the suspension will be absolutely flat, as you can see if you put a penny board on a flat surface. You will notice that all wheels will touch this surface. In addition, in places of friction, the original Penny Board suspension is lubricated at the factory, so that wear is minimized and the product lasts long enough. At the copies, one wheel may not touch the floor, but the factory grease is absent.
  • Soft bushings. They provide a smooth turn, but do not allow excessive bending of the suspension and grazing the deck with wheels. The bushings are worn on a bolt firmly fixed to the base of the board. In addition, the suspension itself is characterized by a special shape, providing for the presence of special stops that hold the bushings in place and protect them from rupture. As for penny boards analogues, the bushings in such products are often hard, so it's difficult to turn on such boards. Gaskets on counterfeit boards are often too soft, which leads to the punching of the deck when cornering( it hits the wheels).In addition, in non-original boards the bolt is not fixed on the base of the suspension, and the limiters are absent. This threatens the rapid release of such parts of the system or their deformation.
  • Quality bearings. If the bearing of the Penny Board is dirty, it is easily disassembled, cleaned, lubricated and collected back, working properly after such manipulations. Bearings of counterfeit boards are often cheap, poorly fitted and not disassembled. As a result, the wheels of such products rotate poorly and stop faster after acceleration, and as soon as the part becomes dirty, the bearing breaks down.
  • Quality wheels. In reference pennies, they are round and rubber. Such wheels smoothly roll along the rough surface, extending the bearing service. For Chinese analogue boards, the rigidity of the wheels is different( this can even be hard plastic wheels), which makes the uneven surface very hard on the bearings and on the fatigue of the rider's legs.

The photos below show the distinctive features of the original Penny Board.

How to distinguish an original penny from a forgery
The original Penny
The original Penny
The original Penny
The original Penny
The original Penny
The original Penny
The original Penny
The original Penny

Inexpensive analogues Penny Board

In addition to the original products of the Australian manufacturer in our country you can buy similar boards made of plastic of Chinese production. They cost 2-3 times cheaper than this Penny Board, but their quality is also very different from the original penny.

Penny Board Analogs Chinese analogues of pennies can attract design, but the quality of these decks is much lower

From what age can you ride a child's penny board?

Beginning to learn the children's board can be from 4 years of age. In such boards, calculated for the age of use of 4-12 years and the weight of the child up to 40 kg, the length is 56 cm( size 22 inches).The length of a penny board for adolescents over the age of 11 is 66 cm.

From what age can you ride a penny board For pennies, you can learn pennies from the age of 4

How much does it cost?

The cost of a penny of boards depends on the size of the board and its series. On average, for Penny Board you need to pay 7-9 thousand rubles. At the same time in stores offering a large selection of penny models, promotions are regularly held, so sometimes you can not only buy such a board for 5-6 thousand rubles, but also get accessories as a gift. For example, today on Wildberries you can buy a penny board for 5212 r. And even 4534 rubles.(Taking into account the discount on July 11, 2017 - 25%, in the latter case, the discount of the regular buyer is also taken into account 17%).

Penny Board
Penny Board

Choosing a backpack or a bag

The easiest way is to pick up a bag or a backpack for a penny board of 69 cm( 27 inches), since such a board fits well in any bag and backpack for regular skateboards. But 56-centimeter( 22-inch) models are more problematic to carry. Although the assortment of bags and covers for pennies is constantly increasing, the quality of such products sold in many sports goods stores is not very high.

To purchase a cover or backpack for your penny board, be sure to take the board with you and try on the bag in place. Be sure to transfer the product will be convenient. Also keep in mind that the penny cover is more compact, but carrying in a backpack is much more practical.

Bag for a penny board Penny bord bag will become a very convenient purchase of


You can additionally purchase Penny Board boards:

  1. Griptape coating. It is an anti-slip coating ready for gluing, which corresponds to the dimensions of the deck. When choosing such a coating, you should consider the size of your penny, as well as the desired coloring.
  2. Stickers on the bottom panel. With them, a penny board will be different from other boards of the same design.
Griptape cover for a penny board A griptape cover for a penny creates a greater grip of the deck with

shoes How to store?

Penny boards are very unpretentious in terms of storage, because their materials( and plastic decks, and aluminum alloy suspensions, and polyurethane wheels) are highly resistant to external influences.

The most vulnerable parts of the Penny Board are bearings. If you store the board with high humidity, this will greatly affect their performance and service life. In addition, the special coating available on some models on the griptape is also afraid of the effects of water. So the main advice for storing a penny board is to protect the product from moisture.


Those who bought a penny board for their child or for themselves, basically remain satisfied with such a purchase. All users among the pluses of pennies note the high quality of plastic, attractive modern design, a variety of color options. After testing the ride on the Penny Board, most owners of such boards confirm that it is very comfortable to ride on them even on uneven surfaces.

As for the rather high price of penny boards, almost everyone emphasizes that the product is worth its money, since such Australian boards are not like the Chinese, high-quality and allow you to ride more than one season.

Penny Board Original Australian penny boards have more positive feedback than cheap Chinese analogs