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Which bottle heater is better to choose?
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When breastfeeding, there are no problems with heating food for the baby, because the mother's milk comes to the crumb already heated to the optimum temperature. But for babies who get expressed milk or a mixture, you should take care of their heating. A modern way to quickly heat baby food is to use a special heater. That parents could get the best model, they need to learn more about such useful inventions.


  • External design of heaters of different types differs, but in the design of most such devices there is a heating element and a bowl
    for water, as well as a control relay and an electric cord.
  • In some models, you can insert only bottles from the same manufacturer, but there are also universal heaters with a wide container in which you can warm up a tank of any size.
  • All devices are capable of warming up cold milk and room temperature, but only a few models cope with the heating of frozen milk.
  • Many devices, after heating one bottle, should cool down for some time until the next use.
  • All modern heaters have an option of automatic shutdown, thanks to which the contents of the bottle does not overheat.
  • In some devices, the temperature level to which the bottle with food is heated is set in advance and does not change, in others it can be adjusted by installing it independently.
Features of bottle warmers The assortment of baby food heaters is large enough, a variety of functions will suit any user

Do I need?

In young children, the digestive tract is highly sensitive to the quality of food, and also to its temperature. Ideally, food that enters the baby's intestinal tract should be at a temperature close to body temperature. Such food will be best absorbed.

To warm up the food, in the past used a container of hot water, which was kept on the stove. At the same time, guessing the right temperature for a baby was difficult( the bottle often overheated and you had to wait for it to cool down).

Compared with this method, the modern heater has such advantages:

  • The food for the baby heats up quickly.
  • For some time after heating, the temperature of the power supply remains at the same level.
  • The device is compact in size and easy to use.

If parents do not want to keep a heated mixture for a long time in such a device, they can only heat water in it, and when the feeding time comes, add the right amount of mixture and stir in order to quickly get ready meals for the baby.

Do I need a bottle heater? If you give your baby a purchase of puree or prepare mixtures for use, the heater will be very handy for you.

How it works

The water heater is used as a basis for the operation of the heaters. The water poured into the bowl heats up and transfers the heat of the bottle with food placed in it. The user sets the desired temperature regime, so that the temperature of the water in the container and the power in the bottle remain at the same level after heating.

How does the bottle heater work?

From what age to apply?

To warm up food for crumbs is required in cases when the baby gets a mixture or expressed by the mother's milk. This may be needed from the first days of the baby's life.


Depending on the heating characteristics, the heaters are steam, hot and warm water. Steam devices are filled with water in a small volume, then it is converted into steam, under the influence of which the bottle quickly heats up.

Steam bottle warmer

Devices working with warm water, heat it up to a maximum of + 50 ° C, so it will not be possible to overheat the bottle in such a device. However, if you poured cold water into the container of such a heater, waiting for the heating of the food in the bottle will be quite long.

Bottle warmer for warm water

In hot water machines, the desired supply temperature is reached very quickly, because the water heats up to a boil, but if the bottle remains in the container longer, it will overheat.

Hot Water Bottle Preheater

Let's list the pros and cons of each type of heater:

Advantages of


Steam devices

Heating of power is very fast

All devices have automatic shutdown.

Milk will not overheat if the bottle is left in the device for a long time.

The bottle material can become very hot.

Only a certain amount of water should be poured into the device.

If you are close to the unit, steam burns are possible.

Usually not suitable for heating frozen milk.

With warm water

Use this device most safely, as it is not possible to burn with steam or a very heated bottle.

Due to the low water temperature, the heating of the supply is long enough.

Hot water

Power is heated faster than in other types of heaters.

If the heating is insufficient, the milk bottle can be returned to the appliance and reheated.

Long-standing milk overheats, despite the presence of automatic shutdown.

Hot water is dripping when removed from the bottle.

Sterilizer-heater for bottles 2 in 1

In devices of this type, you can not only heat the milk in a bottle, but also sterilize the container after feeding. In most such devices with combined functions, one bottle can be processed at one time, but there are models for 2-3 bottles.

Sterilizer-heater for bottles 2 in 1 Combined models will be useful from the very birth of the baby - first for sterilization of containers and nipples, then for heating mixtures and puree

Temperature maintenance function

Most bottle warmers are able to maintain its temperature for some time after heating the food due to the presence of a thermostat. This allows the mother not to wait for the heated bottle next to the appliance, but to do her own business, and then feed the crumb with warm food when she needs it.

Bottle Warmers with Temperature Control

Electric and Digital Models

Virtually all heaters operate on the mains and are easy to operate, but there are also digitally controlled models, the advantages of which are:

  • The ability to set the heating temperature, taking into account the consistency and the initial supply temperature.
  • Displays the temperature on the display.
  • Automatic maintenance of the set temperature.
  • Signal on the end of heating.

Popular brands


Heater from this manufacturer weighs 740 g and can heat jars, bottles and containers with food for the child. At the same time, the device has separate operating modes for milk heating( one mode for bottles with a capacity of less than 180 ml and a second mode for bottles with larger capacity) and a thick mixture, as well as a defrosting mode. The device is equipped with a manual switch and has a backlight.

Bottle Preheater Avent


The range of this manufacturer includes classic heaters, car devices, digital models, as well as devices with sterilization function. The advantages of the LS-B202 device of this brand are compatibility with any bottles, rapid heating and the ability to smoothly adjust the temperature. The complete set of such a device includes a glass and a juicer for citrus.

The LS-C001 can be used in a car. For its operation, no water is needed, in such a compact device it is possible to heat any kind of baby bottles and store food for the baby warm during trips.

Bottle Preheater Maman LS-B202
Bottle Preheater Maman LS-C001


The device of this manufacturer weighs 490 g and has a power of 120 watts. When the water temperature in the tank heats up to + 37 ° C, the user hears a 5-times beep and sees the green light of the indicator. If the device continues to operate without shutting down after the signal, it is heated for 1 hour, and then the heater is automatically turned off. In the complete set of the device there is a holder that helps to use jars and small bottles.

Bottle Warmer Chicco


The advantages of the VS1006 and VS1007 devices of this manufacturer are their functionality and simple design. In such heaters there are two modes - for thick and for liquid nutrition. The device VS1006 is equipped with a glass with a lid, and in the model VS1007 there is also an elevator for bottles.

Bottle Preheater Laica VS1007
Bottle Preheater Laica VS1006


The range of this brand includes compact and portable heaters, as well as devices with sterilization function. The WK-133 is characterized by three temperature modes, evenly warms the food, maintains the temperature after heating and is very easy to operate.

The WK-140 also has a sterilization option in addition to the two temperature modes. At the same time, the device can simultaneously heat up the food and sterilize up to 3 bottles. In the configuration of this device there are tongs, a nipple tray and a bottle holder.

For use in a car, the brand is offered by the WK-131.In it, the bottles are quickly heated to + 40 ° C, their heat is stored for 3 hours after heating. In such a compact device, you can also store refrigerated food.

Bottle Preheater B.Well WK-133
Bottle Warmer B.Well WK-140
Automotive bottle warmer B.Well WK-131


This manufacturer offers a device that heats liquid or baby food up to + 34 ° C, including frozen foods. The device weighs 1 kg, has a power of 185 W, is equipped with an auto shut-off function, built-in backlight and sound notification.

Bottle Preheater Medela


In the bottle heater of this manufacturer, the container is large enough to accommodate containers of different volumes. The advantage of the device is the combination of two functions - heating and sterilization. The quality of such a heater is at an altitude, like its cost.

Bottle Preheater Tephal

Baby food warmer Torcom

In addition to stationary heating devices for bottles that work at home from the network, there are also heaters that can function when traveling by car. One of the most popular is the device Torcom.

The main advantages of this heater:

  1. Compact and light. Weigh such a handbag 310 grams, and its dimensions are 10x10x26 cm.
  2. Enough fast heating of the food for the child. A bottle of 200 ml in such an automotive device can be heated to + 50 ° C in 20 minutes.
  3. No water is required to heat the power. Such a device is represented by a bag that has a special fabric inside and a nylon covering on top.
  4. Ability to use in the car from the cigarette lighter. This heater is powered by a 12V source, but thanks to the inverter it can also be connected to 220V.
  5. Heat retention after heating. Since there is a thermo-insulating layer in the bag, it functions like a thermos bottle and is able to keep the food warm for a long period.
Baby food warmer Torcom In a long trip with a baby car bottle heater will be a real helper

Which one is better to choose?

Buying a heater, evaluate the versatility of the device. Not all models are suitable for heating wide or disposable containers, so it is better to look immediately at the device, in the container of which it is possible to heat food placed in different dishes.

Other important issues when buying a heater are:

  • What material it is made of. It is important that all elements that will come into contact with the bottle are made of materials that are safe for children.
  • How safe is the device. The device must have automatic shutdown.
  • How to operate the device. The best choice will be devices that have convenient buttons with clear icons. Buying the device without a button-switch, you will be forced to permanently disconnect its cord from the network, which will lead to a rapid wear. It is convenient if the heater can be turned on with one hand. Also, for the comfort of use, it is important to have a basket that helps lower and remove the bottle without additional tools.
  • What is the length of the cord. If the cord in the model is long, you can heat up the food next to the child's crib, regardless of whether there is an outlet nearby.
  • Is it possible to adjust the heating level. In simple models, heating is carried out to a fixed temperature, and in the presence of a thermostat, the heating mode can be selected taking into account the volume of food and its density.
  • Are there any additional functions? In many appliances, the end of the heating can be recognized by the sound or light signal. If the device has a timer, the power can be heated to a certain time, for example, breakfast. The presence of an electronic display on which the temperature is displayed is important for urgent heating of the power. It should be remembered that a large list of additional features affects the cost of the device. Buying an "intelligent" model, evaluate whether you need all the functions or better to choose a more simple to use device.
Which bottle heater? Select the device for heating the power supply as much as possible

Instruction for use

  1. Put a bottle of water or food in the bowl of the appliance, then pour cold water into the container.
  2. For low bottles, the water content is slightly higher than the food level. If the bottle is high, draw so much water into the container that its level is 1.5 cm lower than the edges of the tank.
  3. Select the desired switch position and turn the device on.
  4. Wait for the signal that the set heating temperature is reached.
  5. Carefully remove the bottle and shake it to allow the contents to mix evenly.
  6. Before feeding the baby, check its temperature, dropping a little on the skin of the forearm.
  7. Clean the bowl after use with running water. Regularly clean it of scale, using acetic or citric acid in such cleaning.

See a small video tutorial on how to use a heater using the example of the Avent.

Safety of operation of

Before you turn on the heater for the first time, carefully read the instructions to the device. Place the appliance away from water, and when the heat is complete, disconnect the heater cord from the mains.

For longer service and safer use also follow these guidelines:

  • Install the unit only on a flat, stable surface.
  • Do not allow the child to play with the heater.
  • Inspect the integrity of the machine before each switch-on. If damage is found, contact the store( if the warranty is still valid) or repair workshop.
  • Do not pour water over the edges of the unit.
  • Pour filtered water into the heater tank. This will reduce the rate of scale formation.
  • For faster heating, fill the tank with water at room temperature.
  • Before cleaning the appliance bowl, make sure that the appliance is not plugged in and completely cooled.
Safety of operation of the bottle heater To avoid an accident while using the device, follow strictly

instructions. Reviews

Mothers who used the heater, in most cases were satisfied with such a device. Particularly positive about such devices are women who are forced to express and freeze breast milk. He helps the heater and with the beginning of the introduction of complementary foods, when you need to quickly heat the puree, stored in the refrigerator. Most mothers respond positively to the budgetary models of heaters, noting that they are good at coping with their functions. Expensive appliances are bought less often, but their work, all who used such heaters, are completely satisfied.

Those who feed the crumb mixture, often consider the heater as an unnecessary device, since more often for each feeding the mixture is prepared fresh.

Bottle Warmers - Reviews

On how to choose a heater for a baby bottle, see in the transfer of Dr. Komarovsky.