Children's street swings for dachas( 87 photos): double pendant and metal round country and garden options for children

  • Features and Benefits
  • Types and Models
  • Material
    • Wood
    • Metal
    • Plastic
  • Operating Rules
  • How to choose?
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Convenient, made with taste and eye-pleasing swings create a special comfort in the yard or at home, contribute to the mood in children and adults. In addition, it is an excellent simulator for improving coordination, training of all muscle groups and the vestibular apparatus. For installation on your countryside, you can choose either simple structures or entire complexes with slides, ladders and ropes that will delight and long occupy the small inhabitants of the house. While the child is busy on the simulator, parents can afford to relax and rest.

Features and benefits of

The installation of children's swings in their own summer cottage has a number of very valuable advantages. Active use of this unit leads to

a decrease in the hyperactivity of the child( due to waste of excess energy), improving the ability to control one's body and maintain balance, develop dexterity and independence.

Using a swing is not alone, but in the company of peers improves communication skills, helps to establish contact with other children.

Types and models of

The swing can be classified according to several features:

By mounting method

By way of installation, there are suspended and floor swings. Suspended are relatively cheap, easy to operate and convenient( due to their mobility).Suspended structures can be constructed from improvised materials and suspended to any suitable tree branch or horizontal support.

The easiest and most affordable option is to fix the seat on the ropes, and it is important to pay special attention to the strength of the material. This type of swing is recommended for older children, who are already able to control the position of their body in space.

Floor products are characterized by a rigid construction and must have a weight much greater than the weight of the child( to avoid overturning).It is desirable to provide such aggregates with fixing parts and strengthen them on the base.

By design type

  • Baby seats are installed on the floor, equipped with fixing straps, easily transported. Often, such designs are electronically controlled. They are very susceptible to the harmful effects of the environment.
  • Transformers combine several functions and can vary depending on the growth and development of the child. Often it is simultaneously also a cot, a high chair for feeding.

According to the type of construction, children's swings can be divided into armchairs for newborns, transformers, balancers, carousels, spring.

  • Balancers are units for simultaneous use by two or more toddlers. They have a support in the middle. Such products are installed on most public playgrounds. In addition, such swings are simple for self-manufacturing in your own summer cottage.
  • On the carousels, the children move in a circle, which helps to actively strengthen the vestibular apparatus.
  • Spring swings are usually a wooden base on a spring support. Accurate rocking and design in the form of animals or machines evoke vivid emotions in very young children and develop the ability to maintain balance. Such facilities are distinguished by considerable ergonomics and safety. The radius of movement of the spring is limited, and the child is not high above the ground and can not get serious damage.
  • Paired. Suitable for families with several children of about the same age group who can ride together. Can be equipped with a common seat or two, located opposite each other.

In the place of installation

In the place of installation, the swing is home( placed, for example, in the doorway) and street. Street are installed in open areas and are often there, regardless of the time of year, so the requirements for securing them on the ground and the construction material are much tougher.

Debriefing and relocation

By the availability of parsing and moving to another location, the swing can be stationary and removable.

Stationary structures are heavy and cumbersome, they are fixed in the ground hard( often by concreting) and take up a lot of space.

The removable aggregates assume the possibility of partial or complete dismantling and the availability of a free space in which they can be stored.

In addition, there are also various original models. There are round swing-nests, whole pendants or one-double beds.

On one-piece products you can perfectly relax, dive into your thoughts, relax alone. For adults, adults can even spend a romantic evening. Large pendant podiums contribute to a wonderful pastime with a large company.

An interesting and non-trivial option is also a swing-chaise. A chaise lounge can accommodate several people, and its design involves fastening at one point. Outwardly, the unit looks airy and fragile, but in fact it is able to withstand a heavy load.


One of the most important features that determine the quality of the swing is the material. Constant development of technologies and the invention of new production techniques allows to infinitely expand the product line and present options for every taste and purse to the consumer. The most popular materials for the swing are currently wood, metal, plastic, textiles, improvised materials and their various combinations. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.


Wood is most often used for building swings in country houses and in the suburban areas.

Wooden products are considered the most environmentally friendly, in addition, it is fairly affordable material. Undeniable advantages are also simplicity, convenience of processing and a pleasant appearance. Minuses of this type of raw material include a high degree of exposure to aggressive external factors - for example, moisture. This leads to more complicated operation of the product.

The tree needs regular tinting and the use of protective impregnations.


Metal is suitable for making the entire structure of a swing or only a part of it. In this case, the seat is recommended to be made of wood or plastic. The advantages of this type of raw material include its reliability, as well as durability. In addition, metal structures are able to withstand a very large weight, which makes them versatile - to relax and entertain can not only the child, but also an adult.

A significant disadvantage is the difficulty of self-manufacturing - for this it is necessary to have both the skills of handling this material and a set of specific tools. In addition, the metal is prone to corrosion, which complicates its operation, and can be highly heated from sunlight - this must be taken into account when choosing the location of the swing installation.


The plastic children's swing is gaining popularity. When choosing this type of feedstock it is very important to focus on a quality, durable and durable option. In this case, the product will not be exposed to the harmful effects of the environment - burn, deform, melt.

Usually only the seat is made of plastic, and the tree plays the role of supporting structures( there are other options - metal, ropes).The advantages of using plastic also include its cheapness, a wide range of colors and lightness.

Plastic designs have not only advantages, but also a number of shortcomings. Plastic is not very strong material, so it is not universal. For use by adults, such products will not work. It is very important to remember that with thermal exposure, polymeric materials release toxic substances. This can lead to harm to the health of the child.

An interesting variant is also the use for making swings of improvised materials: tires from the car, tied with ropes to the support, or textiles that resemble a soft hammock.

The latter option promotes complete relaxation, harmonization of thoughts and feelings. Such swings are fixed on a solid crossbar made of wood or metal, they are very easy to clean and transport. This type of construction will be very interesting not only to the child, but also to the adult - in addition, it can accommodate several people.

Rules for use of

Each product purchased from the manufacturer will almost certainly be accompanied by its own instruction on operating rules, but without it the can distinguish several universal rules:

  1. It should be remembered: the swings are an excellent simulator for all muscle groups, but this is the sourceIncreased risk, so it is advisable not to leave the child unattended.
  2. When installing the structure, it is important to ensure that the supports are carefully fixed on a level platform.
  3. When selecting the installation site, it is important to ensure that there are no power lines in the swing zone, there were no sources of danger( road, water, breakage).
  4. Periodically, the unit must be checked for any faults found and must be repaired in time.
  5. It is recommended to provide a safety margin, because often teenagers and sometimes adults can use the children's swing.
  6. The seat must be securely fixed to the retaining material.

Observance of simple maintenance rules will help prolong the life of the product and prevent the child from getting injured due to a breakdown. Maintaining a swing in good condition will avoid many negative moments, and the pleasure of using this unit will not be overshadowed.

How to choose?

The variety of assortment of children's swing in the modern market is so great that it will not be difficult to find the best option for every taste and purse. If desired, the simplest construction can be built independently, from improvised means.

There are several main criteria for choosing a swing for a child:

  1. Safety: stability, strength. The design should not be swayed in the wind or deformed under a small weight of the child.
  2. Environmentally friendly. Even for the sake of economy, it is not worth buying a product from a material that will release harmful substances at the slightest heating.
  3. When choosing a model, it is necessary to correctly evaluate the place and method of installation, correctly calculate the appropriate size so that in fact the assembly does not prove that it is impossible to operate the unit. Free from moving people should be a few meters behind and in front of the structure.
  4. Country of production and brand. The quality of the products depends on this.
  5. Important the presence of enclosing structures for the smallest users and awning( in case of bad weather or scorching sun).

Interesting summer models

A huge range of all kinds of swings can satisfy the demands of even the most demanding buyer. If the decision is made to make the unit on its own, the limitations can only be its own imagination and skill level.

The youngest inhabitants of dachas will undoubtedly especially like the design in the form of cars, airplanes or animals.

If the swing is selected with the expectation not only of the baby, but also of the leisure activities of the whole family, it is worth paying attention to the swing-beds, podiums and sun loungers. On such products you can doze off, relax, read books and just enjoy nature.

Pendant chairs look very original. They are also very comfortable.

Swing-nests like both younger and senior members of the family. They can be just a pendant base made from woven ropes or plastic, or a whole nest decorated with different materials. In such "cobwebs" are placed both children and parents.

A separate mention deserves a homemade swing, which is a special kind of applied art. Looking at such masterpieces, one can only admire the talent or fantasy and originality of the masters who managed to create something completely new out of unremarkable things.

Some build whole pendant arbors, in which it is very pleasant to be.

You can draw the following conclusion: whatever child swings are chosen, they will add a feeling of coziness to the cottage area. Such products will not only delight the child and allow parents to relax, but also significantly affect the health of the baby. The main thing - do not forget that swings are objects of increased danger, so do not leave the child without adult supervision.