The child grinds his teeth in a dream: the reasons

  • Why the squeak appears with the teeth
  • Psychological causes
  • Dental reasons
  • Heredity
  • Diseases
  • Vitamin and minerals deficiency
  • Komarovsky view
  • Consequences
  • Treatment
  • Prevention

If parents hear the child grinding their teeth during sleep, it almost always causes anxiety and fear. However, this condition, called doctors bruxism, is quite common in preschool children, for example, in children aged 2 years.

scratching teeth in a dream is noted in both young children and in some adults.

Statistics show that over 50% of children under 8 years old and about 3% of adults notice tooth scratching in sleep, but this condition is not called pathology or disease. For the appearance of a grinding not to frighten parents, they should find out what causes this phenomenon and what to take to eliminate it.

Why the creaking appears with the teeth

A grinding occurs due to the involuntary contraction of the chewing muscles, when the

baby's jaws uncontrollably contract. This is more often observed at night, and can appear in children, for example, at 4 years, and in adults. Most of the cases of squeaking teeth in men. In children, such creaks, as a rule, are short-lived( last about 10 seconds).

In the following video, you can learn a little more about the bruxism of children and its causes.

Psychological causes of

One of the most common factors that provoke the appearance of the creaking of teeth in a dream is psychological problems. These include:

  • Stressful situations, for example, adaptation to kindergarten or school loads, quarrels between parents, sudden excommunication, addition to the family, relocation and other situations that cause negative stress. The baby because of them becomes more excitable and irritable or, on the contrary, tearful and depressed. This is the reason for the appearance of nocturnal creaking with teeth.
  • Overstrain. To him can lead and excessive physical activity, and a significant training load. As a result, the child is capricious, tired, crying, irritable, sleepy, feels depressed, often sad, sleeps worse.
  • Nedosyp, which can cause nightmares, disturbed daily regimen, medications, increased nervous excitability, nocturnal enuresis, frequent awakenings, or problems with falling asleep. If the child before bedtime overexcited due to prolonged television viewing or computer games, and also because of the penalties, reprimands or quarrels, it often manifests itself at night creaking teeth.
reason gritting his teeth may be unfavorable atmosphere in the house, quarrels and cries

Dental reason

More than half of young children cause of bruxism are those detected by dentists physical factors:

  • problems with bite( jaw is not fully closed, one of them pushed forward, Between the teeth there are gaps).If you bite a child disturbed kid because of uncomfortable feelings will try to place the teeth easier and because of this they squeak.
  • Problems with the structure of the jaw joints. They can be congenital( joint development anomalies) or caused by inflammation. In any case, this requires treatment with the dentist. Teething at an early age. Because of the feeling of discomfort and itching, the kids rub their teeth with each other. As a rule, in such a situation, bruxism disappears as soon as the teeth erupt and stop disturbing the baby.
  • Change of milk teeth in older children. This is a common cause of gnashing in a dream in children 7-8 years old.
  • Too little gum load due to insufficient amount of solid food in the kids menu.


It is noted that in the presence of bruxism in childhood with grandparents or parents of a child, the likelihood of the appearance of a squeak in the child's teeth is increased. In this case, with genetic predisposition, bruxism often appears in boys who are 3 years old.

If one of the relatives suffered from bruxism, the likelihood that the squeaky teeth will appear in the child increases


The baby can grind his teeth when a strong cold, otitis or sinusitis occurs. Also, often enough with a grating in a dream, there is adenoiditis and polyposis in the nose. With such diseases, the baby is prevented by a stuffy nose and unpleasant sensations in the ears or throat. As soon as the symptoms of the disease go away, bruxism also disappears, not appearing more in a healthy baby.

Some babies scratch their teeth with epilepsy, as a sign of seizures, so with regular repetition of episodes of grinding should show the baby specialist.

The scrape of the teeth can be just a symptom of some other disease and a chasm after the baby heals

Deficiency of vitamins and minerals

It is noted that inadequate intake of B, magnesium, calcium and some other elements in the body can provoke the appearance of muscle cramps, The result of which is the periodic gnashing of teeth.

The opinion of Komarovsky

A well-known doctor always tries to warn parents not to scratch their squeaks with their worms in a dream with worms, as is customary in the older generation. Komarowski emphasizes that medical studies have not confirmed this relationship, so the need to immediately give the child with a squeak of teeth at night anthelmintic drugs, no.

According to Dr. Komarovsky, scratching teeth in a dream has nothing to do with parasites in the body of a child

A popular doctor recalls that the exact causes of bruxism have not yet been established and many children go through without treatment. If this phenomenon greatly hinders the child and threatens to damage the teeth that are not yet strong enough, in Komarovsky's opinion, one should definitely consult a doctor.

Consequences of

If the cause of the grinding is a broken bite, a constant squeaking of teeth will lead to the erasure of the enamel of the teeth. As a result, the teeth become more sensitive, loosen and collapse. They are often affected by caries, and the tissues around the tooth become inflamed. As a result, the child complains of pain in the jaw, teeth and headaches. In addition, the formation of the facial part of the skull may be impaired.

Treatment of

If the factors that triggered bruxism are teething, colds, or weaning, no special measures are required to use scratch teeth in sleep. Everything is normalized, as soon as the illness or discomfort passes, and when excommunication - as soon as the crumb gets used to the changes. Consultation of a neurologist and treatment is necessary only in a situation where bruxism strongly violates the general condition of the crumbs and lasts longer than a month.

In the case of bruxism caused by sleep disorders, the child is advised to be taken to a somnologist, and in situations where the scraping appeared due to psychological problems, it is important to identify these problems and eliminate them. A neurologist can appoint a valerian to the baby, glycine, aromatherapy, sedative herbs, vitamin complexes.

Child will be advised to take a quiet activity( reading, drawing, interesting games) and sports, more to walk outdoors, take a warm bath in the evening with herbal infusions and do a relaxing massage. In case of problems with chewing, the baby's diet will be recommended to add solid foods that the child will have to chew, for example, carrots.

If the cause of the rattling in a dream is associated with dentistry, the child should visit a doctor who will recommend:

  • Put on the teeth of the mouthguards. This is the name of special pads that prevent the erasure of enamel when grinding.
  • Use teethers if the problem occurs with teething.
  • Treat gums with gel with anesthetic effect, as well as rinse your mouth with herbal decoctions if your gums are inflamed.
If the cause of bruxism is dental, the doctor will advise you to use gel, kappa and teethers


To prevent the appearance of a grinding of teeth in a dream, it is advised to protect the baby from overexertion and stress, and normalize the regime of the day and nutrition of the child. Parents important:

  • Ensure that the child complies with rest and sleep, both day and night.
  • Provide the baby with rational nutrition.
  • Remove from the baby's menu food that contains a large number of chemical additives.
  • Include solid foods in the diet.
  • Allow the child to eat, actively play and watch TV no later than two hours before bedtime.
  • Eliminate quarrels and conflicts in the family.
  • To show more affection and attention to the child.
  • Regularly do soothing baths with herbal decoctions.
  • Read the book with the child, talk more.
  • Do not ignore the request of the baby and do not yell at him.

Bruxism is most common in children, but adults can also face this problem. See the following videos for more details.