Dolphin therapy: treatment of children with dolphins in CDR and autism, reviews

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  • Benefits of
  • Indications
  • Contraindications
  • Techniques
  • How are the sessions held?
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Every year interest in treating animals grows. And this is not unfounded. People are very helped by horses, dolphins, dogs, cats and other animals in the fight against their ailments. Each animal performs its functions and deserves much attention.

Did you know that:

  • The dolphin is considered one of the smartest animals;
  • The dolphin possesses a very kind disposition and will never harm a person even in the wild, despite the fact that he is a predator;
  • Dolphins are very playful and inquisitive;
  • Dolphins have such a strong nose that they can kill a shark with one stroke;
  • A dolphin can, like an ultrasound machine, recognize that a woman is pregnant;
  • For the dolphins their flock is very impor
    tant, they can help each other and even take delivery from the members of their pack.

A bit of history

In the second half of the twentieth century, oceanariums and dolphinariums began to open in America. And due to the observation of dolphins and their interaction with humans, it was observed that these animals can be treated.

The founder of dolphin therapy is the American psychologist David Natanson. He first noticed and described the benefits of communicating with dolphins. He watched a group of children with Down's syndrome, who was in the water with dolphins and saw that animals that were not specially prepared for medical events still treated children very carefully. At the same time, during these sessions of communication, good results were obtained in the fight against the disease.

Later, scientists and doctors from Canada, Japan, Germany and other countries took up the study and development of dolphin therapy.

In Russia this technique was recognized not so long ago, but it is noteworthy that in the USSR in Sevastopol, simultaneously with Americans, GA Shurepova conducted exercises in dolphin therapy with adults, during which the effectiveness of such exercises was proved. People began to feel better, they improved their motor activity and normalized their emotional state.

The Benefit of

What is the use of communicating with dolphins? As in the case of treatment with other animals, several factors directly influence the human body.

Being in the water with the animal, the child relaxes and feels comfortable with the .Confidence is given to him and the realization that next to him is such a large and powerful animal, and that he does with the dolphin some actions.

Dolphins are immensely good-natured and playful, they will never prefer solitude and will necessarily play with the child. They adore children. These animals give a powerful charge of positive, noticeably improve mood and give confidence.

Also to positive factors is the hydro massage, received by the child in the water. It is especially useful and is indicated for children with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, problems with muscle tone. During the movement of the dolphin, the child is given fluctuations in water, which is very useful for the whole organism.

But the basic uniqueness of dolphins and the main curative effect in their ability to produce specific ultrasounds.

Dolphins can produce sounds with a frequency of up to 200 kHz, while a person catches a frequency of no more than 20 kHz. It is interesting that they do not affect human organs, like all remedies, but on the cells of the body. Thus, all processes are started, improved, and activated.


A great benefit is communicating with dolphins to many people. But perhaps the most common disease with which dolphin therapy fights is autism in children. This treatment is also prescribed for the following diseases:

  • cerebral palsy;
  • Down Syndrome;
  • Hyperactivity;
  • Sleep disorders;
  • Hearing impairment;
  • Visual impairment;
  • Violations of speech;
  • Neuroses;
  • Problems with memory;
  • Various involuntary movements, such as: nervous tics, spasms;
  • Depression;
  • Various diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Adults, healthy people, dolphin therapy is also sometimes recommended. Especially good it helps to relieve the stress of representatives of such dangerous professions, as: rescuer, fireman, policeman.


Certainly, dolphin therapy has contraindications, although it seems at first glance to be absolutely safe .These include:

  • Epilepsy;
  • ; Oncological diseases;
  • Cardiovascular failure;
  • Infectious Diseases;
  • Availability of open wounds;
  • Diseases of the nervous system in severe form.

When cancer is not recommended to resort to treatment with dolphins, because it activates and starts all processes in the body, including the growth of tumors. However, if we are talking about the initial stage, then for positive emotions to dolphins even need to turn.


Dolphin therapy can be conducted using one of the following methods:

  • Organized. Specialists are building a session, taking into account the characteristics of the patient, an action plan is specially developed, the progress of tasks is closely monitored, the result is analyzed.
  • Unorganized. The patient is given the opportunity to build a relationship and communication with the animal. Participation of specialists is limited only to the control of human and animal safety.

The first technique is applied much more often, because dolphin therapy is still called upon to solve many serious health problems. And this requires a certain organization and intervention of specialists.

The second version of dolphin therapy, of course, also gives good results in many cases, for example, getting rid of depression or just relaxation, but in our country it is less in demand.

How are the classes?

The course of treatment, as a rule, consists of 7-10 lessons, each session lasts 10-15 minutes, in rare cases 20. It is worth noting that dolphins are very tired during the session, so they need time to rest.

Dolphin therapy includes two stages:

  • Passive. Patient and dolphin are being prepared for training - the instructor uses special techniques to adapt the child and activate the dolphin.
  • Active .Direct interaction between the child and the animal, the fulfillment of certain tasks and exercises.

The very same occupation is not only swimming in the water with the animal, it's also a game with it. For example, the instructor can ask the child to throw a ball or hoop to the dolphin.

Also, being on the side or stairs, the child receives ultrasonic signals. This happens when the dolphin swims and touches the patient's nose. This is also a certain time.

Well, the most important thing is the interaction with the animal in the water. It is at this moment that the treatment is carried out as much as possible, the main psychological unloading takes place, the child feels calm and satisfied, a very large amount of endorphin in the blood is released.

Experts say that the result is noticeable after the third session, sometimes - after the first. But it is worthwhile to understand that the less the age at which you start classes, the better the effect will be.

Where to take a course in Russia

Dolphin treatment is practiced in many cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kislovodsk, Yevpatoria, Alushta, Yalta, Gelendzhik, Anapa, Sochi, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg and other settlements.


It is extremely difficult to find negative feedback about such a treatment technique as dolphin therapy. After all, this is undoubtedly an effective way of fighting many diseases. But such events are quite expensive, and some families have to give up dolphin treatment precisely for a reason. Also, it is necessary to register for such sessions in advance, sometimes even for six months or a year.

Dolphins have helped very many children and their parents. So, parents of autistic children note that after talking with dolphins, the child began to feel much more confident, got rid of phobias, became more open to communication, many children who had speech delay, began to pronounce words.

It was noted that in children diagnosed with cerebral palsy, nervous excitability decreased, mental processes, learning ability, memory, speech, motor activity decreased, muscle tone significantly decreased.

Some parents are grateful to the dolphins for completely curing their children of stuttering.

There is also an opinion, supported by the results, that dolphin therapy is quite effective in enuresis.

Excitable, hyperactive children after the first lesson become calmer and more balanced in the opinion of doctors and patients.

Some adult people like to spend time this way - swimming with a dolphin. They say that it is very relaxing, gives strength and confidence, improves the overall physical condition.

To summarize, it can be said that dolphin therapy is a very effective method of treatment, which brings the result fairly quickly, requires regular training and a certain attitude.

For the benefits of dolphin therapy, see the video below.