Treatment of cats: what is felinotherapy, treatment, is the maine coon breed

  • What is felinotherapy?
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  • Contraindications
  • Which breeds are suitable for treatment?
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People often get animals at home. Dogs, hamsters, parrots, decorative rabbits - everyone chooses a friend for their liking. Some even hold crocodiles, snakes, and especially desperate lions and bears as pets. But still the leading position among domestic pets is occupied by cats. They are more unpretentious in their care and can normally exist even in a small apartment.

It is known that now this direction in non-traditional medicine is very popular as animal therapy or treatment with animals. Many animals help to gain health and get rid of certain diseases. Can cats treat? Yes they can. Let's see how this happens.

What is felinotherapy?

Felinotherapy is communication with cats, treatment with their help, aimed at getting rid of a number of diseases or alleviating the symptoms. It should be noted that this method is also a good prevention of some ailments.

Even in ancient times, the cat was treated very respectfully, it was ranked among the deities. Tombs were found where people were buried with these animals. They knew about the healing power of cats then - they know it now.

From other methods of pet therapy( treatment with pets), cat therapy is different in that there are no special exercises or a specific algorithm of action. You just let the "mewing doctor" treat you. And he can do this in several ways.

The benefits of

The cat's rumbling is very useful and healing. The frequency of such sounds is 20-50 Hz. During their listening, all the protective functions of the body are triggered, immunity is developed and the person is further less susceptible to catarrhal diseases.

Speedy recovery is promoted by the heat that comes from the cat. Body temperature is higher than human body temperature by three degrees. Therefore, after she has lain in your place, you will feel much easier.

The next healing effect is energy. There is an opinion that the cat takes all the negative energy and shares positive, and after communicating with the animal you will be charged with a positive and be in a good mood.

Very useful is also the massage, which the pet makes with paws. The fact is that cats like to shift from paw to paw, releasing claws. This process resembles a session of acupuncture.

Many probably noticed that when stroking cats through wool, we can feel weak currents. Such low-charge currents are also very useful, especially for people who have problems with blood pressure.

Do not underestimate the psychological benefits of communicating with the "four-legged doctor." After a hard day's work, you just have to stroke the "purr", and fatigue evaporates, the mood improves.

Very important is the communication of the child with the animal. And for children "special" it is generally necessary. After all, a cat, like any other animal, is a conductor between the child and the outside world. The kid learns to communicate with the help of animals, he trusts his secrets, begins to be interested in others, becomes calmer and more balanced.

I must say that not everyone agrees that a cat can really perform all these functions. But scientists continue to work on these issues and prove their theories.


The scope of treatment with the help of cats is not as great as dogs, dolphins and horses, but nevertheless the felinotherapy can be very useful for the following diseases:

  • neuroses;
  • depression;
  • oncological diseases;
  • schizophrenia;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • radiculitis;
  • arthrosis;
  • hypertension;
  • some diseases of the digestive system;
  • autism;
  • problems with sleeping.

It is proved that in families where the "purring doctor" lives, people have better immunity. They also suffer less from cardiovascular diseases, depression, diabetes, migraines, high blood pressure, insomnia. And, as a result, the duration of their lives is longer.

However, the cat can not completely heal you, it is only able to alleviate the symptoms, for example, to remove the toothache, but this is only a temporary effect. You still need to see a doctor.

Exceptions are diseases of the psychological plan - here the cat can significantly affect the situation, for example, to get rid of insomnia or depression. She can cope with nervous disorders.

The key to a good result in treatment is also a good attitude towards these animals.


Do not resort to treatment with felinotherapy for people who are allergic to wool, open wounds on the body, severe forms of nervous disorders, a negative attitude towards cats.

What breeds are suitable for treatment?

There is no significant difference as to which breed is an animal. Almost any cat can help in healing. The main thing is that it should not be aggressive and should go well with a person.

There is an opinion that different breeds and even colors are needed for different diseases:

  • It is considered that Siamese cats treat diseases of the genitourinary and digestive systems well.
  • Long-haired handsome men, such as Angora, Siberian and Persian breeds, help with nervous disorders, depression, insomnia. They also cope well with radiculitis, joint diseases and cramps.
  • Representatives of the cat family of British and Russian blue breeds are most effectively used to combat diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • The Sphinx is worth starting a woman who has gynecological problems.
  • Maine Coon, a popular breed at present, is a good helper in the fight against nervous disorders. Known even the case, as the cat of this breed successfully enough helps a little girl from England to fight against autism.
  • Black cats well relieve of neuroses.
  • White cats relieve chronic fatigue syndrome, relieve depression.
  • Representatives of the feline family with gray fur are effectively fighting various mental disorders and insomnia.
  • Animals of red color are not bad charged with energy, they give strength.
  • Multicolored cats are well suited for normalizing pressure.

Of course, such a distribution in colors and breeds is based on someone's observations and conclusions, but most likely it does not matter what color your pet is: more important is the character's character and temperament.

As for the sex of the animal, then cats and cats can treat. The main thing is that they have their reproductive function preserved. That is, the cat should not be sterilized, but the cat is neutered.

How are classes conducted?

Cats are not animals that can be made to do something. Therefore, cat sessions take place when the "purr" will want, and not when a person needs it. But we must give these animals due - they themselves come to the rescue, when it is necessary.

The treatment process lasts from ten minutes to two hours. This time is quite enough to get the desired effect. It can be carried out daily, if it is necessary, once a week - there are no restrictions.


Felinotherapy is not conducted in a way that is directed and organized like other types of animal therapy. Therefore, it is not so often possible to hear reviews about this method of treatment, such as, for example, dolphin therapy, hippotherapy or kanistherapy.

But still people notice after improving their general physical condition, mood, energy and energy.

Many people highlight the fact that a cat always feels a sore spot in a person. One woman told the story of how her favorite always lay on her neck when she had a sore throat, and the woman at night was even frightened, as something warm wrapped her. But the sore throat really quickly passed.

Autistic children who have cats at home that are more open to communication than children with the same diagnosis whose parents do not have animals.

Old people, especially single people, often get themselves such a pet as a cat. They claim that the animal not only brightens up their loneliness, but also helps them improve their health.

There is a category of people who do not recognize the effectiveness of felinotherapy, does not believe that you can get the result with the help of a cat, as, indeed, with the help of other animals. Most likely, they just do not like them

More information about felinotherapy you can find out from the video below.