Ascaridosis in children - signs of disease, methods of treatment and prevention

Ascaridosis in children - signs of disease, methods of treatment and prevention

Photo: Ascaridosis in children

Ascaridosis in children is caused by round pink helminths - ascarids. They multiply in the small intestine. Male ascarids reach a length of 25 centimeters, and the length of females can be 40 centimeters. During its development, ascarid larvae can move in the body to different organs, for example, the lungs, heart or liver.

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Ascaridosis in children - symptoms, photos and its consequences

Helminths in the external environment lose their vitality. They can stay in the soil for a long time, but during this period they will not develop. In the human body, eggs are transformed into larv

ae. They are able to enter the bloodstream through the intestinal wall. Once in the lungs, they move into the throat, and the person swallows them again. This process is called self-infection.

Symptoms of ascaridosis in children will be as follows:

  • fever;
  • chest pain;
  • dry cough;
  • sputum with blood( in rare cases).

After a person swallows the larvae, they will again enter the intestine. There they will develop and eventually become adult helminths. This process takes approximately three months. In this period, the signs of ascaridosis in children will be as follows:

  • abdominal pain;
  • weakness;
  • nausea;
  • increased body temperature;
  • weight loss;
  • problems from the gastrointestinal tract;
Symptoms of ascaridosis in children

Photo: Symptoms of ascaridosis in children

An adult ascaris can lay down a day to a thousand eggs and move freely in the intestines.

The process of internal migration is very harmful for the child's weak body. This causes damage to the vascular walls and tissues of internal organs. Another symptom of ascariasis is a rash on the body. It is caused by the products of the life of ascaris, which have a toxic effect on the human body.

Larvae can also parasitize the brain and spinal cord, as well as in the organs of vision and circulatory system.

How does the child become infected?

How the child becomes infected Ascarids are found in soil, in places with a warm and humid climate. Unfavorable living conditions for them are deserts or territories where the permafrost is. It is worth noting that at temperatures below -12 degrees Celsius, the eggs of Ascaris die within 3 months. Ascariasis is common mainly in the subtropical and tropical zones, and in countries with a low level of sanitary conditions. Eggs of ascarids are able to penetrate into the soil together with feces. They can also stay and develop there for several years, until they again fall into the right conditions for them - the human body.

In children, this disease develops very often, unlike adults. The fact is that children can often put unwashed hands in their mouths after they come into contact with the soil. Infection can occur when eating dirty and unwashed fruits and vegetables. That is why it is very important to teach your child the rules of personal hygiene.

Possible complications of

Possible complications Ascaridosis in children can also cause complications. The most dangerous of them are:

  • appendicitis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • as well as cholecystitis.

The above diseases can occur with the mass development of helminths. If the disease goes to a chronic stage, then the children may have a delay in physical and mental development. In rare cases, helminth death in the body occurs within a year, and they leave the body together with feces. With all this, the disease will be asymptomatic.

Symptoms of the disease, as well as the degree of their severity, will depend on the amount of adults in the body. The small intestine of the patient may contain several ascarids. They are weaved into a ball and thus cause an intestinal obstruction. Ultimately, this can lead to death.

Intestinal form of ascaridosis: the main signs of

Intestinal form of ascaridosis: the main signs Symptoms are as follows:

  • spasms, pain and colic in the abdomen;
  • increases the formation of gas;
  • bloating;
  • can detect ascarids in feces.

Because of ascarids, digestion and absorption of nutrients can be disturbed, regardless of time of day and food intake. The child may experience nausea, he may have abnormalities in the stool. Also, the sick person will lose weight, his appetite will start to decrease. With ascariasis, weakness is observed.

If you notice a rash on the body of your baby, then before starting to treat hives, it will be necessary to pass tests on the eggs of the worm. Probably, rashes are connected with toxic products of ability to live of ascarids. If you do not treat ascariasis, then the rashes will not go by themselves. Ways to treat urticaria in this case will not be effective.

Diagnosis and analysis of

Diagnosis and analysis

Photo: parasitic tests in a child

  1. The presence of this disease in the larval form can be recognized by the number of leukocyte eosinophils in the blood. These indicators will be characteristic for parasites, as well as allergies.
  2. In the initial stage of infection, the larvae in the body can be detected through a general analysis of sputum or blood.
  3. In advanced cases, the diagnosis of ascariasis is carried out by analyzing the feces of the child for the presence of eggs in it. Helminths can leave the body when coughing or through feces. If possible, the worm must be retained for further identification. If this can not be done, then it is necessary to take urgent tests three times in a row for an accurate diagnosis of the disease.
  4. Additional methods for diagnosing ascariasis include X-rays of the lungs and intestines. You need to spend it during the migration period. It is necessary to do an x-ray several times with an interval of two days to compare the results.
  5. In addition to the above, other diagnostic methods are also used. These include MRI, CT, and ultrasound.

Only after carrying out all the necessary diagnostic methods is determined the way of treatment.

Treatment of

Treatment of ascaridosis in children

disease Photo: Drugs for the treatment of ascaridosis in children

For the treatment of ascaridosis in children, special pills are mainly used. If you follow certain rules, then the drugs can destroy helminths in three days. The scheme of treatment of ascaridosis in children should be composed by a doctor.

You may have heard that the ascarids in the human body lead an anoxic or anaerobic lifestyle. Therefore, there is an oxygen way to treat this disease. But can this treatment be considered safe? The gas will be fed into the intestines with a special probe. This procedure is difficult to withstand, it is prescribed only when the stages of the disease are started. In addition, it is contraindicated for young children and people suffering from peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum.

As an preventive measure, children can be given oxygen cocktails, disinfectants and immunostimulating drugs.

In the fight against ascariasis, the following medicines help:

Medicines for ascariasis in children

Photo: medications for ascaridosis in children

  1. Intoxic is a drug that is effectively taken with various types of helminths, including, and with ascariasis. This drug was developed by scientists on the basis of the latest scientific achievements. Intoxic can be used for both treatment and prevention of disease. The composition of the preparation includes herbal ingredients, among them: Jungar Ferula, bear bile, Sumach fruit juice, as well as various auxiliary components. Take the drug you need half an hour before eating. The amount of the drug, as well as the number of doses per day, depends on the age of the child. Read reviews of the Intoxic tool.
  2. Baktefort is another drug that can relieve you of ascariasis. Due to their unique properties, droplets can effectively cleanse your body of parasites. The advantage of the drug is that it is able to fight various types of parasites, which can not be said about other, traditional remedies. As is known, the products of the vital activity of parasites exert a toxic effect on the whole organism. Drops Baktefort remove intoxication.
  3. The drug for the treatment of ascariasis Gelmifort is absolutely safe for humans. There are no harmful components in its composition. Therefore, this drug can be given to children. In addition to getting rid of the disease, Gelmifort quickly restores the affected organs and also improves the immunity of the child.
How to treat ascariasis in children in folk ways?
How to treat ascariasis in children in folk ways

Photo: How to treat ascariasis in children by popular methods

In the fight against ascariasis, people's methods of treatment are very helpful. But it is necessary to combine them with the drugs prescribed by the doctor for greater effectiveness. Home remedies will allow to cleanse the baby's body of toxins, but it is impossible to completely get rid of the disease with the help of only folk recipes.

    1. The garlic enema helps well in the fight against the disease. To do this, it is necessary to crush two cloves of garlic and mix them in a glass with milk. All this should be infused for 8 hours. Before putting an enema, the composition must be warmed to room temperature. After staging the enema, the ascarids will start to leave the intestine and die. This effect is due to the fact that essential oils of garlic irritate the receptors on the skin of parasites, and ascarids begin to leave their habitat. However, there is a risk that they will move in the opposite direction and, thus, penetrate into the stomach. There they will die in small quantities from the action on parasites of gastric juice. But, if the intestine contains a lot of helminths, then, perhaps, they get into the esophagus and even into the respiratory tract.
    2. Garlic can also be taken orally. To do this, several crushed cloves of garlic should be filled with milk and give the child a drink. This method is the safest.
    3. pumpkin seeds

      Photo: pumpkin seeds

      Pumpkin seeds also help fight with ascariasis. The recipe is that you need to clean 50 or 100 grams of pumpkin seeds and let them eat their baby. After a few hours he should drink an infusion of magnesia. In 1 year the child is put 1 gram of this remedy. It should be diluted in half a glass of water. After the baby takes the infusion, and it will take 2 hours, it will be necessary to put a cleansing enema for him. Substances that are contained in the green peel of pumpkin seeds, can cause paralysis of the helminth muscles, but not always this recipe will be effective, because the parasite skin is quite dense.

    4. You can treat ascaridosis with celandine juice. To prepare a medicine fresh plant should be passed through a meat grinder and squeezed juice out of it, using a bandage or gauze for this. Next, you need to dilute two drops of celandine juice in 30 grams of water and take the medicine inside. Purity has a paralyzing effect on the musculature of helminths, so the latter will leave the intestine. It should be noted that the composition of the juice contains toxic alkaloids, which can enter the human blood. Based on this, it can be concluded that this method of treatment is dangerous, and for very young children it is not recommended to use it.
    5. Carrot juice also has a helminthic effect. After an hour, after the child has drunk it, it will be necessary to put a cleansing enema for him.
    6. Sesame oil is quite powerful anthelmintic action.250 ml of oil should be mixed with 25 ml of onion juice. The child should take this remedy every six hours.
Prophylaxis of ascariasis in children

Photo: Prevention of ascaridosis in children

To avoid infection with ascariasis, first of all, it is necessary to follow preventive measures.

  1. Teach your child as early as possible to the rules of personal hygiene. He should know that you need to wash your hands before eating and you should never put dirty fingers in your mouth.
  2. The most dangerous time is the warm seasons. It must be ensured that your child consumes exceptionally pure vegetables and fruits. Particular attention must be paid if you travel to countries where the climate is warm or humid.
  3. In a house with young children, one should not leave street shoes in sight. In addition, try to carry out the wet cleaning of the floor as often as possible.
  4. If your child is at risk, then it is necessary to carry out preventive measures.
  5. If you have pets in your home, you should regularly perform their de-worming.
  6. Make sure that your child only consumes washed fruits and vegetables.
  7. If you are on a trip, then drink only bottled water.
  8. Meat must be heat treated.

Remember that it is much easier to prevent ascariasis in children than to fight it later.

To prevent ascariasis in children Ascarids are among the most common parasites. The above drugs can effectively fight this disease. It is worth noting that it is almost impossible to cope independently with the disease in the started stage at home. Such patients require inpatient treatment. In addition, in some cases, even surgical intervention is used. If helminths were caused by another disease, then it is necessary to conduct its treatment.

Ascaridosis is a serious disease that must be treated. Otherwise, it can cause serious complications and even lead to death. A major role is played by the prevention of ascaridosis in children. Watch your child, and if you find he has similar symptoms, then immediately consult a doctor and take the necessary tests.

See video: Worms in children and adults. Askaridoz

Treatment reviews

Review No.1

I have long wanted to cleanse both my body and the children's body. Heard many positive reviews about Intoxic and decided to try this particular drug. Ten days later, I and my children felt better. In addition, pain in the stomach and intestines ceased to bother.

Vika, 32 years - Moscow

Response №2

My son's doctors have discovered ascariasis. On the advice of her friend decided to try to give him a drop of Baktefort. The result I was satisfied. With its task, the drug coped with "excellent".

Diana, 30 years - St. Petersburg

Review №3

My son likes to pull dirty fingers into his mouth. Over time, I began to worry about his condition, and I decided to seek help from a doctor. During the survey, he was diagnosed with ascariasis. On the Internet, I read a bunch of positive reviews about the drug Gelmifort.

Many wrote that it is absolutely safe and does not cause side effects, which can not be said about traditional drugs. As a result, I decided to give the child this drug, and he really helped to cure this unpleasant disease.

Lera, 28 yo - Yekaterinburg