Gelmifort from parasites - the price in pharmacies and real reviews about the drug

Gelmifort from parasites - the price in pharmacies and real reviews about the drug

Photo: Helmyfort from parasites

Helmifor is the newest antiparasitic drug developed on the basis of the Swiss Institute of Pathogenic Microflora. The drug is effective against 120 varieties of parasites that can settle in our body. It consists of only natural components that destroy both adults and eggs of helminths and help to remove from the body toxic products of their vital activity. Remedy for parasites Helmifort can be used not only for treatment, but also as a prophylactic drug that excludes the possibility of infection.

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  • 1 Parasitic helminths: useful properties of the preparation
  • 2 Composition
  • 3 Signs of parasites in the body
  • 4 Indications
  • 5 Contraindications
  • 6 Instructions for use Gelmifort
  • 7 Price in the pharmacy and where to buy?
  • 8 Real feedback from experts

Gelmyfort from parasites: useful properties of

Gelmifort from parasites: useful properties of the drug

Photo: Drops Helmyfort from parasites

Drops from helminths Helmifort is an ecoconcentrate, wh

ich includes a whole complex of unique natural components. They have a synergistic effect, that is, they complement each other and enhance each other's actions. The drug contains active substances in high concentrations, which allows effectively destroy parasites and cleanse the body of toxic decomposition products.

Drops of Helmyfort are destructive not only for adults, but also for their larva and helminth eggs. Due to this, a persistent therapeutic effect is achieved. One course of treatment is enough to completely cleanse the body and prevent repeated relapses of infection. In addition, the drug exhibits the following therapeutic properties:

  • strengthens the immune system and stimulates the body to fight against parasitic infection;
  • improves the performance of internal organs( liver, kidney, gallbladder, intestine) and promotes the restoration of damaged tissues;
  • shows diuretic and choleretic properties, helps to clear bile ducts and completely remove toxins;
  • cleanses blood, speeds up metabolic processes;
  • fights against allergic manifestations, neutralizes the effects of irritating effects of parasites on organs and tissues;
  • restores the digestive tract;
  • natural ingredients are not harmful to health and do not provoke side effects.

The drug can be safely used in adults and children( over 12 years old).The safety of this tool is confirmed by clinical trials, and the natural composition excludes the presence of harmful chemical components.

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Composition of

The new antiparasitic agent Gelmifort contains the following ingredients:

Composition of antiparasitic remedy Gelmifort

Photo: composition of antiparasitic agent Gelmifort

  • Extract from seeds of amaranth .This component exhibits anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action, fights pathogenic microbes and destroys the protective shell of helminths, which leads to their death.
  • Extract Bucco .The extract from this medicinal plant has been used for centuries as a restoring and cleansing agent. A useful component helps to improve the functioning of the liver and kidneys and strengthen their withdrawal functions. This effect is achieved due to the diuretic and choleretic action of the extract. Rapid urination allows you to quickly remove toxic substances and remove intoxication.
  • Manchurian nut extract

    Photo: Manchurian nut

    Extract from the Manchurian nut. Ingredient is a natural antibiotic and is responsible for the destruction of helminths. This is the most powerful natural antiparasitic agent effective against 120 species of helminths. Additionally, it stops the inflammatory process, has a bactericidal effect and helps to achieve complete cleansing of the body.

  • Lavra extract .Has a powerful disinfectant and antiseptic effect, helps to cleanse the body of the products of vital activity of parasites, improves digestion and strengthens immunity.
  • Rosemary Extract .A strong antioxidant, which prevents oxidative processes and prevents dangerous complications. This component prevents the formation of cancer cells, has a pronounced tonic effect, increases the body's resistance and excludes possible recurrences of parasitic infections.

The completely natural composition of HelmiFort guarantees its safety, absence of side effects and, unlike toxic medications, helps to get rid of helminths with minimal health risks.

Signs of parasites in the body

Contact with pets

Photo: contact with pets

It is very easy to catch a parasitic infection. It is possible to infect worms through food and water, when dealing with an infected person or during contact with domestic animals. But a person sometimes does not suspect for a long time that uninvited "guests" have settled in his body and writes off an ailment for exacerbation of chronic diseases. In the meantime, parasites multiply very quickly and begin to take away nutrients and vitamins, and in exchange they release toxic products of their vital activity that poison the body. With blood flow, helminths spread throughout the body and affect the heart, lungs, liver, brain and become the cause of severe diseases, including cancer.

If the parasitic infection is not cured in time, then severe consequences are likely that can lead to death. How to recognize the presence of parasites in the body, and on what alarming signs to pay attention? The following symptoms indicate possible infection:

  • decreased immunity, frequent colds;
  • a constant feeling of fatigue;
  • weakness, lack of appetite;
  • indigestion, alternating constipation and diarrhea;
  • persistent headaches, irritability, insomnia;
  • bad breath, plaque on the tongue;
  • rashes on the skin( pimples, blackheads).

If you find yourself, at least some of the above symptoms, you should seek medical help, undergo an appropriate examination and immediately begin treatment when you confirm the diagnosis. But how to be, if practically all pharmacy products from parasites are highly toxic and in the presence of concomitant diseases, their application is highly undesirable? To help come alternative means, among which the most safe are the drops of Helmifort.



Photo: Helminths

Do not underestimate the harm that parasites do to our bodies. Unfortunately, many are sure that helminths are ordinary worms and it's very easy to cope with them. It is enough to take a pill that the doctor will write out and you can forget about the unpleasant neighborhood. In fact, this is not so, because besides all known worms or ascarids, there are still thousands of parasites that can live in the human body, poisoning it and causing serious illnesses. Such parasites can settle in the liver, lungs, heart, intestines and even penetrate the brain and organs of vision.

If you do not take timely action, the consequences can be very sad. In most cases, it is the parasites that cause sudden cardiac arrest, strokes, paralysis, malignant tumors, severe nervous system damage leading to disability. Therefore, with the first alarming symptoms, it is necessary to take drugs that can effectively destroy not only the parasites themselves, but also their larvae. This is the only way to avoid repeated relapses and return unpleasant symptoms.

Specialists recommend Gelmifort drops as a prophylaxis for parasitic infections. Course use of this drug 2 times a year will help prevent infection. If infection could not be avoided and the parasites settled in the body, the natural eco-concentrate will quickly destroy them, and help clean the products of their vital activity.



Photo: Pregnancy

The manufacturer claims that the drops of Gelmifort are completely safe for health, so there are very few contraindications to the use of this remedy. These include:

  • individual intolerance of the components that make up the drops;
  • period of pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • children's age( up to 12 years).

No side effects were identified during clinical trials. But in exceptional cases, the taking of this remedy can trigger rashes on the skin of people prone to allergic reactions. Therefore, before taking the remedy, consult a specialist and find out any possible contraindications.

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Instruction for use Gelmifort

Instructions for use Gelmifort According to the instructions, the course of treatment with the drug should last at least 30 days. In some cases, it can be prolonged, it all depends on the stage of development of helminthiasis and the patient's well-being.

Drops are recommended to be taken twice a day 30 minutes before meals. Adults have 10 drops of Helmifort. They are previously dissolved in 30 ml of liquid( water, juice, tea), after which they are drunk. For children over 12 years, this dose should be reduced by half and be 5-6 drops per 30 ml of water.

Advantages of Helmyfort

Compared with other antiparasitic agents, Gelmifort has a number of significant advantages: Advantages of Helmifort

  • is completely natural;
  • absence of toxic effect on the body;
  • excellent efficiency due to the high concentration of active ingredients;
  • safety, minimum contraindications, no side effects;
  • simplicity and ease of use, each vial with the drug is equipped with a dropper that facilitates dosage.

Gelmyfort reception guarantees the disposal of parasites in just 1 course of use without harm to health. All components of the drug complement each other and strengthen each other, which not only cleanses the body of infection, but it helps to restore the work of internal organs and strengthen immunity.

Price at the pharmacy and where to buy?

To date, it is almost impossible to buy gelmifort in a pharmacy. If a popular drug appears on drugstores, the prices for the drug are often unreasonably overestimated. In addition, recently cases of fakes have become frequent, when questionable funds are given out for Helmifort and try to impose them on the buyer at bargain prices.

Buy Helmifort

Photos: buy gelmifort on the official site of

Therefore, it is more reliable to order antiparasitic drops on the official website of the manufacturer. It is very easy to do this. It is enough to leave an application on the site and soon our consultant will contact you, who will answer all questions and specify the delivery options. The goods will come to your nearest post office, you need to pay the parcel at the time of receipt. No advance payment will be required from you. Packaging with the original product Gelmifort is supplied with a certificate of quality and instruction for use. In addition, it has a code that you need to enter into a special form on the site and make sure the authenticity of the drug.

Price An additional advantage of placing an order on the official website is the substantial discounts that the manufacturer gives to its customers when carrying out the shares. At this time, the price of Helmifort is only 990 rubles, while the real cost of a unique product reaches 3300 rubles. The preparation from parasites HelmiFort on the official site can be bought not only by residents of large cities, like Moscow, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, but also in absolutely any region of Russia. To order, click on the button at the bottom of the section.

Reviews about drops Helmifort confirm the effectiveness of the drug in the fight against parasitic infections. With the help of this tool, it is possible to get rid of parasites and to achieve a significant improvement in well-being.

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Real feedback from

specialists Review No. 1

In recent years, many new, safe remedies have been developed to combat parasitic infections. First of all they are suitable for those patients who have a lot of concomitant diseases and can not take toxic medications.

One of the safest tools I consider to be Gelmyfort drops and recommend them primarily to older, weakened patients and adolescents over 12 years of age. The course of the drug is 1 month. During this time the body will completely clear of parasites and products of their vital functions and restore the normal functioning of vital organs.

Sergei Galyzin, parasitologist - Moscow

Patient feedback

Review №2

I want to say a huge thank you to the creators of Helmiforth! I accidentally heard the advertising of this tool on TV and decided to find it in the pharmacy. Before that, I had a severe pain in my right side, after examining and taking tests I found out that the liver was packed with parasites.

But I could not take toxic drugs, because they first hit the liver, and this organ was so badly damaged. I went to the polyclinic to the parasitologist and it turned out that even many specialists do not know about Helmiforte yet. This is a completely new product, created on the basis of plant extracts.

It is safe for human health, but effectively destroys virtually all types of parasites. But I found on the Internet the official website of the manufacturer, ordered Gelmifort and in a week received a parcel with the drug. I take drops for 2 weeks and feel much better, I hope that we can completely get rid of parasites.

Ilya, Novosibirsk

Review №3

Drops Gelmiforth was advised by my friend. She too was treated with this remedy. I recently felt badly myself, although there were no serious pathologies after the examination in the polyclinic. But based on the characteristic symptoms, I realized that I probably caught a parasitic infection.

I ordered this tool via the Internet. I liked that the composition of HelmiFort includes only plant extracts, and there are no harmful chemical components. Use the drug is very convenient, you can drink drops at any time, before eating. The bottle is equipped with a dispenser, which allows you to accurately calculate the required number of drops. They just need to add 1 tbsp. Water and drink. Relief felt in a week of admission. Improved mood, missing headaches and abdominal pains. There was lightness in the whole body. I believe that this is the best remedy for parasites, and now I will regularly take it for prophylaxis.

Kristina, Yekaterinburg

Review No.4

My daughter recently complained that her stomach hurts. There was a suspicion of appendicitis, but it was not confirmed. Nevertheless, the child had a bowl before his eyes, constantly complained of fatigue, his appetite disappeared completely. After it came to nausea and vomiting, I scored an alarm and led the child to a parasitologist.

My suspicions were confirmed, it turned out that my daughter was infected with ascarids. Gelmiforth was treated with drops, which the doctor advised. Also read about them a lot of positive feedback on the forum on the Internet from real people. This is a very effective herbal remedy for parasites, which does not have a toxic effect on internal organs. A month later, repeated tests were performed, everything was clean.

Inga, Samara

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