42 weeks of pregnancy

42 weeks of pregnancy

You are already tired of your pregnancy, but the baby is not in a hurry to be born, and it is possible that the period of your pregnancy was not calculated correctly, therefore, now you are estimated to be 42nd week of pregnancy. For the time being, there is no talk of postponement, pregnancy is considered prolonged. The kid has stayed in the tummy, and you are already looking forward to birth, like all your loved ones. The kid is fully ripe for birth, gaining weight and growing up, he is very close inside your tummy, he is about to be born.

Changes in the body at week 42

The baby has grown considerably by this time - its weight is about 3600-3700 g, the height can reach 55 cm, and this will be the main difficulty for childbirth - the larger the baby, the more difficult it will be to move along the genericChannel. Approximately 5% of children can be born in this period, usually births pass earlier this term. But even at this time, deliveries can go quite safely and doctors often just observe t

he pregnant women without resorting to artificial stimulation of labor. The children born in this period are quite normal and actively develop themselves, but if there are no tendencies to fast delivery, you will be assigned hospitalization and conducting examinations and a course of preparation for childbirth - ultrasound is performed with an assessment of the fetus, amniotic fluid and the placenta, as well as the cervix. But usually the pregnancy is quite favorable even in this period and no interventions are required, you can safely carry the baby. There is still no compaction of the bones of the skull and severe deterioration with aging of the placenta, reduction of amniotic fluid and drying of the skin of the baby, hypoxia of the fetus. If the same will be revealed during the examination, the question of immediate stimulation of labor is decided.

Childbirth at week 42

Births in this period are quite normal, and pregnancy can proceed without any complications. But it is important to know that there are a number of special indicators that will indicate a true pregnancy overtaxation - the absence of anterior amniotic fluid that is located in front of the fetal head, a sharp decrease in the total volume of amniotic fluid, and ammonium colored mernon colored waters that have meconium particles. Also in the amniotic fluid flakes of lubricant will disappear, the bones of the skull harden, and the cervix of the uterus is immature at the same time, the signs of placenta aging appear. If this happens this week, the doctor will recommend the stimulation of labor or a cesarean section will be prescribed. Drug-induced stimulation of labor will be used only under the condition of the mature cervix of the uterus; if it is not present, it will be artificially stimulated by its maturation before stimulating labor activity. But if there is no indication for urgent stimulation, you can safely wear out the pregnancy before the due date.

It is important to listen to your feelings - usually the birth begins with the passage of water or the beginning of regular bouts, then the baby will be born very soon. The births take place in three stages - the first longest stage is contractions with the opening of the cervix, then there is a period of labor with the birth of the fetus, and then the placenta is separated from the fetal membranes and the uterus is contracted. All stages of childbirth will be closely monitored by doctors and midwives.

Sensations of the future mother

Now the main sensations of the mother are the precursors of childbirth and the enormous fatigue from the huge abdomen, moral depression from the expectation of childbirth and the constant calls of relatives. Now you find it difficult to move around, do your usual work and wear your huge tummy, it's hard to sleep, you always want to go to the toilet, your appetite is reduced, you've already sorted out all the things and prepared all the dowry for crumbs. Take care of household chores, talk to the baby, persuade him to be born as soon as possible. Gather all the documents and things, maybe it's time for you to be hospitalized in the hospital and expect delivery already there.


At the 42nd week, pains in the back, fatigue and heaviness in the legs, the stomach has already lowered and the head of all the heavier toddler strongly presses on the area of ​​the small pelvis and the sacrum. Because of this, pain occurs between the legs, pulls the waist, pains in the abdomen, which can be regular and indicate the onset of labor. Also periodically stony belly - the uterus comes in a tonus and prepares for childbirth.

Uterine status at the 42 obstetric week

The cervix by this time should be mature and pass the tip of the finger, by opening the inner pharynx it helps the head to descend into the cavity of the small pelvis and snugly press against the exit from it. In this case, the uterus periodically comes into tone, due to which the active preparation for childbirth takes place. Gradually, the uterus contractions become more sensitive and contractions begin - regular contractions of the uterine walls with a smooth opening of the cervix.

How to recognize the leakage of amniotic fluid

With the appearance of copious watery discharge from the vagina, leaky amniotic fluid can be suspected. They can be light, with an admixture of flakes of grease and a sweetish smell, or they can be painted brown or greenish because of the meconium admixture. If you suspect a leaking amniotic fluid, you need to see a doctor or conduct a special test with a special gasket with an indicator that will show the presence of amniotic fluid in the discharge.

Also, amniotic fluid can depart remnantly abundantly, flowing on the legs, then it will be difficult to confuse anything with them, and it will be necessary to contact the hospital immediately.

What to do if birth does not occur

At the term of 42 weeks, pregnancy is usually considered prolonged, and not truly carried, although everything will be individualized. Some women can walk and these terms, but if the birth has not yet occurred, give birth this week the chances are the highest. It is important to have a full and detailed observation of a specialist and to establish the fact of masturbation of pregnancy with characteristic signs, then the medicamental stimulation of labor will be indicated or, for special indications, the caesarean section operation.

If there are no indications for urgent surgery, there are no signs of fetal suffering, and the woman's condition does not suffer, you can not worry and calmly expect delivery, enjoying the last days with the tummy. You have a few days left and you can resort to methods of natural stimulation of the uterus for childbirth, home methods. The most pleasant of them will be a sexual relationship with a partner or a neat stimulation of the nipples on the chest, active walking, washing the floors or climbing the stairs. Of the folk remedies, recommendations such as eating pineapple or taking tea with raspberry leaves can help. Also, to approximate delivery, castor oil is used in a very small amount - this leads to cleansing of the intestine, which can provoke active contractions of the uterus and brings the onset of labor on the approach. But it can not be abused - with a large amount of this oil, strong diarrhea can occur with nausea and vomiting.

Often, births may not occur because of psychological not being ready for childbirth and setting for the birth of a child at a certain date - giving birth after a new year, birthday or someone else's event in life. But if there are signs of masturbation, it is worth listening to the doctor and adjusting for birth and their stimulation.

It is important to remember that when the pregnancy is overdone, the bones of the skull in the child harden, which complicates the configuration of the head in childbirth and leads to trauma to the baby and the mother's birth canal. With aging of the placenta and violation of its functions, the fetus may experience hypoxia, which can lead to an increased risk of meconium entering the amniotic fluid and aspiration of these waters to the baby with the formation of negative consequences for him. The amount of amniotic fluid during pregnancy overtreatment sharply decreases, which leads to drying of the baby's skin. If according to the data of ultrasound doctors notice signs of overstretching, you need to decide the issue of delivery quickly and immediately.

If, on the basis of the survey with the child, everything is in order, it's just worthwhile to wait and talk with the baby for a while, urging him to be born as soon as possible. It is important to listen constantly to your feelings and movements of the child, and soon you will meet with him!

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