Can I ride a bicycle with hemorrhoids? How does riding a disease affect?

Hemorrhoids and cycling Many people who have been diagnosed with hemorrhoids, "protecting" their disease, try to engage in fewer sports. Logically reasoning that hemorrhoids after bicycles, football or tennis will become aggravated, jammed knots or bleeding will open.

People fear that sudden movements can damage the vulnerable shell of the formations, and thereby harm health. Such arguments are fundamentally wrong. To understand that hemorrhoids and cycling or athletics and physical exercises are not only compatible, but also useful for treatment, you need to remember the school lessons of anatomy.

Hemorrhoids and cycling The fact is that the structure of the veins that wash the rectum area differs from other similar vessels. If the veins of the legs have valves that do not allow the flow of blood to return back, the venous vessels responsible for delivering blood and oxygen to the tissues of the rectum of such valves are deprived. The normal work of these vessels is helped by the movements of the muscles that we make when walking, running, d

uring jumping.

The intensive blood flow in the arteries closely adjacent to the veins aggravates the situation. If the muscles perform little movement, that is, the person sits more or stands still, the veins do not cope with all the load loaded on them. This forms the stagnation of venous blood, which will gradually stretch the walls of the veins, and provoke the development of hemorrhoids.

So, and those people who are predisposed to the formation of hemorrhoids, and those who have already acquired this "pleasant" disease, not only is not harmful, but it is very useful to regularly ride a bicycle.

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  • 1 Benefits of riding a bicycle with hemorrhoids
  • 2 Rules for cycling with hemorrhoids
  • 3 Importance of clothes for bike rides

Use of a bicycle ride with hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids and cycling During the ride, you need to maintain balance while moving forward. To do this, you need to use almost all muscle groups. The movements made by the muscles of the legs quickly fix the outflow of venous blood, and there is no trace of stagnant phenomena.

In addition, the acceleration of the total flow of blood contributes in addition to the supply of oxygen to all cells of the body, while forcing them to get rid of the decay products. And this helps the tissues of the vessels to restore their former strength, restore their elasticity and elasticity, which greatly accelerates the process of reducing hemorrhoids and brings about a full recovery.

The use of bicycles is also in the fact that these activities actively contribute to weight normalization, strengthen the cardiovascular system, and develop lungs well. And most importantly, raise vitality, and the desire to quickly cope with the problem.

But before rushing to the store for a bike, and with a head immersed in cycling, it is worth remembering the golden rule of medicine that even the most wonderful medicine with an overdose becomes a poison. Everything should be even and reasonable, especially physical exertion when riding a bicycle.

The rules for riding a bicycle with hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids and cycling The first thing you need to pay special attention is your landing on an iron friend, or rather the device of a saddle. Unfortunately, this is the weakest and most vulnerable spot in many bike models. With the wrong design, and forced uncomfortable planting, the entire mass of your body will press on the groin area. And it is harmful not only to a patient with hemorrhoids, but to any perfectly healthy person.

The saddle of a bicycle that does not take into account the physiological characteristics of the human body will provoke clogging of arteries and a large area of ​​nerve endings, which can cause not only infringement of the tissues of the hemorrhoids, but also a violation of sensitivity or numbness of the legs.

After you have selected the right model of the bike, equip it with a physiologically comfortable saddle, properly adjust the height of the steering wheel according to your height, you will only have to learn a few important rules, in which the question is whether it is possible to ride a bicycle , By yourself.

  1. The beginning of the movement should always be smooth, without jerking or jerking. Try to avoid steep climbs and sudden braking. Before you sit on the bike, choose an even area for riding, and do a few trial circles on it.
  2. Hemorrhoids and cycling Riding along city roads and motorway tracks is not the best solution. So you can get poisoned by exhaust gases instead of oxygen saturation. Look at the paths in the nearest park or alley with densely growing trees.
  3. During the ride, always listen to your body. If you feel the slightest discomfort in the area of ​​the anus or inside, immediately stop the walk. It is necessary to immediately stop, analyze the situation, and find out what could have caused a change in your state of health.
  4. If during the trip you do not worry about anything and you feel just a surge of energy, you can gradually increase the load, travel a longer distance, climb the small gentle slopes and accelerate to a reasonable speed.
  5. The end of your walk should also be smooth. In no case can not be braked after a fast and tense ride. This can cause blood clots to overload and a sudden pressure surge, which you absolutely do not need. Last 10 - 15 minutes walk slowly, leveling your breathing and soothing the rhythm of the heart.

Importance of clothes for cycling

Hemorrhoids and cycling Bike rides are not just entertaining and pleasant activities, they require the selection of special clothes. And in the event that you have hemorrhoids, you need to take care of purchasing a cycling short with a diaper.

The main load always rests on the legs, and it is necessary that nothing restricts or interferes with the movements of the legs, especially not compressing the muscles. Pick up tight suiting shorts that tightly fit the figure, and will not lead to the formation of abrasions and diaper rash.

Fabrics from which such products are currently produced have a multifunctional structure, so they absorb sweat well, do not cause allergic reactions and do not restrict the freedom of movement. A specially equipped diaper will prevent the penetration and accumulation of sweat in between the gluteal region.

This is a very important point. Since the secretive secret secreted in large quantities provokes inflammation of the mucous membranes, and can cause inflammation in the affected areas.

Contraindications to cycling with hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids and cycling Features of the course of hemorrhoids are the periodicity of this disease. The remission is replaced by exacerbation, and often without any apparent cause. Thus, colonoproctologists recommend interrupting bicycle rides for the time of exacerbation of the disease.

During this period, the traditionally positive effect of such exercises can worsen your condition. Stimulation of blood circulation will lead to overfilling of the nodes, and, possibly, to internal or external bleeding, and even to infringement.

If you have advanced hemorrhoids at stage 4 of the disease, and hemorrhoids are large and prone to injury, cycling is best replaced by walking. Alternatively, you can purchase a mountain bike without a saddle and drive no more than 30 minutes a day.