How is hemorrhoids treated with celandine?

How is hemorrhoids treated with celandine The celandine has long been known as a highly effective medicinal plant in the treatment of hemorrhoids. This herb belongs to the family of poppies. The plant is very easily recognizable - if you break its stalk, then the juice will turn bright yellow. Such a shade is determined by the high content of carotenes in the plant.

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Celandine used to treat a variety of diseases, due to its composition and medicinal properties. Using celandine, you can cure inflamed hemorrhoids and bleeding and painful anal fissures. The plant has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, healing, restoring and analgesic effect.

Treatment of anal fissure Pure celandine for hemorrhoids is used in its natural form - it lubricates hemorrhoid cones and anal fissures. Cleaner perfectly removes the spasms of the lower intestine, tones and restores the damaged ski

n, heals cracks and wounds.

celandine treatment of hemorrhoids allows to prevent the spread of infection, has a hemostatic effect in bleeding hemorrhoids formations. The celandine is able to cauterize tissues, dry the wounds, soothes and relieves skin irritation. This plant is especially famous for its antiseptic properties and disinfecting effect.

Hemorrhoids Treatment celandine - folk recipes

in treating colorectal diseases is recommended to use celandine complex - use plants juice, rectal suppositories on the basis of extract of the plant, to apply steam and cold hip baths, ointment from celandine, microclysters and tampons on the basis of celandine. Only then will the effect of such therapy be tangible and effective.

juice celandine

Juice of celandine To prepare the agent for the treatment of hemorrhoids on the basis of celandine juice, you will need: one liter of vodka, flowers and stems of plants. For the preparation of medicinal product it is required to turn the celandine on a meat grinder and squeeze out the juice from the plant mass. Vodka is added to it.

This tool should lubricate the external hemorrhoid cones at night, before going to bed. When an internal hemorrhoid is cotton-gauze, which is abundantly wetted in juice and gently introduced into the rectum. Keep the tampon in the rectum need no more than half an hour, after which the tampon is carefully removed from the rectum. After a swab of celandine juice, you must enter another tampon with rosehip oil, which should be left in the rectum for the entire night.

Similar treatment allows to remove inflammation, reduce hemorrhoidal formations, anesthetize and relieve burning sensation in hemorrhoids. The celandine actively affects the rectal mucosa, restores tissue and helps to eliminate the exacerbation of the disease. Candles


Candles based on celandine

celandine To prepare rectal suppositories based plants need celandine grass and ordinary fat. The plant must be grinded on a meat grinder, washed with lard and cut into small pieces. After the fat, pass through a press for chopping garlic. For candles, use a mass of lard mixed with medicinal grass.

Rectal suppositories are formed from the mixture, which are frozen. Use the suppositories obtained in this way every day for the night. To do this, you need to carefully insert a candle into the anal passage and leave it for the whole night. A mixture of celandine is also used as an ointment, it lubricates the external inflamed hemorrhoids.


Baths with hemorrhoids The use of sedentary baths for hemorrhoids must be included in the complex treatment of the disease. Steam bath softens the skin, has a tonic and anti-inflammatory effect. To conduct it, pour hot water into a wide basin, then add a decoction of celandine.

To prepare a decoction, you need to take two tables. Spoons of melted grass and boil it for about ten minutes. Then the broth is infused for half an hour. The procedure for taking a sedentary bath is best done at night. The time of the procedure should not exceed seven minutes. After it is necessary to lubricate the anal area with therapeutic ointment and put on warm clean linen.

Cold sedentary bath is also effective in treating internal and external hemorrhoidal formations. For the procedure, cool water and a cooled decoction of celandine are used. The bath time is about five minutes. Such a sedentary bath narrows the blood vessels, stops hemorrhage with hemorrhoids, helps reduce knots and well anesthetizes. The number of procedures is not limited. They can be used daily, at night - until full recovery.


For the treatment of internal hemorrhoids, microclysters with infusion or decoction of celandine are used. In equal amounts, vodka and melted grass of celandine are mixed. After that, the teaspoon of the mixture is diluted with warm water for enema. For the procedure, you need to lie on your side and relax.

Curative enemas The anterior hole is carefully inserted into the anterior opening of the pre-lubricated enema tip, then the contents are squeezed into the rectum. The injected liquid is held for several minutes inside the rectum. For the evening enema, a small amount of refined vegetable oil is added to the alcohol mixture.

Microclysters can be used for 10-20 days. You can apply microclysters and without including in the mixture of vodka, from the usual decoction of celandine, diluted with warm water. In enemas to decoction of celandine, you can add a decoction of other medicinal herbs: plantain, oak bark, chamomile, yarrow, dandelion root.


Broth celandine

Broth from celandine - an effective remedy for lotions and compresses. Purity in hemorrhoids can be taken inwardly in the form of a decoction or infusion. The infusion is prepared as follows: two tablespoons of herbs are crushed and poured into one glass of boiling water. The mixture must be infused for about two hours. Infusion is taken in two st. Spoons before each meal( three to four times a day).

To prepare a decoction of herb celandine for ingestion, take the melted grass and pour boiling water. The mixture is put on a weak fire and boil it for about 10-15 minutes. Then the broth is filtered and infused for thirty minutes or an hour. Decoction is taken orally by a third of the glass before eating. Also, the broth is used for sedentary baths, microclysters, lotions and compresses on the inflamed anal area.


Ointment based on celandine from hemorrhoids Ointment based on celandine is a highly effective anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Home remedy ointment restores the affected skin, relieves inflammation, reduces hemorrhoidal nodes, anesthetizes and restores tissues.

To prepare the ointment at home, take the herb celandine, grind it in a meat grinder and mix it with the juice with a small amount of honey. Then add a small amount of butter. All components are thoroughly mixed. Medical ointment requires lubricating external hemorrhoids and microcracks.

The product perfectly heals wounds and softens inflamed tissues. Ointment can be used in treatment several times a day. For the treatment of internal hemorrhoidal formations, the ointment is distributed along a gauze pad, which is gently inserted for half an hour into the anal opening. Then the swab is removed from the rectum.


Contraindications Purity is used in the treatment of hemorrhoids for a long time. However, one should know that like any medicinal herb, it has its own set of contraindications for use. Juice celandine is sufficiently poisonous, so treatment of hemorrhoids should be carried out in strict compliance with all rules for the preparation of folk remedies.

Purity is used with extreme caution. Contraindicated cure celandine with signs and symptoms of angina pectoris, epilepsy, bronchial asthma, pregnancy. Use of medicines based on herbs celandine should be done after a preliminary consultation with a doctor.

Reviews for the treatment of hemorrhoids Celandine

Review No.1

I have been suffering from hemorrhoids for several years. The disease is periodically exacerbated - hemorrhoid cones fall out from the anus, bleed and hurt. With such exacerbations of hemorrhoids, home ointments are saved on the basis of celandine. This herb used my grandmother for a variety of diseases.

With hemorrhoids, celandine perfectly helps to cope with hemorrhoid inflamed cones. Passes pain, burning, knots noticeably decrease in size, cease to bleed and easily and painlessly enter the rectum. I advise you to use home-made ointments based on celandine.

Galina, 54 years - Simferopol

Review No.2

In treating hemorrhoids celandine, it is important to avoid overdose. Otherwise, it is an excellent medicinal plant that can be used to reduce hemorrhoidal cones.

I treated a delicate disease with rectal suppositories based on celandine. For the preparation of candles, it was lard and celandine - it is an ancient recipe for folk medicine, well known to many sick people with hemorrhoids. Fat helps to soften the skin, and the celandine acts on the hemorrhoids and surrounding tissues.

Valery, 57 years - Moscow

Review No.3

From sitting office work began to worry about hemorrhoids. The proctologist advised me to apply celandine therapy along with the medicinal ointment that she prescribed.

From celandine I used in the treatment of baths and lotions. Inside, the infusion did not take. But the exacerbation of hemorrhoids could be cured in a week.

Anna, 39 years old - Novosibirsk