What is sweet from breastfeeding: recipes for healthy desserts and a review of sweets for a nursing mother

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  • 1. What products can I breastfeed?
  • 2. I want a sweet
  • 3. What else is prepared from natural products?
  • 4. Use of sugar substitutes
  • 5. Summing up

Everyone knows that many women love sweet and varied pastries. Such predilection can be dangerous for the figure, women reproach themselves for improper nutrition, but do not know that their tastes are scientifically grounded. Why are women so fond of sweet and flour? They spend a lot of energy, so they need carbohydrates, while men can not do without the proteins contained in the meat.

Sweet and want nursing mothers. Someone will arrange just tea, and someone will want to add a cake to him. The desire to eat something sweet with breastfeeding is quite natural: breastfeeding results in high energy costs. Anxious state, anxiety about the health of the child, inability to sleep properly at night, also deprive oneself of energy, require replenishment of the expended energy. Sweets are natura

l antidepressants, and besides, an excellent source of energy.

Love of sweets Love for sweets is literally "in the blood" in women, especially this traction increases with large energy costs, which can be attributed and breastfeeding. Choose the type of sweet you need to be careful not to harm the child

What foods can a nursing mother?

During breastfeeding, it is necessary to treat your food very carefully, because all the eaten products will inevitably fall into the breast milk. It should be remembered that excessive restrictions are also unacceptable, since milk must contain in sufficient quantities all the useful substances necessary for the child.

Doctors agree that a woman during this period can consume the same foods that she ate during pregnancy. To them, the baby is used, while still in the prenatal state. Products that raise doubts should be introduced gradually - the first time in a small amount, paying special attention to the reaction of the baby.

Sweets can be consumed and needed, but their choice must comply with certain rules.

I want sweet

Favorite cakes with cream is better not to use. Young mother will be suitable:

  1. Zephyr .When buying marshmallows, you should choose a plain white without dyes, flavors and chocolate.
  2. Pastille .Pastila is good because it can be cooked by yourself. Buying it in a store, you need to pay attention to what it is made of. It is better to stop on a pastel based on pectin. Do not use gelatin, artificial flavors and colorants should be avoided.
  3. Marmalade .The most correct choice, only it is necessary that it was based on pectin. In the store he is in the department of organic products.
  4. Condensed milk .You can start eating it when the newborn turns a month old. Condensed milk is too sweet, so use it little by little. The best option is to put it in tea, although not everyone likes to drink tea with milk. To drink a drink is useful in the case if breast milk is not enough, as tea with milk enhances lactation. Official medicine doubts the effectiveness of this method, but from the practice of breastfeeding it can be argued that it helps.
  5. Halva and kozinaki .Halva can be eaten with breastfeeding, since it is made from natural products. Sunflower, for example, is made from sunflower seeds. There is tahini halva from sesame, peanut and others. They can be perceived differently by the baby, so try them a little by little. The same applies to the kozinak, in which there is also honey.
  6. Candy .Chocolate is better not to eat, because they are made from cocoa beans, which is a strong allergen. Mom, whose kids do not have an allergic reaction to chocolate, you can eat 2-3 pieces a day. Preferably still, choose your choice of caramel, jelly sweets, "Cows" or iris. A good option would be the preparation of sweets from dried fruits at home.
Apple pastille Pastila is an amazing dish. To taste it resembles harmful and appetizing store sweets, but it is one hundred percent for natural ingredients - most often from apples

What else is prepared from natural products?

Other desserts that fit a young mother:

  1. Merengi( meringue) .Delicacy is made from egg whites and sugar, so moderate consumption of meringue will not do harm if the baby is not contraindicated with eggs. Cranberries in Sugar .It can be eaten without fear, it is not only delicious, but also useful.
  2. Almonds in the sugar .Also very tasty and useful. In addition, almonds cause an allergic reaction less frequently than other types of nuts.
  3. Jam .Homemade jam does not contain harmful preservatives, and even very tasty. Bread with jam is a cake that will bring pleasure and will not damage your health. Baby cookies. Such a cookie is prepared specifically for feeding children, the baby can not harm it, so that it can be safely. It suits also for preparation of cakes, only it is not necessary to take for this purpose soluble grades. A simple recipe: prepare the cream, beat the sour cream with sugar, lay the cookies on a plate, grease with cream, cover with other biscuits, grease again.2-3 layers is enough. Now we must put it all for an hour in the fridge, and the cake is ready. It is possible for mother and oatmeal cookies, but for cakes it will not work.
  4. Home cake .Also a great option for a nursing mother, you just need to pick the right stuffing. Creams can be lubricated with the cream described above or with homemade jam. When using purchased products, one should completely exclude those in which fragrances, preservatives and coloring agents are present. You can not also use chocolate, cocoa, baking powder and emulsifiers.
  5. Lukum .Make it from sugar, flour and nuts, in separate types add fruit juice, rose petals, figs. Adding to your menu rahat-lukum, you need to monitor the reaction of the baby. Nuts are a strong allergen, so immediately there is a lot of lukuma is not worth it. For such cases, there is white lukum, which does not contain nuts.
Turkish Delight Rakhat-lukum is an excellent option for a nursing mother, only you have to choose it carefully. Cheap options usually contain a lot of sugar, dyes and flavors. You should buy the product in branded oriental stores or do it yourself at home.

Use of sugar substitutes

It must be remembered that you can not use nursing breast:

  • xylitol;
  • sorbitol;
  • aspartame and other synthetic products.

Sugary substitutes that have got into the mother's milk, and from there - into the baby's body, will not be processed, the baby does not have the means for this. Some of the substitutes - for example, aspartame, during digestion turn into methyl alcohol, which is the strongest poison. Synthetic substitute cyclamate is completely banned in the EU countries. One of the oldest substitutes - saccharin - has a devastating effect on the gastrointestinal tract, so it is as harmful to the mother as the baby.

The refusal to eat sweets during feeding is possible for medical reasons. What options are possible if there is such a need? The best means will be fructose or substitutes based on stevia - this plant growing in Brazil and Paraguay, was used by Indians as a sweetener for centuries. The use of stevia promotes the treatment of obesity and hypertension.

Summing up

Breastfeeding involves the use of sweets, since a large amount of glucose is released with milk, and milk production itself is an energy-consuming matter. The lack of carbohydrates can lead to irritability, the onset of headaches, fatigue. In order not to aggravate the natural fatigue, not to bring yourself to an aggressive state, so detrimental to family life, do not deny yourself sweet delicacies. Moderate use of them will help not only to preserve strength and health, but also to have fun. Cooking sweets can be at home - there are many recipes, some of them can be viewed on video.


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