Whether it is possible for the nursing mother to have white, milky or bitter chocolate: the benefits and harm of the product in breastfeeding

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  • 1. General recommendations of
  • 2. The reaction of the child's organism to chocolate
    • 2.1. Allergy
    • 2.2. Digestive Problems
    • 2.3. Restless state
  • 3. Chocolate as an allergen
  • 4. How useful is chocolate for a nursing mother?

Is it ok to eat chocolate while breastfeeding? The opinions of experts are mixed. In Western medicine it is believed that during the lactation period, as in pregnancy, a woman can eat everything, limited only in quantity. The domestic specialists have a different point of view. We have a widespread claim that when a mother feeds a baby with a breast, she needs to follow a diet( at least in the first 2-3 months).Why the opinions of scientists are so different, we will not find out, but they will help to identify each breastfeeding mother, whether she should use chocolate during lactation or still not be able to do this categorically.

Chocolate To eat chocolate or not? This problem of choice worries many moth

General recommendations of

There is no strict prohibition on the use of this product in breastfeeding. However, in everything you need to observe the measure. Before enjoying a favorite sweetness, a feeding mom should pay attention to the body's reaction and other factors. You can afford a bit of chocolate if:

  • during pregnancy you ate milk, white or bitter chocolate and did not observe an allergic reaction;
  • you have never had food allergies;
  • , none of your close relatives are allergic to chocolate.
If there is at least a slight risk of an allergic or other reaction, it is better to stop using chocolate.

However, in the first month it is worth doing, even if there are no contraindications. Yet this is not exactly the product that suits the ration of a nursing mother.

Many will be interested in the opinion of Yevgeny Komarovsky on this matter. He says that in the absence of allergies it is allowed to eat chocolate during lactation, but in small amounts. Too addicted to them is not worth it.

The reaction of the child's body to chocolate

Digestion in a newborn baby is very sensitive, and through the breast milk everything that makes up the mother's diet gets to him. Since the chocolate contains not very easy substances to digest, it can cause allergies, various digestive problems, and a restless state. Let's consider in detail.

Allergy Allergies in a newborn can occur on any component of chocolate. So is it worth the risk?


Components that can cause allergies are more than enough in chocolate. These are milk protein, cocoa bean proteins, peanuts, caffeine and various chemical additives. All these substances do not have the best effect even on the digestion of an adult, not to mention a newborn. If the baby has an allergic reaction, it will show up on the skin as follows:

  • rash;
  • redness;
  • diathesis( peeling of the skin on the cheeks and itching);
  • gneiss( scales) on the eyebrows and under the hair;
  • of diaper rash and sweating.
If you have any signs of an allergy, this treat should be excluded from the diet.

After a while, you can try again, but if the reaction repeats, then you have to abandon it for the duration of breastfeeding.

Digestive Problems

Colic, bloating, upset of the stool and other abnormalities in the digestive system of the baby will also say that when breastfeeding, it is worth abandoning your favorite sweetness in favor of child health. Everyone knows the signs of pain in the tummy. If the child cries and screams, fingings and presses them to the stomach, for a long time can not empty the intestines, so the new product made itself felt. All will pass, when gases recede or defecation happen, but whether the favorite delicacy of childish torment is worth it is for every mother to decide.

Colic Colic, which arose as a result of reaction to chocolate, will disturb the baby for several hours until the tummy passes. The price of a half chocolate - sleepless night mom and baby

Restless state

Nervous agitation can occur in a child if the mother ate a fairly large amount of chocolate. This is due to the caffeine that is present in its composition. One bitter chocolate bar contains 30 mg of caffeine( 150-200 mg is present in a cup of coffee).If mum will use it without measure, the baby can become too excited, do not sleep well and show other signs of anxiety. In addition, caffeine does not have a very good effect on peristalsis of the intestine, provoking increased formation of gases. What kind of chocolate can an organism's reaction cause?

Chocolate as an allergen. Of course, first of all it is a low-grade product with the addition of components of questionable quality. If the chocolate is qualitative, the percentage of negative reaction is very low.

Chocolate Before using chocolate read its composition. Good chocolate does not contain palm oil and other harmful ingredients. The price of such a chocolate is corresponding to

It will be useful to get acquainted with the list of components that are harmful to health and causing allergies. These are:

  • whole milk;
  • chemical additives( preservatives, stabilizers, flavors);
  • fried peanuts;
  • palm oil.

Whole milk is an indispensable component of milk chocolate. Since digestion of a newborn baby is not yet capable of digesting casein, the child may experience diathesis, intestinal disorders and systemic lesions. The same consequences may also occur after consuming white chocolate, which contains film milk powder.

The dangers of chemical additives have long been known to everyone. This harm increases several times when it comes to a small child, since in this case the effect of chemical additives is not only detrimental to health, but also can affect development.

Fried peanuts in the form of small particles often fall into the chocolate, but not everyone knows that even if it does not affect the taste, it is a strong allergen. In addition, most of the peanuts used in confectionery production are genetically modified.

Chocolate with nuts Chocolate nuts are not only a strong allergen for the baby, but can also be of very poor quality. This means that in addition to allergies, you can get an intestinal disorder

Palm oil is a cheap analog of cocoa butter. If it is present in the composition, then the manufacturer simply saved the money. Palm oil is very carcinogenic and in many countries it is forbidden to use not only in food production, but even in the manufacture of soap and other hygiene products. Is it worth talking about its harm to the infant and his mother during breastfeeding.

How useful is chocolate for a nursing mother?

For the sake of justice, it should be said that chocolate is not absolutely harmful in breastfeeding. If a nursing mother sometimes allows herself a small amount of quality chocolate, then in addition to positive emotions, she will also receive some benefit for her body:

  1. Nutrition. The energy value of 100 g of the product with 72% of the content of cocoa is 519 kcal, so tea with such a supplement can be well refreshed.
  2. Valuable minerals. Iron, calcium and phosphorus, although in small quantities, but still present in chocolate.
  3. Toning ingredients. Theobromine and caffeine in moderate dosages increase vitality, affecting the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

It should, however, compare the benefits for the mother with harm to the baby. If the second outweighs, then do not take risks.


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