Treatment of internal hemorrhoids

Treatment of internal hemorrhoids Internal hemorrhoids are hidden inside the rectum. It looks like small blood clots, in which there is accumulated blood. Determine the presence of internal hemorrhoids can be determined by the appearance of blood and discharge during defecation. Blood appears because with constipation dense feces scratch the intestine and injure the hemorrhoids. These injuries also cause pain.

It happens that the internal nodes fall out during the emptying of the intestine or when lifting the gravity. This causes even greater discomfort. Therefore, the disease is important not to bring to such an unpleasant situation, which is quite difficult to treat.

1 The causes of internal hemorrhoids

  • 2 Symptoms of internal hemorrhoids
  • 3 Treatment of internal hemorrhoids with folk remedies and traditional medicines
  • 4 Prevention of internal hemorrhoids
  • 5 Reviews of the treatment of internal hemorrhoids: suppositories and other medications
  • Causes of internal hemorrhoids

    First of allInternal

    hemorrhoids arise as a result of internal rectal pressure, for example, with chronic constipation. In women, the frequent cause of internal hemorrhoids is pregnancy. The fruit presses on the organs of the small pelvis, which increases the load on the veins of the pelvis and blood vessels. During childbirth, the situation is aggravated, since the parturient child has to push, and this puts tremendous pressure on the veins, which exacerbates hemorrhoids.

    To the development of internal hemorrhoids can also lead:

    • excess weight or obesity,
    • development of tumors in the pelvic region,
    • frequent use of alcoholic beverages, spicy and salty foods,
    • is not in favor of health is a sedentary lifestyle and excessive physical exertion,
    • is possible andFactor of heredity.

    Internal hemorrhoids for a long time can develop almost asymptomatically, since there are a few nerves in the rectum.

    Symptoms of internal hemorrhoids

    Treatment of internal hemorrhoids Internal hemorrhoids, in fact, are varicose veins that occur in the rectum. With this type of disease, the hemorrhoidal nodes are located inside the anus.

    The disease develops for a long time unnoticed and only with time symptoms begin to appear. Also during defecation and after it in the anus, there are frequent pulling pains, discomfort, burning and itching, which with time is increasingly aggravated.

    First of all, a patient can post-detec- tion detect traces of blood on toilet paper.

    At the last and fairly advanced stage of the disease, hemorrhoids often fall out. At this point, urgent intervention by specialists is already necessary.

    Treatment of internal hemorrhoids folk remedies and traditional medicines

    How and what to treat internal hemorrhoids? Is there a better remedy for this unpleasant disease?

    Today, there are a large number of tools and techniques for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids. One of the simplest and first tools are with veche. With their help you can cope with the pain and discomfort. However, far from , not all candles are designed for internal hemorrhoids , so do not buy them yourself without consulting the proctologist. The following candles are well suited:

    • proctosan,
    • ultraproject,
    • hepatrombin G.

    Internal hemorrhoids - is a common problem of parturient women, about 80% of them suffer from this disease.

    Before a nursing woman begins treatment for internal hemorrhoids, it is very important to consult a doctor to make sure that the drug is not harmful to the baby. Therefore, lactating women often use less dangerous recipes of traditional medicine.

    Treatment of internal hemorrhoids When internal hemorrhoids are not badly helped by the juice of fresh ashberries s .It is drunk 50 grams three times a day, you can add a spoonful of honey.

    Inflammation can help to remove homemade candles from raw potatoes, candied honey or twisted into a tube of aspen leaves.

    Cool baths with broths of herbs are also useful: chamomile, calendula, St. John's wort, yarrow.

    However, often internal hemorrhoids are found in the second and third stages, when folk remedies will not help and hope for them, and so lose time, it's not worth it.

    Quite successfully now methods of treatment of internal hemorrhoids using modern special equipment are used. First of all, this is the latex ligation of hemorrhoids. This method is effectively used in the second and third stages of the disease. It is a painless procedure that takes several minutes and does not require anesthesia and hospitalization.

    With her on the nodes impose special rings of latex, which do not allow blood circulation in the nodes and they die. The following procedures are of similar effect:

    • cryodestruction,
    • sclerotherapy,
    • infrared photocoagulation

    In these cases, hemorrhoidal nodes are burned out by cold or infrared ray, glued together with a special preparation.

    Prevention of internal hemorrhoids

    Strive Internal hemorrhoids need not only to be treated. In the future, it is important to lead a correct lifestyle in order not to allow a second disease.

    In the prevention of this disease, the main thing with every free minute to try to move: to walk, do exercises, warm up. However, do not wear heavy things and do not deal with weighting in the fitness center.

    It is also important to follow a diet: eat small portions 5-6 times a day. Try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. On an empty stomach every morning it is worth drinking a glass of clean raw water with a spoonful of honey. Such measures will help to avoid constipation.

    It's better to give up heavy food: pasta, potatoes, bread, sweet and flour. Meals are served by soups, porridges, sour-milk products.

    Reviews for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids: suppositories and other medications

    Review No.1

    I had a third stage of hemorrhoids with external prolapsus. How many different things I've tried. They were ointments and oils:

    • Proctosan,
    • Relief Advance,
    • Relief,
    • Posterizan Forte,
    • Gepatrombin G.

    I will not say anything, the agents are quite good, softened the knots for a while and anesthetized them. But only for a while. And only after using the gel emulsion nifedipine nodes in general significantly decreased in size. Since then, it's been six months and everything looks fine. And more my hemorrhoids do not bother me.

    Olga, Moscow

    Review No.2

    I have this trouble after giving birth. Began to notice the blood in the toilet - a spectacle is not for the faint-hearted. And the pain in general was just hellish. I was even afraid to eat, so long as I did not go to the toilet. And the Relief candles helped me, and, quite quickly. It is relatively inexpensive - about 250 rubles. And I had one course, that is, twelve candles, to cure this unpleasant misfortune.

    Tatiana, St. Petersburg