How to treat hemorrhoids after childbirth, what to do with the first symptoms?

Treatment of hemorrhoids after childbirth With the birth of a child, every woman's life is filled with new cares and joys. But often the postpartum period is marred by such a delicate problem as hemorrhoids.

In women, hemorrhoids after birth are not uncommon. Usually, he claims about himself during pregnancy due to changes in the woman's body: the growing uterus presses on the area inside the peritoneum, which makes blood flow out of the rectum. Promotes the development of the disease and sedentary lifestyle, increasing weight, improper diet, and as a consequence - constipation.

After the birth, a new disease begins to worsen. However, all is not so terrible. If you follow simple rules with this disease, you can quickly and effectively cope in the first few months after the birth of the child.

Hemorrhoids - a pathological enlargement and inflammation of the rectum veins, this ailment is very common and familiar to almost everyone. As a rule, the woman observes the first symptoms of the disease even during pregnancy.

Carrying out a child, a woman experiences an increasing burden on the pelvic organs, as a result of which blood supply to organs is disrupted and stagnant phenomena that promote the appearance of hemorrhoids are developing.

If during pregnancy the expectant mother may experience only minor discomfort, then after the birth of the baby the problem becomes more acute. Why does severe hemorrhoids appear after delivery, and what causes an exacerbation of the disease?

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Causes of hemorrhoids after childbirth

  1. How to treat hemorrhoids after childbirth Hemorrhoids begin to develop during pregnancy. At this time, the load on internal organs increases and intra-abdominal pressure increases significantly. The growing uterus is able to clamp the main venous vessels, which leads to a violation of blood circulation and provokes stagnant phenomena in the veins of the rectum.
  2. An important role is played by physiological causes, in particular constipations, which are often persecuted by a woman during pregnancy. This is due to a change in diet and a sedentary lifestyle.
  3. The appearance of hemorrhoids can be caused by a hereditary predisposition and congenital weakness of the venous wall.
  4. The appearance of hemorrhoids may cause changes in the hormonal background.
  5. Exacerbation of the disease can cause complicated and protracted births lasting more than 12 hours and a prolonged tedious period.

During pregnancy, the expectant mother is gaining from 10 to 15 kilograms, which becomes an additional provoking factor leading to the development of hemorrhoids. In the process of childbirth the problem is aggravated, overstrain of the perineal muscular apparatus and strong attempts can lead to the loss of external hemorrhoids and exacerbation of the disease.

Thus, every pregnant woman suffering from hemorrhoids, automatically falls into the risk group after the birth of the child. What symptoms should I pay attention to and what should I do if hemorrhoids appear after delivery?

Symptoms - photo

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

Exacerbation of hemorrhoids after delivery significantly reduces the quality of life and delivers a significant discomfort to the young mother. Giving all the power to care for the newborn child, the woman simultaneously has to fight with the painful symptoms of the disease.

As a rule, the first manifestations of pathology appear in the hospital. This is due to a decrease in tone and weak peristalsis of the intestine after childbirth. The accumulation of stool in the intestine leads to constipation and the intensification of stagnant phenomena in the organs of the small pelvis.

As a result, the existing hemorrhoidal nodes increase in size and become inflamed. The characteristic symptoms of hemorrhoids begin to appear:

  • Feeling of heaviness in the anal area of ​​
  • Constant discomfort, burning and itching in the anus
  • Sensation of foreign body in the rectum
  • Pain during bowel movement
  • Appearance of blood during bowel evacuation

Only a doctor can choose safe medications Hemorrhoids can be both external and internal. With internal hemorrhoids, the nodes become inflamed inside the rectum. For external forms, the outgrowth of the nodes is characteristic, and severe, complicated birth can provoke such a condition.

When the first symptoms of hemorrhoids appear, the young mother should not be delayed with a visit to the doctor. Many women are interested in , will there be hemorrhoids after delivery? Unequivocally you can say that it will not work. Ignoring the problem or trying to treat yourself can lead to complications and the transition of the disease to a chronic form.

Address to the proctologist will help to solve a delicate problem, the doctor will select the necessary drugs taking into account the individual condition of the patient. Young mother should remember that when breastfeeding many medications can have a negative impact on the health of the baby, so only a doctor can pick up safe medications and explain how to treat hemorrhoids after childbirth.

Treatment of hemorrhoids in the postpartum period

Treatment of hemorrhoids after labor in women should begin as soon as possible. The fact that this disease seriously harms the health of my mother, including the mental. It prevents her from recovering more quickly, coping with postpartum depression and taking full care of her child.

Treatment of hemorrhoids in the puerperium Also, persistent bleeding in the rectum further aggravates postpartum anemia. As a result, a woman constantly feels tired, and this affects the quality of breast milk, and hence the health of the child. Milk can even completely disappear if anemia becomes too strong.

Hemorrhoids after birth should not become an obstacle to a happy motherhood. In this critical period, doctors apply gentle methods of treatment and even in severe cases, with signs of external hemorrhoids of the 3-4 stages, try to avoid surgical treatment and postpone it for a later period.

After the birth of a child, the choice of medicines should be approached with extreme caution. Priority is given to such drugs that can not have a negative impact on the child, their active substances should not enter the bloodstream of the mother, and with it in breast milk. Many potent agents containing hormones are contraindicated in this period.

Preference is given to products on a natural basis, not containing chemical components. They are no less effective and can be used to treat hemorrhoids after childbirth during breastfeeding. Since most drugs are prohibited during this period, rectal suppositories and ointments remain the most popular and topical remedies. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Ointments from hemorrhoids

Ointments from Hemorrhoids Ointment from hemorrhoids after childbirth should have the following therapeutic effect:

  • To stop painful sensations.
  • Fight the inflammatory process.
  • Eliminate irritation and itching in the anorectal area.
  • Prevent development of bleeding from the rectum.
  • To promote the strengthening of the veins tone.
  • The active substances of the preparation must not penetrate into the blood and breast milk.

The pharmaceutical industry produces a wide range of topical drugs that meet these requirements.

  1. Troxevasin ( ointment, cream) - used to treat external hemorrhoids. The drug has a venoprotective action, strengthens small blood vessels, reduces the inflammatory process, relieves itching, eliminates puffiness. Has a minimum of contraindications and side effects.
  2. Hepatrombin G from hemorrhoids Gepatrombin G - the best ointment from hemorrhoids after childbirth. The composition of the ointment includes heparin and allantoin. Active substance Heparin helps reduce blood clotting, which triggers the process of resorption of blood clots and prevents the emergence of new ones. Allantoin has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. In general, the drug has regenerating properties and stimulates the healing of damaged tissues.
  3. Relief Ultra, Relief Advance( ointment, cream, gel) - contains shark liver oil and benzocaine. Oil from the shark liver stops inflammation and has a healing effect. Benzocaine is a strong anesthetic that eliminates the pain symptom. The drug can be used to treat various forms of hemorrhoids( internal, external and combined).
  4. Heparin Ointment - often prescribed for the treatment of postpartum hemorrhoids. The basis of the drug is heparin, which has anti-inflammatory and resorptive action. Ointment helps to strengthen the tone of blood vessels and prevents the formation of blood clots.
  5. Fleming ointment against hemorrhoids Bezornil - ointment contains musk( artificial), borneol, pearls, amber, artificial bezoar, zinc carbonate. The drug has analgesic, regenerating, anti-edematous, astringent action. The use of the ointment allows you to stop pain syndrome, eliminate irritation and itching, prevent the development of bleeding.
  6. Flemming ointment is a homeopathic remedy, which includes extracts of horse chestnut, witch hazel and marigold, menthol, zinc oxide. Has a mild anesthetic effect, fights inflammation and promotes the healing of damaged tissues. Ointment has antibacterial and drying effect, it is recommended for the treatment of external hemorrhoids.
  7. Ointment Vishnevsky - contains three components: birch tar, antiseptic and castor oil. It perfectly copes with the symptoms of the inflammatory process, it forms a fatty film when applied, which prevents the penetration of air, thus stimulating the rapid regeneration and healing of tissues.
  8. Ichthyol ointment based on ihtamol has a pronounced analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, it heals anal fissures well.
Candles for the treatment of hemorrhoids after childbirth

The main difficulty in treating hemorrhoids during breastfeeding is the danger of penetration of active substances into breast milk. Such drugs as Anuzol and candles with belladonna contain in their composition an extract of the poisonous plant of belladonna, which can cause irreparable harm to the health of the child.

Therefore, the choice of a safe means must be entrusted to a specialist, he will select the right drug that can effectively stop painful symptoms and not harm the baby. The most reliable means for treating internal hemorrhoids after delivery are:

  • Treatment of hemorrhoids with sea buckthorn oil Candles with sea buckthorn oil. These are the most popular candles from hemorrhoids after childbirth. The drug has a powerful regenerative effect, reduces inflammation, eliminates burning and itching, heals the mucous membranes well. Candles with sea buckthorn are used to treat internal hemorrhoids, anal fissures and rectum ulcers. This is a safe tool with a minimum of contraindications, candles are allowed to treat hemorrhoids during breastfeeding, because they contain no harmful substances for the baby.
  • Posterizan( rectal suppositories) - the preparation contains inactivated intestinal bacilli, which promote local immunity and help the body to cope with the pathological process. Candles have wound-healing effect, contribute to strengthening of blood vessels. Active substances are not absorbed into the blood and do not penetrate into the mother's milk, which makes it possible to use the drug during lactation.
  • Candles Relief Advance, Relief Ultra. They have an anesthetic, healing, hemostatic effect. The active substance of the drug copes well with inflammation, stimulates local immunity. Rectal suppositories Relief is allowed for use during breastfeeding, but treatment should be controlled by a doctor, since allergic reactions to one of the components( shark liver oil) are possible.
  • Hepatrombin G ( rectal suppositories) - the suppository contains heparin, polydocanol and prednisolone acetate. The drug has antipruritic, antithrombotic and anti-edematic effect, copes well with inflammation and helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Heparin dissolves the existing thrombi and prevents the appearance of new ones, accelerates the healing process by sclerosing the dilated veins. Prednisolone well removes puffiness, relieves itching. Polydocanol has a pronounced analgesic effect.
  • Procto-Glivenol Procto-Glivenol( suppositories) - the drug contains lidocaine and tribenozide, these substances have local anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effect. The use of the drug with internal hemorrhoids can improve blood microcirculation, strengthen the walls of the capillaries and increase the tone of the veins of the rectum.
  • Candles with calendula are a natural preparation on the herbal extract of a medicinal plant. Its main purpose is to heal cracks and wounds. Candles with calendula are successfully used for healing of anal fissures and other damages to the rectal mucosa. The drug has virtually no contraindications and is approved for use in pregnant and lactating women.
  • Candles Natalsid - the active substance of the drug is a natural polysaccharide, extracted from seaweed. Has a pronounced hemostatic and reparative effect, actively fights inflammation and quickly cures the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Candles Natalsid appoint for chronic hemorrhoids, accompanied by bleeding, cracks in the rectum and complications of hemorrhoids( proctosigmoiditis).The natural preparation has practically no contraindications and is authorized for the treatment of hemorrhoids after childbirth.

For postnatal hemorrhoids, an acute course is characteristic. The initial symptoms( itching and discomfort in the anus) are quickly complicated by the appearance of enlarged, inflamed hemorrhoids. The act of defecation becomes extremely painful and is often accompanied by bleeding from the anus.

To quickly cope with the manifestations of hemorrhoids, to prevent its further development and the occurrence of complications will help not only drug therapy, but also the adjustment of the way of life. Experts advise a young mother to do special gymnastics that strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor and follow a certain diet, aimed at eliminating constipation and normalizing the digestive tract.

Diet and proper nutrition

Proper nutrition in the treatment of hemorrhoids

In addition to medical treatment, a woman will be advised to adhere to a special diet high in fiber. In the diet should be as much fresh fruit and vegetables.

Fiber will help to strengthen intestinal motility and prevent constipation. It should be noted that if a woman is breastfeeding, some fruits are not desirable( for example, citrus fruits), they can cause an allergy in the baby.

From the diet it is necessary to exclude fatty, fried, high-calorie dishes, to refuse from sharp, salty foods, marinades and smoked products. It is not necessary to lean on chocolate, white bread, confectionery, coffee, sweet fizzy drinks.

Specialists advise to include in the daily menu:

  • vegetable salads dressed with vegetable oil,
  • low-fat broth,
  • dietary meat( veal, chicken, rabbit),
  • sour-milk products.

To effectively eliminate constipation, it is recommended to drink more You should abandon vegetables with coarse fiber( cabbage, radish, radish, corn) and legumes, they contribute to excessive gas formation and negatively affect the digestive processes. To effectively eliminate constipation, it is recommended to drink more:

  • tea,
  • mineral water,
  • juices,
  • compotes.

A day should drink at least 1.5 - 2 liters of liquid. Food should be steamed, stewed or baked.

How to treat hemorrhoids after delivery with active lifestyle and hygiene

In addition to dieting, the doctor will advise a woman to move more, take long walks and perform special exercises at home that will help restore normal blood flow to the pelvic organs and eliminate one of the main causes of developmentdisease.

Active lifestyle in the treatment of hemorrhoids The complex of medical measures quickly gives a positive effect and helps to cope with the manifestations of hemorrhoids. Getting rid of painful symptoms, a woman will be able to devote all her attention to caring for a newborn baby.

Required for hemorrhoids and hygiene. When the inflamed external nodes every time after the chair should be washed away with cool water. It removes inflammation and pain. It is better to use a damp or at least soft toilet paper.

It should be remembered that hot baths and saunas are contraindicated in the disease, warm baths with broths of herbs( chamomile, sage leaves, oak bark, calendula flowers) are useful.

Folk remedies

Treatment of hemorrhoids after childbirth Suffices and recipes of folk medicine, successfully fighting with the initial stages of hemorrhoids. But also with them it is necessary to be cautious, not always advice and recommendations, subtracted on any forums or in magazines can bring advantage. It often happens that harmless recommendations can harm health and aggravate the situation. Therefore, be sure to discuss the recipes with your doctor in advance.

One of the safest recipes for treating hemorrhoids in breastfeeding is the following:

  1. Three times a day, drink half a glass of fresh sardine juice, squeezed with water. Or 30 minutes before a meal each time drink a glass of cabbage brine.
  2. For bathing use a decoction of leaves of forest strawberries.
  3. At night, you can inject 2 ml of cedar oil into the anus with a disposable syringe or insert a cotton swab impregnated with celandine juice in the anus. Also for lotions use decoction of leaves of a thistle or decoction of a herb horsetail.
  4. If hemorrhoids already bleed, then you can take a teaspoon of cucumber grass juice or juice of a medicinal lime.

Thus, to treat, or at least to alleviate the state of health in hemorrhoids, it is sufficient to eat properly, preventing constipation, monitor hygiene, lead an active lifestyle, and, most importantly - in time to consult a doctor.

Reviews on the treatment of hemorrhoids after childbirth

Review No.1

Reviews on the treatment of hemorrhoids after childbirth I got hemorrhoids after giving birth, the condition was just awful. What to do? The child was restless, constantly cried, and I could not even sit for a long time, so I was in pain. Cones were inflamed, with the emptying of the intestine from the anus, blood was flowing, each defecation was a torture.

Besides, I was tormented by constipation. The doctor appointed Natalside suppositories, Fleming ointment, microclysters with decoctions of medicinal herbs. I breastfed the baby, but the proctologist assured that these medications are safe.

Has started to be treated, suppositories put twice a day, ointment put or rendered on night. Soon I felt much relief, bloody discharge disappeared, knots decreased, pain disappeared. Now about hemorrhoids for a long time has forgotten.

Taisia, Krasnodar

Review No. 2

After the birth, there was a problem with the intestines, I began to suffer from constipation, then began to feel discomfort in the anus, constantly pursued the itching and sensation of a foreign body. When emptying the intestine began to feel pain.

I went to a proctologist, he advised a special diet and suppositories Procto-Glivenol. The treatment gave a positive result, the pain disappeared, began to feel much better. The diet helped to improve the functioning of the intestines and relieved the constipation.

Larissa, Moscow

Review No.3

Reviews Hemorrhoids came out before birth. After the birth of the child, the process became aggravated, the inflamed knots got out, they ached badly, in the area of ​​the anus, the skin reddened and swelled.

It was treated with ointments, since it fed the baby and it was impossible to apply any strong remedies. I used heparin ointment, it is quite effective and relieves inflammation. In addition, she treated the inflamed nodes with Relief gel. The treatment helped, the aggravation was removed.

Aigul, Novosibirsk