How and what is the treatment for hemorrhoids in lactation?

Treatment of hemorrhoids during lactation About 80% of women suffer from hemorrhoids after childbirth. It would seem that it's time to finally take up full-fledged treatment, but many moms aspire to breastfeed their baby as long as possible. This complicates the treatment of hemorrhoids during lactation. After all, some procedures and medications can be dangerous for the child, absorbed into the blood and passed on to the baby with the mother's milk.

  • 1 The reasons for the appearance of hemorrhoids during lactation
  • 2 Features of treatment of hemorrhoids in lactation
  • 3 Treatment of hemorrhoids in lactation with nutrition and folk remedies
  • 4 Medications for treating hemorrhoids in lactation

Causes of hemorrhoids during lactation

There are a number ofSpecific causes, as a result of which, due to hemorrhoids, pregnant and giving birth to women suffer.

One of the main is a sedentary lifestyle, which is often welcomed during pregnancy. After all, at the last term, a pregnant woman is indeed restricted in movements

, and if there is a threat of premature birth, she is even afraid to move once more.

At the same time, the food preferences of pregnant women are rather bizarre, and the expectation of the baby forces to eat for two. Coupled with low mobility, this leads to constipation. The cause of constipation in pregnant women is also the hormone progesterone, which during this period is too actively excreted in the body of a woman.

Also, hemorrhoids in pregnant women arise due to the fact that a woman on a hemorrhoidal vein is heavily pressed by an ever-growing fetus. At the same time, during labor, a woman experiences a very high stress, and during an effort to tighten the muscles of the pelvic organs damage the hemorrhoidal veins.

And right after delivery, a woman is forced not only to breastfeed a child, but also to treat hemorrhoids, which causes a lot of suffering.

Features of treatment of hemorrhoids with lactation

Treatment of hemorrhoids during lactation The main thing that a woman must constantly remember that the substances of some drugs for hemorrhoids can appear in the mother's milk through the blood and harm the baby's health. For example, nursing women are not allowed to use candles anuzol and bellatamine, because they are based on an extract of belladonna, a substance that is a poison for a baby.

Also not recommended during lactation are drugs that can affect the quantity and quality of human milk or even provoke its disappearance.

With hemorrhoids, the main reason to be immediately controlled is constipation. The best way to combat them is a special diet, in which you need to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits and it is desirable to exclude from the menu animal fats and meat. However, the abundance of different vegetables and fruits in the mother's diet can cause diarrhea, food allergy, diathesis and colic in a child.

It is for all these reasons that many women prefer to wait until the end of the lactation period, and after that to start treating hemorrhoids. But this is a rather dangerous decision. The disease will be much harder to treat, and it may be necessary to do one of the rather expensive procedures to prevent a serious operation. In addition, the period of lactation can last a year, or even two and all this time the woman condemns herself to suffering and discomfort.

Treatment of hemorrhoids in lactation with nutrition and folk remedies

For a successful treatment of hemorrhoids, a woman needs to start seriously taking care of her diet. At the same time, it needs to be brought into line with the needs and capabilities of a baby body that is not strong.

Treatment of hemorrhoids with lactation with proper nutrition The abundance of fruits and vegetables must be diluted with porridges. Fruits and juices should only be local and seasonal, it is better not to use exotics at all.

Also a lactating woman needs a lot of fluids. It is best if it is not tea and other boiled drinks, but raw mineral water and sour-milk products.

You need to move more and if the disease is already developing, it is best to use special exercises to fight hemorrhoids. Daily walks are also useful. In this case, you can not stay in a sitting or standing position for a long time.

Treatment of hemorrhoids during lactation It is important for a nursing woman to observe a special hygiene. So, it is necessary to wash off after each defecation with cool water. Before going to bed every day, it is worth taking warm sessile baths with potassium permanganate or broths of such herbs as:

  • chamomile,
  • calendula,
  • St. John's Wort.

Of the folk remedies, tampons made of sea buckthorn oil are also very helpful. External nodes can be lubricated with liquid honey, sea-buckthorn oil, apply lotions from calendula decoctions and celandine. Many women after childbirth tend to quickly return their figure and put tight belts. When hemorrhoids are very harmful.

Drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoids with lactation

Drug treatment is necessary during periods of exacerbation, when pain and discomfort greatly reduce the quality of life. When contacting a doctor, it is necessary to inform you about the lactation period so that he chooses the safest products for the child.

Posterized First of all, local preparations will be needed, with internal hemorrhoids - candles, and with external nodes - ointments or gels. The safest of them can be called postrizan and proctoglivenol, as well as a series of remedies for hemorrhoidal relief, which relieve the swelling of the hemorrhoidal node well and anesthetize. With bleeding nodes and inflammation of the perineum, ultra ultra is used.

Literally during the first week of such treatment it should become clear how effective it is. If the symptoms remain the same, you need to discuss with your doctor other treatment options.

Women during lactation are often prescribed ointments from hemorrhoids or gepatrombin G suppositories, which relieve inflammation and swelling, dissolve blood clots and eliminate pain. It is important to remember constantly that a woman is feeding a baby and carefully monitoring any drug for various reactions. This is the only way to recognize the side effects that a child or woman can have in time and replace the medicine in time.

If hemorrhoids are sufficiently neglected and conservative agents are no longer effective, a woman can be offered the use of minimally invasive procedures. These include:

  • cryodestruction,
  • sclerotherapy of hemorrhoids,
  • ligation of nodes with latex rings,
  • infrared photocoagulation,
  • treatment of hemorrhoids with laser

These are quick but effective procedures that does not require the hospitalization and anesthesia of , which is relevant for a woman whobreastfeed. To surgical methods of treatment of hemorrhoids during lactation, doctors resort only to the most difficult and urgent cases.