How to prevent hemorrhoids after constipation?

We think that many people had constipation. Many were skeptical about him, not suspecting that he could lead to more serious diseases, because hemorrhoids after constipation are not uncommon. In fact, constipation is a rather disturbing state of a person.

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Constipation as one of the causes of hemorrhoids: grandmother's prescription for the treatment of

Many people with constipation are sometimes even happy with diarrhea, it is at this point that a person becomes easier. So, in this article I'll talk about how I was tormented by constipation and how I fought it.

I worked as an administrator in an Internet cafe and therefore, I ate very little and the food basically consisted of fast food bought in the neighborhood. One day I went to the toilet and it dawned on me that I had constipation, I sat beaten

for 40 minutes and tried to go to the toilet, but to no avail. Because of constipation, I had hemorrhoids and I was very depressed with this issue and I was very ashamed to tell anyone about it.

How to treat constipation and what to do to prevent hemorrhoids?

I was looking for reasons of constipation on the Internet and how to deal with it, but nothing but that this violation of the motor-evacuation function of the intestine I did not find. Undoubtedly, it was written that needs to drink a laxative, you need to eat right, you need to give time to the sport of , but for me it was all obvious and because I did not decide to take it seriously.

It was approaching summer and in May, as every year I went to the village to my grandmother. And so, one fine day, I still sat on the jolt and could not go to the toilet, which left me vexed from the toilet. My grandmother noticed this and asked me what my mood was, and t. My grandmother was very close to me and I could tell her absolutely about everything, then I shared my illness with her that my grandmother smiled and said:

Nothing Zhenya, we saw it, we know it and we overcame it.

After these words, I felt calmer in my soul, I always knew that my grandmother is a very wise person who will help in everything, besides she is a fighting woman and has got used to any ailments to storm.

The next day I woke up from a strange smell in the house. Standing up and going to the kitchen, I found out that my grandmother was preparing some potion.

-Babul, what are you doing?- I asked.
-We will heal you!- Cut it shortly.

Hemorrhoids after constipation After breakfast, my grandmother brought me tea, but it was not ordinary tea, it smelled nice and looked different than black tea. After drinking this glass of tea in one gulp, I asked my grandmother what it was, she said that this is an decoction from medicinal herbs, after which I can normally go to the toilet .I was delighted and sat waiting for my trip to the toilet. I waited an hour, waited two, then despaired, I went to the bath. After the bath, as usual, I fell asleep, woke up in the morning and my stomach ached wildly, as if with diarrhea. I got up and ran to the toilet, and about a miracle! I can go to the toilet normally! Despite the fact that the stomach twisted as if my diarrhea was normal, not solid and not liquid.

After that I kissed my grandmother and asked what kind of grass it is, what she told me is Senna, it helps a lot with constipation, but you need to be very careful with it, otherwise the body will get used, and without it you can not go toToilet. ..

Arriving back to the city, I went to the pharmacy and bought an laxative tea, which has the name Senna Leaf .

I drank it for a week and only in the evening, the way I worked as an administrator and in which case I could not jump out of the toilet sharply, and so I woke up in the morning and went to the toilet and very calmly and without constraint I had a chair.

After drinking tea, it was easy for me to get used to the fact that the body can go to the toilet every morning and I have not had any problems with a chair since then, and I also had hemorrhoids due to the fact that the chair was refreshed and meDid not have to push for forty minutes in the toilet. I am very grateful to my grandmother for helping me with this ailment, of which no one knew except me and my grandmother.

The main thing, I realized for myself that you need to eat properly and regularly. After these problems, I bought a microwave for my work and began to wear myself first and second. Which was very pleased. Conclusion: Proper nutrition and adherence to regimen is the key to good stool and health. Just tea Senna Leaves, is very convenient at losing weight, well this is another story. ..