How quickly to fall asleep and sleep well?

How quickly to fall asleep and sleep well?

About half of the adult population of our planet suffers from sleep problems. This violation provokes distracted attention, which is dangerous for drivers, lethargy, weakening of protective forces, an increased risk of heart disease. In addition, lack of sleep causes a feminine half of humanity to fall on fatty foods, which threatens problems with the figure and self-esteem. So many people are worried about the question, how quickly to fall asleep? This trouble is solved, as you will see, following the methods described below.

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sleep is useful. The use of sleep lies not only in a rested and full body for the future day, but also in a good appearance. Representatives of the fair sex know what nedosyp threatens: bags, red eyes, dull skin. In the case of regular sleep problems, a person's hair falls out, the skin dries, dizziness begins, and the appetite disappears. Rest is vital to our body.

Healthy sleep helps the body to develop normally. Nedosyp fraught with obesity, migraine, earl

y aging. And this is only the tip of the iceberg, since periodic problems with sleep provoke the development of serious diseases. To sleep, a person needs at least eight hours. Lack of sleep seriously affects the hormones responsible for appetite, metabolism, concentration, mood. When you are back, melatonin is produced, which is positively displayed on the mental and physical condition.

Why can not sleep at night or in the daytime

Problems with falling asleep in most cases arise due to a variety of abnormalities, violations of the daily routine, work and leisure. Healthy, properly eating, leading an active lifestyle, people rarely experience problems with sleep. So why can not you fall asleep? There are several main reasons:

  • Overexcitation - a tight supper before going to bed, joyful news, upcoming exciting events, physical activity at night, alcoholic beverages, nicotine can excite the nervous system, prevent you from falling asleep quickly, even if you want to sleep.
  • Overstrain prevents fast sleep - fatigue has a double action. With excessively strong overstrain, chronic stress opens a second wind.
  • Pains - unpleasant sensations, discomfort prevent you from falling asleep quickly.
  • External factors - extraneous noise, bright light, working TV or music, phone calls, uncomfortable bed, stuffiness or cold prevent you from falling asleep.

Tips on how to fall asleep quickly if you do not want to sleep

Everyday life can lead to problems with sleep. From the following tips, you will learn how to help your own body and quickly fall asleep. A healthy, high-grade sleep provides a good day, high personal efficiency and productivity, excellent mood. The process of falling asleep has a very important influence on rest. If you are reading this article, then you have a situation when the dream does not go, you start spinning, nervous. This situation is completely correctable.

Bedding choice

To quickly fall asleep and sleep, the first tip is to choose quality home bedding. Should be comfortable mattress, which relieves the load from the spine during sleep, keeps it even. The size of the bed linen must match the size of the pillows, blankets, beds. The fabric should be pleasant to the touch. Feel free to give preference to silk, calico, satin, linen. Choose a pillow on which you will be comfortable to sleep. The blanket should be light, soft to fall asleep quickly.

Ventilating the bedroom before going to sleep

Ventilating the rooms in which you sleep is an important time to fall asleep and have a full sleep. For the whole day, many harmful microorganisms accumulate in the dwelling, the moisture that is the culprit of the stuffiness. Such advice, like airing before bedtime, ensures the intake of enough oxygen in the body. This process has a number of features:

  • Acquire a hygrometer to monitor the humidity. Optimum is considered 40-60% to quickly fall asleep.
  • Ventilation after sleep, before falling asleep, in any weather should last 10-30 minutes.
  • It is important to ventilate the room during the day to fall asleep quickly.
  • Before the procedure, spread the bed so that it is soaked with fresh air.

Walking in the open air

Walking in the fresh air - an important tip for quickly falling asleep. This helps to relieve stress, helps to switch consciousness and body to a state of rest. Fresh air saturates our lungs, wherece oxygen enters the bloodstream, fills the brain, helping it cope with difficulties and tasks. A measured step, calm contemplation, lack of haste - this helps to tune in to a wave of rest, calm down. Regular walks contribute to the regulation of sleep processes - it becomes easier to fall asleep at the same time, sleep acquires calmness and depth.

To properly organize a walk before going to bed, you need to adhere to some rules:

  • The duration should be from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours to quickly fall asleep.
  • Walking should take place at a constant time, when you can concentrate on relaxation, take your mind off business.
  • The place should not be very noisy, not crowded, relatively quiet, away from places with loud music, industrial enterprises. Ideally suited suburban outskirts, a city park with an abundance of vegetation, the coast, streets with a small stream of cars that will help fall asleep.
  • You should finish walking at least half an hour before you have to fall asleep in order to make water procedures and fall asleep quickly.
  • Do not listen to music while walking. And if you can not do without it, then choose melodic tracks.

The correct sleep regime

According to the views of the official medicine and Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine, the early rise at 6 am and retirement no later than 10 pm is an important piece of advice to fall asleep quickly and get a full rest. A person must observe the laws of nature in order to feel strength. At the onset of twilight, everything around ceases, which signals to the body about the need to go to sleep. In the early morning hours, dawn comes, birds sing, nature wakes up, and energy awakens in the human body.

Human biorhythms are set up so that from 9 pm to 2 am the nervous system is restored, and most internal organs are minimally active. If we sleep at this time, then an automatic regimen for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases is turned on inside the body, and in the morning the face looks fresh, with an even color, eyes naturally shine.

To get a good habit of getting up early, going to bed on time, you need to go to sleep at the same time, wake up in the early hours on weekdays, weekends. In the morning of the day off, plan a gymnastics, a walk or business for which there is not always enough time, which will give you greater determination to get up early. In the evening, do not watch TV, do not work at the computer, do quiet things.

Food for the night

Sleep depends on the food we eat. To quickly fall asleep, sleep soundly, the Germans drink warm milk with honey, the Indians add nutmeg oil to food, the Swedes drink a decoction of melissa leaves, the English - an infusion of primrose leaves. During sleep, the digestive system should not work, so you can not eat too much before bedtime, it's better to do it in 3-4 hours. Evening meal should be easy, consist of vegetable protein food. The following tips will help you improve sleep:

  • Avoid canned foods, convenience foods, to quickly fall asleep.
  • Eat more food with fiber.
  • Limit the consumption of fatty foods to quickly fall asleep.
  • Give up alcohol, caffeine before bed.
  • Avoid hidden caffeine to fall asleep quickly.
  • Have a little snack before going to bed if it's insomnia.

What is the best way to think about

Very many people, trying to get to sleep quickly, begin to persuade themselves to rest, because tomorrow is a hard day ahead. That is, we are focused on the need to sleep. Controling ourselves, we are straining, we can not relax. Do not try to fall asleep quickly, just let it be. There is no need to control something that can not be controlled. Let the mind choose what to think about.

Release the fantasy, allow yourself to contemplate the flow of disconnected pictures. For this to happen, follow this advice: do not think about sleep, but about something light, not straining emotions, good( remember a pleasant moment of life or fantasize about this topic).But thoughts should not be exhilarating, otherwise you will create in the nervous system a state of overexcitation and it will be difficult to fall asleep.

Relaxing and getting rid of irritants

Most of us fall asleep with internal stress, which affects sleep and dreams. If we are worried about problems, heavy thoughts are swirling in our head, then it grows into troubled dreams, where we must overcome ridiculous obstacles. After awakening, you will feel mentally tired. Therefore, the advice of relaxation before going to sleep miraculously changes dreams, gives energy and strength during the day. Our brain reacts equally to sleep and reality. For relaxation, this practice will help:

  • Lie down and gradually realize, relax by turns the body parts.
  • When the whole body is relaxed, take a deep breath. On exhalation, feel that the tension leaves the body. Repeat three times.
  • Begin to just breathe, how comfortable you are.
  • Count from zero to one hundred in reverse order.
  • Think about the pleasant and fall asleep.

Reading literature

Many great people to quickly fall asleep, read before going to bed. This activity inspires, helps to develop new ideas. With insomnia, the book calms. What to choose to read depends on the personal taste of each. However, dramatic works and action genres are not recommended for the dream to come. Do not read in low light. If you use electronic books, then reduce the brightness to a minimum, keep the gadget at a distance of 35 cm minimum.

Herbal tea or warm milk

A few sips of a warm drink contribute to the relaxation of thoughts and body. Give up caffeine, which is contained in black and green tea. It is better to drink a helping of something soft before going to bed. It can be a cup of tea from chamomile or lemon balm, warm milk. The latter product is a source of calcium, which is responsible for the regulation of melatonin production. If you wake up in the middle of the night, a cup of warm milk will help you fall asleep again, which is especially true during pregnancy.

Physical Exercise

Maintain regular physical activity - this tip will help you fall asleep quickly. Peaks of readiness for load are at 11 and 17 hours. The body is not in vain such biorhythms, because they are needed in order to give time for a braking distance in 5 hours before sleep. Regular sport spends the necessary portion of energy, relieves stress. Intensive exercise should be completed 6 hours before going to sleep. Before going to bed, outdoor walks will be useful.

How to help a child fall asleep

It is very difficult to cope with a child who can not fall asleep. A magical spell, according to which children would instantly sink into a dream, no. However, there are some tips that will help a child quickly fall asleep:

  • Using white noise, rain noise, wind sound, waves.
  • Strict observance of the schedule, schedule of the day.
  • Sucking on hands, in rocking chair, cradle.
  • Try to relax yourself and lie down on the bed with a crumb to help you fall asleep quickly.
  • Introduction of rituals that are tuned to sleep( bathing in a bath with soothing means).

Video: how can I get rid of insomnia?

In our age of an endless stream of information and modernization, the question of the normalization of sleep often confronts contemporaries. Sleep is an unchangeable human good that helps restore the energy of the nerve cells, the strength of the body. What can you do if you can not fall asleep quickly every day? All sorts of thoughts come into my head, the body is weakened, but the brain does not allow you to shut down, building plans for the future, experiencing problems, worrying with anxiety?

In the video below you will find the answers to your questions. The head of the department of sleep medicine tells about what failures and diseases can lead to a lack of sleep, when it is permissible to prescribe a sleeping pill and how dangerous is the uncontrolled intake of such drugs, what kind of sleep disorders exist, how to cure yourself? Simple and effective advice will help you regain harmony, quickly fall asleep without experiencing difficulty.

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