How to make a bun with a donut

How to make a bun with a donut

If you are the owner of long hair, or they are of medium length, then an additional way to create a hair style is useful. The information on how to make a bun with a donut will help to build a styling that will fit perfectly into the style of a social evening, an office dress code or an ordinary walk. A minimum of tools and sleight of hand - that's what you need to look charming and stylish. Let's figure out what kind of bagels there are, what will fit better into your image, which option will suit both the girl and the adult woman.

What are the types of donut

There are several types of such devices that help to make a hairdo on hair of different lengths, except for the shortest ones: bagels, barrettes, elastic bands, twisters. All of them fix and hold a hairdo for a long time. Having learned to use these objects, you can make a three-dimensional stylish styling in a few minutes. A variety of hairpins will remain invisible to prying eyes, but will help focus on beautiful female hairstyles. Her

e are the main types:

French twister

When creating an ideal smooth "cockleshell" without a French twister is indispensable. It is a metal conical mesh design with a clip-clip. With the help of such a device, you will be able to wind your own hair by clipping the ends with a French twist. Get a beautiful "shell" fix the studs, which will not stand out.

With ears

This original name is derived from the external similarity of the loops at the ends of the barrette with the ears. In another way, the device is called the sophist twist. It perfectly fixes the collected strands, it is convenient to use without assistance. The hair needs to be threaded into the slot, wrapped around the fixture, and the ears pierced each other. Then tie it, fastening the hairpin. Sometimes for convenience, buttons for fastening are provided at the ends of the ears.

Classic baguette

A classic elastic band for a larger size hair, which can be made of synthetic, natural fiber, foam rubber, called a bagel. Such designs will help make a magnificent original hairstyle, which will reliably hold.


With the hedge clip, you can dream up, creating different forms: twirling your hair with a spiral, a shell, a bagel, a heart. Transformation is easy, because the flexible, but strong base of Hairgami firmly holds the hair, originally collected in the "ponytail".

Advantages of a bagel hairdresser

One can not dispute the fact that a bundle bundle has many advantages. Here are the brightest of them: The minimum amount of time that is required to create a styling. Accuracy of the collected hair will be a pass not only to a party with friends, but also to official solemn events. Versatility in terms of location( on the crown, side, bottom of the nape).Combination with other elements - braids, curls or strands. Decorating with a decorative pin or hairpins with beads will become an elegant addition. Hairdress with a bagel can be done on strands of any length, except for a very short haircut. This styling helps to mask some of the shortcomings on the hair or scalp.

What you need to create a bundle of

First you need to buy a bagel. It can be made of natural or artificial materials. Color pick the one that will ideally merge with your own shade of strands, then you will get a natural lush bunch. The width of a donut can be different: for thin or not very long strands choose a narrower specimen, then the locks can completely cover it. Owners of chic dense head of hair should take a closer look at the wide, more massive hairpins that are guaranteed to hold heavy luxurious strands. In the bagel you will need a small thin rubber band, which you will collect a "ponytail", about a dozen hairpins( the longer, the thicker the hair, the more the hairpin should be).If a festive event is planned to decorate the bundle, stock up with a beautiful barrette, satin ribbon or variegated handkerchief, a small bouquet of flowers( a buttonhole), a suitable rim. Varnish will fix the resulting hair.

How to make a bundle of hair: step by step instruction

Did you first decide to experiment with the hairdo? The detailed, easy-to-use instructions below will help you learn how to make a bundle using bagels:

  • Carefully comb the washed, well-dried hair.
  • Preliminary consider where the beam should be( rely on the available length).
  • Create a "tail" with the help of a narrow sturdy rubber band.
  • Put the donut on the bottom of the "tail", pull the strands through its middle.
  • Gently wrap the strand behind the strand, evenly distribute them around the perimeter.
  • Remove the ends under the roller.
  • Secure the resulting knob with the studs.
  • If the length allows, one of the strands wrap around the beam to create an effect. You can replace it with a thinly woven pigtail, which will give even more elegance.
  • If the hair is not long enough, and you are not sure that they will stay in the bundle, use additional invisible objects or hairpins to decorate the hair and perform a double function in the right problem areas.

Features of the bundle with a donut

When creating a hair style, you need to remember some nuances. For example, how to wind a bun on a bagel, having hair of a certain length. The basic steps for creating the beam remain unchanged, but there are differences. How to make a beautiful bun with a donut, taking as a basis the hair of the available length, find out in the selection below.

On short hair

Having fastened the collected hair with a thin elastic band, put only the ends into the bagel. It is very important that they are well able to gain a foothold. Together with the tips of hair, roll the donut to the base of the "tail".Carefully seal the tips with stilettos, invisible. If there are protruding short locks, then tie a ribbon or handkerchief around the beam, hiding disobedient hairs.

On long strands

A bun made with a bagel For a hair level from the shoulder blades and below choose a voluminous bagel that can hold, hold a large mass of strands. Leave one strand, wrap the base of the bundle around it. So the load on the bagel will decrease, and most of the studs holding the bundle will be hidden from prying eyes.

On medium length hair

After collecting such hair in the "tail", thread it into the bagel right to the base. Find the middle in the center of the base, distribute the hair in a circle, put on another narrower rubber band that will hold the tips. Secure it with studs, wind the base with a thin oblique or left strand. If the length of medium hair does not allow this, use a ribbon or a handkerchief, as in the case of short hair.

Video: how to quickly make a bagel

To create an original hairstyle, collecting strands in a bundle, it is not necessary to buy the necessary attributes in a specialized store. Items that are on hand, easily replace the bagel for styling. Such a wand-zaschalochkoy can become a sock. How to use it to create a magnificent beam, spending a few minutes on it, you can find out by watching the video from Paulina Repik. This available information with a consistent demonstration of all the actions will help to master the creation of a stylish hairstyle even for the beginner:

Video tutorial for creating a donut with a scythe

The master class on creating evening styling, presented below, impresses not only with its beauty, but also its simplicity. Anna Lutsenko intelligibly demonstrates how a hairdress with a bagel can be made so that the braids attached around it not only look beautiful, but also hold securely. You can lock them in several ways. Due to the fact that to perform a chic hairstyle will need a small amount of objects and a minimum of time, she will find her fans with long hair.

Experiments with plaiting braids of different shapes will help you create more and more images that you can capture in the photo to subsequently choose the best option. The proposed video is easy to remember. When planning such a hairdo for a formal evening, it is better to practice beforehand so that at the right moment the hair can be easily laid, obedient, and for the hand all the movements become familiar, correct, like the leading master class.

How to make a bundle using a donut