How to learn to twist the hoop

How to learn to twist the hoop

Every day more and more popular is a simple gymnastic hoop( hulauchup), which every second girl uses in an effort to make the waist and tighten the abdominal muscles. But in order to achieve the desired result and apply this sporting projectile in the fight against fat deposits on the sides, you need not just buy it, but also learn how to learn how to twist the hoop at home on your own. It is important to choose the right sports equipment, because there are several of its varieties, and some of them do not suit newcomers.

How to learn how to correctly twist a hoop at the waist: lessons for beginners with video

At first glance it may seem that this is nothing complicated. You just need to just turn and twist the hoop, but there are a few subtleties. If you want to lose weight without harming your own health, follow these instructions:

  • Take the starting position - stand straight. Wrap the hoop with both hands, place it at the waist level.
  • Simultaneously start turning the hips, then rel
    ease the hulaohup.
  • The movement of the hoop along the body has a wonderful massage effect, most importantly - do not relax your stomach. It is necessary to launch the projectile synchronously with the movements of the hips.
  • If you want to quickly remove the stomach, tighten the muscles, make the waist already, training should be done regularly.
  • Maintain an even load on the muscles. Rotate the hoop should be from 10 to 30 minutes, gradually increasing the duration of classes. How to rotate hulauchup, look in the video below.

Important recommendations

If you want to lose weight with the help of a hoop, you need to follow several recommendations that will make your workouts more effective:

  1. To get your abdominal muscles working, first you need to twist the hoop for just a few minutes. Every day, increase the duration of the session, and it will soon become apparent how the extra volumes go.
  2. How much is a hoop for weight loss? The minimum duration of training is 10 minutes. If the lesson time is shorter, it will not be possible to achieve the desired result. Ideal option will be daily twisting of the hoop for half an hour, but not longer than an hour. If a heavy hulaohup is taken, the duration of the lesson should not exceed 20 minutes.
  3. After the first workout, bruises may appear on the body, the back and the press will begin to hurt. Do not worry, this is a natural reaction of your body, you do not need to interrupt your training. In a few days, unpleasant pain will pass, and will not bother you again.
  4. It is important not only to know how to learn to twist the hoop, but also how much time must pass between eating and exercising. The ideal option will be training on an empty stomach in the morning or 1-2 hours after eating.
  5. Training time does not really matter, it all depends on your employment. However, do not do before bed. Training can be done no later than an hour before you go to bed.
  6. Before training, you need to do a little warm-up to warm up your muscles.
  7. The appearance of bruises is not a reason to stop training, but it will be necessary to temporarily reduce the rate of training with a hoop. The load should increase gradually. Over time, the figure will begin to acquire a beautiful shape, which will be kept easily by the regular use of the hoop.
  8. If hulahup brings strong discomfort, wrap a scarf around your waist or put on a sweater, but gradually you need to get rid of excess clothes.

How to twist the hulaohup on other parts of the body

With this sporting equipment you can not only reduce the waist, but also get rid of a couple extra pounds on the hips and legs. How to twist the hoop so that the buttocks get a beautiful shape, and remove the cellulite? The correct position of hulahop is not only a massage effect, but also disperses the blood. On other parts of the body, the exercise is much harder, because it will be more difficult to hold the circle than at the waist. For your work to succeed, consider these tips:

  • To enhance the positive effect, it is recommended to apply anti-cellulite cream to the thighs.
  • If a metal projectile is used, it can hurt to beat the bones, but the result is worth the effort.
  • You need to get straight, put your feet as close to each other and start to twist the hoop.
  • If you are in such position to hold the projectile very hard, place your legs slightly and make an easy tilt of the body forward.
  • The amplitude of circular motions should not be large.
  • If the loin or spine starts to hurt, change the hoop and take the projectile easier.

Many girls want to learn how to twist a hulaohup around their necks, but this is a very dangerous occupation. As a result, cervical osteochondrosis can form. If you still want to learn this exercise, first consult with the doctor and find out if you have any serious contraindications. The most important thing is that during classes, do not let go of your shoulders and choose the right hoop. Only an easy plastic projectile is suitable, without pimples on the inside. The duration of the lesson should not exceed 5 minutes.

You can twist the hoop and on your legs, but only if you do not have arthrosis, otherwise there is a chance of getting more serious health problems. Protect the knee joints, because after a long workout they begin to get very sick. Get up in the starting position, the legs are placed on the width of the shoulders, slightly bent at the knees. Do not exercise more than 10 minutes a day.

Weight loss exercises

The hoop helps to lose weight quickly and easily, tighten the abdominal muscles, remove a couple of extra centimeters in the waist and cellulite deposits on the hips. However, you can achieve this result only with regular and correct training. See the more detailed instruction for conducting classes using the hulaohup in the video below. It will become an excellent assistant in your struggle for an ideal figure.

The benefits and harm of training with a hoop

The use of regular training with hulauchup is simply priceless, classes help to achieve such results:

  • The rhythmic pace of exercise helps to lose weight. During the session, the subcutaneous fat deposits are split. As a result, the sides and protruding abdomen are removed.
  • During training with hulahup, intensive work of abdominal muscles takes place, due to which they begin to gradually strengthen, the press is worked out, a beautiful relief appears.
  • During the torsion of the hoop, you spend a kind of massage, with which the blood circulation in the abdomen is accelerated, all metabolic processes are normalized. So you can not only lose weight, but also remove the deposits of cellulite.
  • If a child suffers from such an unpleasant disease as scoliosis, he should regularly twist the hoop, but only after consulting a doctor.
  • Thanks to the improvement of the circulation process in the training process, the work of all internal organs and digestion is being established.

At first glance, classes using hulahop are very effective and quite affordable. However, if you use this sporting equipment incorrectly, you risk harming your own health:

  • If the pace of training is too intense, painful bruises may appear on the body. Even simple bruises can provoke the beginning of scarring of subcutaneous tissue, which will manifest itself as tuberosity of the abdomen. This applies to heavy hoop models, on the inside of which there are spikes. It is important to choose the right hulaohup, taking into account its own physical form and predisposition to the formation of hematoma.
  • It is strictly forbidden to conduct training during pregnancy, otherwise serious damage will be caused to fetal development, as a result of which miscarriage may occur, or the child will have various pathologies.
  • It is not recommended to twist the hoop with diseases of the abdominal organs( for example, problems with the intestines, inflammation of the kidneys, urolithiasis).
  • If the hulahop is misused, the uterus may fall, so these exercises are contraindicated for women who have gynecological diseases.
  • In the presence of skin diseases( psoriasis, a variety of rashes, deprive) it is better to postpone the training for a while.
  • If there are problems with the spine, exercise can be done only after consulting a doctor.

Opinion of doctors and contraindications

Despite the benefits of regular training with a hoop, this sports equipment also has contraindications to use:

  • pregnancy;
  • previous cesarean section;
  • if the kidney is constantly hurting( side);
  • hernia, gastritis and other diseases of the abdominal cavity;
  • varicose veins( if the disease occurs in severe form);
  • monthly, there is a risk of opening a strong bleeding;
  • endometriosis( a disease in which the uterus suffers);
  • fibroids, cysts and other gynecological diseases;
  • the first few months after delivery;
  • if the uterus descends.

How many calories are burned for 1 hour of training

Torsion of the hoop produces an excellent massage effect, as a result, the skin condition improves significantly, its tone returns, the available fat deposits decrease, and blood supply increases. During training, the muscles of the buttocks, hips, the press, backs work, which helps them to quickly strengthen and remove the stomach. The respiratory system, the heart muscle and the vestibular apparatus are well trained. For 100 minutes of training with a hoop, approximately 1000 calories burn, and the waist becomes 5-7 cm less.

Reviews about the health effect and weight loss results.

Maria, 25 years old: After birth, my abdominal muscles loosened and sagged. For regular classes in the gym was sorely lacking in time, so I decided to turn the hoop at home every day. The result pleased me. After a month of regular training, the abdominal muscles tightened, the skin regained its former tone, and stretch marks gradually disappear. I am engaged in every day for only 20 minutes.

Olga, 30 years old: Permanent sedentary work has spoiled my figure, there were problems with digestion. My friend advised me to learn how to learn how to twist a hoop. I got a hulaohup and started to practice every day before work in the morning, and the result did not take long. Already after a few weeks, all the digestive problems were gone, and after two months of training the waistline decreased by 5 cm.

Svetlana, 45: After severe stress, I recovered considerably, I had to look for available methods for correcting the situation. The girlfriend shared that she was helped by the hulaohup. I also decided to try and bought a plastic hoop. I am a perfectionist in life, therefore I approached the matter seriously. Now I practice twice a day for 20 minutes. For two weeks the stomach became more flat, the waist diminished, and I was able to put on my favorite dress.

How to learn to twist a hoop