How to cut the claws of a cat

How to cut the claws of a cat

If you are a happy owner of a pussy, you inevitably come across questions to care for her. The main difficulty is how to trim the claws of a cat and whether it should be done. There are supporters and opponents of this procedure. The latter insist that claws are given to an animal by nature for no reason, and human intervention is unsafe. To dispel doubts this article will help.

Is it possible to trim the cat's claws

Often this procedure is a must. Cut the claws of the cat is necessary, given that living in cities animals are more likely to sit in apartments. Growing horny formations do not have much to worry about. Often the question arises, but how many claws does a cat have? In addition to four on their hind legs, each of these animals has one more on the front, a lateral one. Given that this claw is not worn at all, it can become so long that ingrowth occurs, which will cause the animal to suffer.

The condition of the claws can also depend on the breed of the cat. Persian cats, Sphinxes

often face problems. So, the Persians have excessive build-up and detachment of the horny part provided that there is not enough vitamin B and D in food, and they need to be clipped more often. In this breed, there may be collars between the toes of the feet, which must be removed.

With age, felines can have anomalies in the growth of claws, which should be carefully monitored. The Scottish Fold is strongly encouraged to circumcise them. Having hooked on, pets can be seriously injured, which can lead to the complete removal of the horny process. This breed is particularly playful, if there are children or other animals nearby, they can accidentally harm them.

Grooming claws in cats at home

Even with the constant clipping of claws, you still will not save your furniture from constant attacks from the cat's tribe. To avoid picking up armchairs, which are so nice to scratch even with what remains after the haircut, the animal must necessarily have a scratching. You can use special caps on the claws of cats, which will certainly save the situation.

Cutting the pet's digits alone is difficult, so take care of having an assistant. Prepare forceps, blood stoppers, cotton wheels. They may be needed by your baleen friend, if you touch the pulp. Cutting should be as painless as possible, fast, so that the pet is not tired and does not begin to resist. The assistant must hold the cat tightly. An animal is better to stroke, distracting from unpleasant experiences.

How to cut

For cutting the house you will need special cutters( claw), which are sold in pet stores. It will come in handy for a nail file from a set. It is not recommended to use scissors for a shearing: claws are too hard to be painlessly cut with anything other than pliers. They not only shear them, but also allow to give the necessary appearance. There are trimmers of the guillotine type, where the cutting blade moves when the handle is pressed, making the process easier. To trim the claws after the haircut will help a tough nail file or sandpaper.

How often

The clipping frequency of claws is individual: it is selected taking into account how quickly they grow. Some cats do the procedure once a month, others have to cut more often. In nature wild felines constantly climb trees, cross great distances, face other difficulties. The stratum corneum strips in a natural way. At home, claws can become too long, causing an animal inconvenience. If you do not know how to trim the long claws of a cat, you are afraid to do it yourself, contact any veterinary clinic.

How to cut off the claws

To cut the haircut painlessly and not cause an animal injury, you should carefully inspect the object of the procedure. Study the structure of the plate to understand where the so-called pulp( soft part) ends. The claws of some felines are easily visible to the light, and it will be easily visible. Do not touch the pulp in any way, so that there is no bleeding that can cause inflammation.

So, how to trim the claws of a cat:

  1. Squeeze the paw pad between the thumb and forefinger to make the claw visible.
  2. Gently trim the very tip of it.
  3. When shearing, the forceps should be positioned perpendicular to the claw to avoid delamination.
  4. After cutting, it is recommended to smooth the cut places with a nail file.
  5. If you hit the pulp, and blood appears, use hydrogen peroxide.

When it is possible to cut the claws of a kitten

To avoid problems with an adult cat, it is desirable to accustom to a haircut from an early age. It is best if the kitten is slightly tired or sleepy during the procedure. You should not stop him from playing at this time, you can not use force, frightening him. How to properly cut the talons of a kitten? Do this with guillotine-type cutters. But even with them it is necessary to be cautious and to cut off the tip itself.

What to do if the cat is clawed

claws Claws can separate as due to the natural process of cornea renovation. Another reason: the animal lacks the necessary nutrients for normal metabolism. This is possible due to the fact that the removal of the claws of the cat was done incorrectly. The detachment in the animal occurs in two months. When the cat itself sharpens the claws, it can independently remove their top layer.

If claws began to peel off often, but the haircut is normal, this may mean that the animal lacks calcium. In this case, you should contact a veterinarian to help determine the right diet for your pet. A cat should always have a scratching pad so that it can get rid of excess horny formations. It is necessary to accustom the animal to it from early childhood.

Video: how to cut the cat's claws

From this video, the owners of the tailed will be able to find out in which cases their pets should be pruned, and when it is better to abstain from this procedure. The veterinarian of the clinic with the assistant visually demonstrated how to trim the long claws of the cat without harm to the animal, what tools to use for this and how to keep the animal and its claw.

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How to cut a cat's claws